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Solzhenitsyn : the historical-spiritual destinies of Russia and the WestAn essay on the principle of population : the 1803 editionBeethoven & freedomThe sixties, center stage : mainstream and popular performances in a turbulent decadeThe science of addiction : from neurobiology to treatment
The Second Seminole War and the limits of American aggressionThe social origins of languageHeroes, Martyrs, and Political Messiahs in Revolutionary Cuba, 1946-1958Age of conquests : the Greek world from Alexander to HadrianState of repression : iraq under Saddam Hussain
On the ocean : the mediterranean and the atlantic from prehistory to ad 1500The emotional foundations of personality : a neurobiological and evolutionary approachPsychological science and christian faith : insights and enrichments from constructive dialogueThe desegregation of public libraries in the Jim Crow South : civil rights and local activismPrelude to hospice : listening to dying patients and their families