Library Information Resource Access for Students Enrolled in Milligan College Distance Education and Online Courses

Milligan Libraries (P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library and Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan Library) is committed to serving the Milligan College learning community (students and faculty) with relevant, quality information resources (books, journal articles, media, and online resources) necessary for the completion of course assignments and conducting research. This commitment is extended to students enrolled in distance and online courses with as little restriction as possible. The following policy outlines Library information resource access provisions, procedures, and restrictions.

Milligan College Identification Card & Network Login. All currently registered students enrolled in distance or online courses must have a Milligan College Identification Card (or equivalent) with the student’s NAME, and unique 14-digit BARCODE NUMBER. Students should also have a Milligan College email address, and a Milligan College Network Login. In addition, the student should have supplied the College with current contact information including mailing address, and telephone number. The Milligan College Identification Card serves as the student’s Library card, and is necessary for checking out books and media (e.g., DVDs, CDs) from the Lending Collection. The Milligan College Network Login (USERNAME and PASSWORD) is required for accessing Library online resources remotely via the Milligan Libraries website.

Milligan Libraries Website. The Library website at serves as the central information resources access point for distance and online students. From this website, students can search MCSearch, online library catalog, and access reference resources, e-book collections, and journal and media streaming databases. The website also serves as a conduit for contacting librarians (via chat, or email) for information resource questions and research assistance.

Books and Media from the Library’s Lending Collections. Distance and online students who reside more than 50 miles from the Library may check out physical books and media (e.g., DVDs, CDs) from the Lending Collection following this procedure:

  1. Books and media are searched from the Milligan College Online Catalog following this path from the Library home page at > “Resources” drop-down menu > “Books/Media” > select “Milligan & Libraries Worldwide” > perform search > limit results by Library location (in left sidebar) to “Milligan Libraries”. Reference books, print periodicals, theses, and archival items are non-circulating and cannot be checked out.
  2. Book and Media Request webform should be filled out and submitted. All information must be supplied to assure accurate and timely processing of requests. A maximum of twenty (20) items can be requested for check out at a time.
  3. Items will be shipped via USPS Media Mail to student’s address at no charge. Students should allow 7-10 days, depending upon location, for items to arrive. Students are responsible for the cost of returning items to the Library. Students should save the enclosed return shipping label and original mailing envelope/box for returns. To avoid replacement charges, students should immediately report any items that arrive in damaged condition to the User Services Librarian.
  4. Books and media are checked out for six (6) weeks from date items are requested, with option for one four (4) week renewal. Renewal requests should be sent to the User Services Librarian.
  5. Books and media must be returned to the Library before the due date at the student’s expense. Items should be carefully and securely packaged with return shipping label affixed. Items can be returned economically using USPS Media Mail service.
  6. Students will be assessed a replacement charge for all non-returned, lost, or damaged items checked out from the Lending Collection. The replacement charge is the Library’s current cost of replacing the item plus a $20 per item processing fee.

Online Resources (including access to MCSearch, the Library’s online catalog, e-books, and journal databases). Many pages on the Library website, including the Milligan Libraries Catalog, are open for browsing and searching. However, links to access specific online information resources (such as electronic encyclopedias or journal databases) will bring up an authentication screen prompting the student to enter the USERAME and PASSWORD from their Milligan College Network Login in the appropriate fields. Authentication is necessary to allow off-campus students access to the Library’s licensed content. Students experiencing difficulty accessing resources from off-campus should contact the Library using one of the methods listed on the library website:

Journal Articles Through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Distance and online students needing access to journal articles that are not available in full-text, either from the Library’s print periodicals (from which scans can be requested) or in an online journal database to which the Library subscribes, may request these via the Library’s interlibrary loans service. Requests for articles are made using the webform, or directly from within the database (if available). All requested information must be supplied to assure accurate and timely processing of requests. Articles are typically sent to students via an email attachment, or document retrieval service. Adobe Reader (available as a free download from or other PDF viewer software is typically required to open and view articles.

Books and Media Through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Due to logistical issues related to assuring timely delivery and return of items from other libraries, the Library does not provide interlibrary loans of books or media to students enrolled in distance and online courses.

Tennessee Academic Library Cooperative (TALC) and Atla Reciprocal Borrowing Program. Milligan Libraries is a participating member in the Tennessee Academic Library Cooperative (TALC) and American Theological Library Association’s (Atla) Reciprocal Borrowing Program, which grants check-out privileges from libraries at other participating institutions. Visit links for information about these programs and participating libraries. (Milligan students can borrow items from East Tennessee State University’s Charles C. Sherrod Library as participating libraries in the Tennessee Academic Library Cooperative (TALC).) Typically, proof of current enrollment at Milligan College is required by the participating library (e.g., presenting Milligan College Identification Card, and/or demonstrating a valid Milligan College Network Login, etc.). Lending periods are determined by each participating library. Users are responsible for adhering to local library policies, and returning materials in a timely fashion.

Revised 05.15.2019