Sophomore Research Conference – 2012

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Austin, Hannah
Seeking Solutions to Rising Tuition Costs Within the American University System: Looking Beyond Our Own Borders to Our Global Community
DeLong, Darcie
‘Careful the Things You Say’: Didacticism in Sondheim’s theatre
Derrick, Adam
The Benefits of a Divided Community: A Perspective on Diversity versus Integration at Milligan College”
Evans, Tess
Post-Feminism and the Value of Homemakers”
Harris, Fitzroy
The Age of Political Fact-Checking
Huffine, Tyler
The Gasoline-Diesel Hybrid: The Future of America and Automobiles
Hulshult, Rachel
Holy Trustworthiness, Batman! How Captain America and Batman Represent America, Change with Society, and Shape Our Views of Trust
James, Chelsea
Alice and Wendy: Disney’s Other Evolving Female Roles
McAuley, Andrew
This Dry and Desert Land: How Lucas Demonstrates Community and Trust Through Tatooine
McClaugherty, Rachael
Do You Know Who You’re Talking To Online?: Alternate Identities on Social Networks
Nyman, Heidi
Establishing Trust That Builds a Community: Awareness and Understanding to Further Consent of Organ Donation
Sarmiento, Oscar
Foreign Policy: It’s A Matter for the Church Too
Schmid, Beth
‘She is my Beloved’: Adapting Big City Prostitution Rehab Ministries to the Tri-Cities Area
Shaffer, Brittany
Charging to Teach a Man to Fish: An Evaluation of For Profit Microfinance Corporations
Siebenaler, Katie
Trusting the Educational Community of Living History Museums
Trevino, Luis
I Plead the 26th: Suggestions for Combatting the Growing Apathy Among Young Voters