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Iran in world historyAfrican American religions, 1500-2000 : colonialism, democracy, and freedomThe annals of Lü Buwei = [Lü shi chun qiu] : a complete translation and studyBig dreams : the science of dreaming and the origins of religionNo Depression in Heaven : the Great Depression, the New Deal, and the transformation of religion in the Delta
Fantasyland : how America went haywire : a 500-year historyWindows into the soul : surveillance and society in an age of high technologyThe grace in dying : how we are transformed spiritually as we dieAmerican colonial history : clashing cultures and faithsWriting the monarch in Jacobean England : Jonson, Donne, Shakespeare and the works of King James
Postcard America : Curt Teich and the imaging of a nation, 1931/1950Dear white Christians : for those still longing for racial reconciliationWisdom's workshop : the rise of the modern universityNorthern Armageddon : The Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the Making of the American RevolutionBy steppe, desert, and ocean : the birth of Eurasia