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Nurturing children : from trauma to growth using attachment theory, psychoanalysis and neurobiologyPublication manual of the american psychological associationRefuge beyond reach : how rich democracies repel asylum seekersMusical emotions explained : unlocking the secrets of musical affectThe uninhabitable earth : life after warming
Life by algorithms : how roboprocesses are remaking our worldManufacturing processes for design professionalsGandhi : the years that changed the world, 1914-1948Bringing religion and spirituality into therapy : a process-based model for pluralistic practiceDemocracy after virtue : toward pragmatic Confucian democracy
War or peace : the struggle for world powerGardens of the arts & crafts movementHow we teach science : what's changed, and why it mattersThe dark fantastic : race and the imagination from Harry Potter to The hunger gamesLife Concepts from Aristotle to Darwin : On Vegetable Souls
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