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Turn that thing off! : collaboration and technology in 21st-century actor trainingWhen science and politics collide : the public interest at riskLyrical liberators : the American antislavery movement in verse, 1831-1865The bizarre world of reality televisionFinding purpose in a godless world : why we care even if the universe doesn't
Tourism and religion : issues and implicationsPhotovoltaics : design and installation manual : renewable energy education for a sustainable futureJan Tschichold and the New Typography : graphic design between the world warsThe forgotten sense : meditations on touchImprovised continent : Pan-Americanism and cultural exchange
Budgeting for a healthy church : aligning finances with biblical priorities for ministryInhospitable world : film in the time of the anthropoceneWomen in Ancient ChinaMemory battles of the Spanish Civil War : history, fiction, photographyThe catalogue of shipwrecked books : Christopher Columbus, his son, and the quest to build the world's greatest library