Selective e-Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Youth Ministry as Mission: A Conversation About Theology and CultureTurning points : decisive moments in the history of ChristianityMartin Luther and the Rule of Faith: Reading God's Word for God's People (New Explorations in Theology)Faithful Disobedience: Writings on Church and State from a Chinese House Church MovementA center in the cyclone : twenty-first century clergy self-care
Rethinking the dates of the New Testament : the evidence for early compositionFrom prisoner to prince : the Joseph story in biblical theologyScribes and scripture : the amazing story of how we got the BibleReading the Bible Around the World: A Student’s Guide to Global HermeneuticsAssociate Pastors: Ministry from the Middle
Psalms for Black lives : reflections for the work of liberationTheology as a way of life : on teaching and learning the Christian faithAging : growing old in churchThe Origins of Early Christian Literature: Contextualizing the New Testament within Greco-Roman Literary CultureSavoring Scripture: A Six-Step Guide to Studying the Bible