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Chip kidd book 2At home with the Aztecs : an archaeologist uncovers their daily lifeThe triumph of empire : the Roman world from Hadrian to ConstantineOn friendshipThe last five years : the complete book and lyrics of the musical
John Chrysostom on divine pedagogy : the coherence of his theology and preachingMetaphysics and the philosophy of science : new essaysIntroducing practical theology : mission, ministry, and the life of the churchLiterary territories : cartographical thinking in late antiquityThe book of Greek and Roman folktales, legends, and myths
Montaigne : a lifeShakespeare on theatre : a critical look at his theories and practicesThe historical reliability of the New Testament : countering the challenges to evangelical Christian beliefsMessengers of the Right : conservative media and the transformation of American politicsAwaiting the King : reforming public theology