Selective e-Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Delighting in the Trinity : an introduction to the Christian faithEnding human trafficking : a handbook of strategies for the church todayThe medieval mind of C. S. Lewis : how great books shaped a great mindThis here fleshMentor for life : finding purpose through intentional discipleship
Calling in context : social location and vocational formationThe Samaritan woman's story : reconsidering John 4 after #churchTooTexts less traveled : exploring Hebrews, the Catholic Epistles, and RevelationBuried talents : overcoming gendered socialization to answer God's callCarved in ebony : lessons from the black women who shape us
Let my people live : an Africana reading of ExodusHistorical foundations of worship : Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant perspectivesWhat is my calling? : a biblical and theological exploration of Christian identityWitnesses to the ends of the earth : New Testament reflections on missionA Christian field guide to technology for engineers and designers