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The genesis of America : U.S. foreign policy and the formation of national identity, 1793-1815Unredeemed land : an environmental history of Civil War and emancipation in the cotton SouthSpinoza and the cunning of imaginationScience and American foreign relations since World War IIOur American Israel : the story of an entangled alliance
In person : reenactment in postwar and contemporary cinemaThe evil within : why we need moral philosophyDiderot and the art of thinking freelyNero : emperor and courtThe turnout gap : race, ethnicity, and political inequality in a diversifying America
The history of illustrationMoving in and out of IslamThe pursuit of happiness in the founding era : an intellectual historyThe explainability of experience : realism and subjectivity in Spinoza's theory of the human mindConservative innovators : how states are challenging federal power
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