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Ask the beasts : Darwin and the god of loveFaustina I and II : imperial women of the golden ageThe rise and fall of intelligence : an international security historyCuriosity's cats : writers on researchThe philosophy of creativity : new essays
Cross and scepter : the rise of the Scandinavian kingdoms from the Vikings to the ReformationJohn Quincy Adams : American visionaryFrom Pompeii : the afterlife of a Roman townJohn Sloan : drawing on illustrationDivine sex : a compelling vision for Christian relationships in a hypersexualized age
From X-rays to DNA : how engineering drives biologyIntroduction to the psychology of ageing : a comprehensive guide for non-specialistsCharles M. Russell : photographing the legend : a biography in words and picturesThe book of trees : visualizing branches of knowledgeSelf, world, and time