Milligan Library Life

by the staff of P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library & Seminary Library

Fall Semester 2019 is finished, and Milligan Libraries logs new headcount records!

Emmanuel Christian Seminary became part of Milligan College on July 1, 2015. Since that time, Milligan Libraries has existed as one library in two locations — the Welshimer Library at the center of campus, and the Seminary Library in west wing of the B.D. Phillips Building on Emmanuel Hill.

P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library

The Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan Library

As locations for physical book and media collections, Welshimer Library houses the bulk of resources to support the College’s undergraduate and professional graduate degree programs, while the Seminary Library primarily houses a theological collection supporting the Seminary’s graduate programs (and the undergraduate Bible and Ministry program). This collections perspective might seem to guide students and faculty in their choice of a “home” library location. But these days libraries are more than collections. Milligan Libraries also strongly promotes a spaces and services perspective in which either library location is a welcoming “home” for all Milligan students and faculty to use for study and learning. This has become especially true at the Seminary Library, where in addition to the Seminary, the B.D. Phillips Building hosts the undergraduate Engineering program, and the graduate Occupational Therapy and Physician Assistant programs.

Like most libraries, Milligan Libraries tracks space usage at its two locations. But instead of counting people as they enter the library (called a gate count) we developed a metric called the hour-visit. The hour-visit is a headcount of every person in the library each hour that it is open during the day. The advantage of this way of counting is that it enables us to track not only when, but also where (which floor) and for how long the library is used with each visit. For example, when a student enters the library, a gate count would log 1 visit at entry. But that student may be in the library studying for 3 hours. The headcount approach would log 3 hour-visits for this student. Additionally, when correlated with Milligan College enrollment headcounts, we can track average per student usage of the Library over the course of the semester.

New Semester Headcount Records Set

Fall Semester 2019 concluded with Commencement Service on Friday evening, December 13. Earlier in the day we collated the library usage statistics for the semester, discovering we had set several new records.

Welshimer Library had 38,080 hour-visits (+6.1% over Fall 2018). The previous record of 37,002 hour-visits was set Fall 2013.

Seminary Library broke 10,000 hour-visits with 10,589 (+27.4% over Fall 2018). The previous record of 9,513 hour-visits was set Spring 2019.

Milligan Libraries’ combined usage for Fall 2019 was 48,669 hour-visits. When correlated with Fall 2019 College enrollment headcount of 1,335, this works out to a per student library use of 36.5 hours over the course of the semester. Also a new record.

For some historical perspective, Fall 2016 was the first full semester after Emmanuel Christian Seminary became a part of Milligan College. This was also the first semester we began tracking usage at the Seminary Library. In Fall 2016, Welshimer Library had 30,716 hour-visits and the Seminary Library had 4,518 hour-visits, for a Milligan Libraries total of 35,234 hour-visits. Milligan College enrollment headcounts in Fall 2016 was 1,213, which worked out to a per student library use of 29.0 hours. Compared to four years ago, Milligan Libraries’ combined hourly usage has increased 38.1%, and the per student semester usage has increased 25.9%!

These statistics suggest Milligan Libraries is providing spaces conducive to study for the Milligan College learning community. We are pleased to be of service!

New Books and Media Received (November 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (69 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during November 2019.

Seminary Library

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Ancient Near Eastern thought and the Old Testament: introducing the conceptual world of the Hebrew Bible, 2018.

The arts as witness in multifaith contexts, 2019.

Augustine on the will: a theological account, 2020.

Can I get a witness?: prophetic religious voices of African American women: an anthology, 1997.

Earthkeeping and character: exploring a Christian ecological virtue ethic, 2020.

Entering wonderland: a toolkit for pastors new to a church, 2014.

First and Second Thessalonians by Nathan Eubank, 2019.

First and Second Timothy and Titus by Christopher R. Hutson, 2019.

From shadows to reality: studies in the biblical typology of the Fathers, 2018.

God, suffering, and disability: a Trinitarian theodicy of the Cross, 2019.

God’s relational presence: the cohesive center of biblical theology, 2019.

The gospel according to Eve: a history of women’s interpretation, 2019.

Hard-fighting soldiers: a history of African American Churches of Christ, 2019.

In tongues of mortals and angels: a deconstructive theology of God-talk in Acts and Corinthians, 2019.

Jubilees: a commentary on the book of Jubilees by James C. VanderKam and Sidnie White Crawford, 2018.

Lives entrusted: an ethic of trust for ministry, 2008.

Ministering in patronage cultures: biblical models and missional implications, 2019.

Moral reflections on the book of Job v. 5, 2014.

New dictionary of theology: historical and systematic by Martin Davie, 2016.

An obituary for “Wisdom Literature”: the birth, death, and intertextual reintegration of a biblical corpus, 2019.

Preaching Christology in the Roman Near East: a study of Jacob of Serugh, 2018.

Revelation by Sigve Tonstad, 2019.

Understanding transgender identities: four views, 2019.

The whole church: congregational leadership guided by systems theory, 2019.

Social Science
Connecting generations: bridging the boomer, Gen X, and millennial divide, 2019.

The enchantments of Mammon: how capitalism became the religion of modernity, 2019.

Slavery and social death: a comparative study: with a new preface, 2018.

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association: the official guide to APA style, 2020.

Welshimer Library

Anthropology and Recreation
Food and place: a critical exploration, 2018.

The Pokémon Go phenomenon: essays on public play in contested spaces, 2019. 

Study abroad: traditions and new directions, 2019. 

Gandhi: the years that changed the world 1914-1948., 2019.

A guide for sustaining conversations on racism, identity, and our mutual humanity, 2018.

The political theory of Che Guevara, 2018.

Language and Literature
The dark fantastic: race and the imagination from Harry Potter to The hunger games, 2019.

A history of intellectual property in 50 objects, 2019.

Revolutionary constitutions: charismatic leadership and the rule of law, 2019.

Bringing religion and spirituality into therapy: a process-based model for pluralistic practice, 2020.

Introduction to addictive behaviors, 2019.

Nurturing children: from trauma to growth using attachment theory, psychoanalysis and neurobiology, 2019.

Debussy by Stephen Walsh, 2019.

Musical emotions explained: unlocking the secrets of musical affect, 2019. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Adventures of the man in gold, 2017.

Life itself is an art: the life and work of Erich Fromm, 2019.

The path: what Chinese philosophers can teach us about the good life, 2017.

Positive psychological assessment: a handbook of models and measures, 2019.

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association: the official guide to APA style., 2020.

The way of the world: readings in Chinese philosophy, 2009.

The emotional mind: the affective roots of culture and cognition, 2019.

Software languages: syntax, semantics, and metaprogramming, 2018.

Social Sciences
Human trafficking: applying research, theory, and case studies, 2018.

Making marriage simple: 10 relationship-saving truths, 2013.

Bifacial photovoltaics: technology, applications and economics, 2018.

The design of everyday things, 2013.

Life by algorithms: how roboprocesses are remaking our world, 2019.

Manufacturing processes for design professionals, 2007.

People skills for engineers, 2018.

To engineer is human: the role of failure in successful design, 1992.

The night diary, 2019. Newbery Honor Book, 2019.

Office Reference
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association: the official guide to APA style, 2020. 

The big bang theory. The twelfth and final season, 2019.

The dark crystal, 2007.

Pelotero (Ballplayer), 2012.

Stranger things. Season 1, 2017.

Stranger things. Season 2, 2018.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Body, breath & being: a new approach to the Alexander Technique.

The body in motion: its evolution and design.

The Jacksonian era, 1828-1848.

The life and times of Martha Laurens Ramsay, 1759-1811.

New Books and Media Received (October 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (194 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during October 2019.

Seminary Library

Racism without racists: color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in America, 2018. 

Language and Literature
Choosing community : action, faith, and joy in the works of Dorothy L. Sayers, 2019.

Cinematic faith : a Christian perspective on movies and meaning, 2019.

Deep focus : film and theology in dialogue, 2019.

A week in the life of a slave, 2019.

Being mortal: medicine and what matters in the end, 2014.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Addiction and pastoral care, 2019.

All God’s creatures : a theology of creation, 2018.

The Apostle Paul and the Christian life : ethical and missional implications of the new perspective, 2016.

Approaching the end of life : a practical and spiritual guide, 2015.

Biblical authority after Babel : retrieving the solas in the spirit of mere Protestant Christianity, 2018.

The canon debate, 2019.

The chaplain’s presence and medical power : rethinking loss in the hospital system, 2018.

Christian faith : a new translation and critical edition, 2016.

Christian theology in practice : discovering a discipline, 2012.

Colonialism and the Bible : contemporary reflections from the global south, 2018.

Consider the women : a provocative guide to three matriarchs of the Bible, 2019.

The culture of theology, 2019.

Daughters in the Hebrew Bible, 2018.

Deep mysteries : God, Christ and ourselves, 2019.

The Devil’s redemption : a new history and interpretation of Christian universalism, 2018.

A documentary history of religion in America, 2018.

Exploring the life of the soul : philosophical reflections on psychoanalysis and self psychology., 2018.

Feminist theory and the Bible : interrogating the sources, 2016.

Figuring racism in medieval Christianity, 2019.

From hermeneutics to exegesis : the trajectory of biblical interpretation, 2018.

Galatians : a commentary, 2019.

Global arts and Christian witness : exegeting culture, translating the message, and communicating Christ, 2019.

Gospel allegiance : what faith in Jesus misses for salvation in Christ, 2019.

Healing racial divides : finding strength in our diversity, 2018.

Henry Chadwick : selected writings, 2017.

A history of the Bible : the story of the world’s most influential book, 2019.

How to read theology : engaging doctrine critically and charitably, 2018.

If Jesus is Lord : loving our enemies in an age of violence, 2019.

Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology : foundations in Scripture, theology, history, and praxis, 2014.

Jesus of Arabia : Christ through Middle Eastern eyes, 2018.

Jürgen Moltmann and the work of hope : the future of Christian theology, 2018.

Let me more of their beauty see : reading familiar verses in context, 2011.

A life that is good : the message of Proverbs in a world wanting wisdom, 2018.

Living in union with Christ : Paul’s gospel and Christian moral identity, 2019.

Matthew, disciple and scribe : the first Gospel and its portrait of Jesus, 2019.

The miracle lady : Kathryn Kuhlman and the transformation of charismatic Christianity, 2019.

Mission after Pentecost : the witness of the Spirit from Genesis to Revelation, 2019.

Moral wisdom : lessons and texts from the Catholic tradition, 2017.

The motif of hope in African American preaching during slavery and the post-Civil War era : there’s a bright side somewhere, 2019.

The New Testament in seven sentences : a small introduction to a vast topic, 2019.

New vision for an old story : why the Bible might not be the book you think it is, 2018.

No more holding back : emboldening women to move past barriers, see their worth, and serve God everywhere, 2019.

The Old Testament in Byzantium, 2013.

The Old Testament is dying : a diagnosis and recommended treatment, 2017.

Pastor Paul : nurturing a culture of Christoformity in the Church, 2019.

Paul and the giants of philosophy : reading the apostle in Greco-Roman context, 2019.

Practicing Christian doctrine : an introduction to thinking and living theologically, 2014.

Preaching God’s grand drama : a biblical-theological approach, 2019.

Preaching Romans : four perspectives, 2019.

Reading Romans backwards : a gospel of peace in the midst of empire, 2019.

Remembering Oscar Romero and the martyrs of El Salvador: a cloud of witnesses., 2019.

Roman faith and Christian faith : pistis and fides in the early Roman Empire and early churches, 2017.

Romans disarmed : resisting empire, demanding justice, 2019.

Sacrificing the Church : mass, mission, and ecumenism, 2019.

Speaking hope.: the body of Christ and pastoral counseling, 2019.

The story of creeds and confessions : tracing the development of the Christian faith, 2019.

The symphony of mission : playing your part in God’s work in the world, 2019.

Teaching Romans backwards : a study guide to Reading Romans backwards by Scot McKnight, 2019.

That all shall be saved : heaven, hell, and universal salvation, 2019.

Truth telling in a post-truth world, 2019.

Unveiling Paul’s women : making sense of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, 2018.

  1. E. B. Du Bois and the sociology of the black church and religion, 1897, 2019.

We too, 2019.

Wealth, health, and hope in African Christian religion : the search for abundant life, 2018.

Whole-earth ethics for holy ground : the development and practice of “sacramental” creation spirituality, 2017.

Written to be heard : recovering the messages of the Gospels, 2019.

Social Science
Authentic human sexuality: an integrated Christian approach, 2019.

The context of Scripture, by David E. Orton, K. Lawson Younger, and William W. Hallo, 1997.

South Asia Bible commentary, 2015.

Welshimer Library

Gardens of the arts & crafts movement, 2018.

History of illustration, 2018.

Nineteenth century art: a critical history, 2011.

Anthropology and Recreation
Food and place : a critical exploration, 2018.

How to play video games, 2019.

The Oxford handbook of dance and wellbeing, 2017.

The Pokémon Go phenomenon : essays on public play in contested spaces, 2019.

Unearthing childhood: young lives in prehistory, 2018.

Preparing teachers for deeper learning, 2019. 

Between Greece and Babylonia : Hellenistic intellectual history in cross-cultural perspective, 2019.

China and the Islamic world : how the new Silk Road is transforming global politics, 2019.

Chinese roundabout : essays in history and culture, 1992.

Critical terms for the study of Africa, 2018.

GANDHI : the years that changed the world 1914-1948, 2019.

A great place to have a war : America in Laos and the birth of a military CIA, 2017.

A guide for sustaining conversations on racism, identity, and our mutual humanity, 2018.

In the orbit of love : affection in ancient Greece and Rome, 2018.

The invention of rivers : Alexander’s eye and Ganga’s descent, 2019.

Looming Civil War : how nineteenth-century Americans imagined the future, 2018.

The political theory of Che Guevara, 2018.

The possessive investment in Whiteness : how White people profit from identity politics, 2018.

Twice-divided nation : national memory, transatlantic news, and American literature in the Civil War era, 2019.

War or peace : the struggle for world power, 2018.

Language and Literature
Achilles unbound : multiformity and tradition in the Homeric epics, 2019.

Adulthood and other fictions : American literature and the unmaking of age, 2019.

Adventures of the man in gold, 2017.

Ancient Mesopotamia speaks : highlights of the Yale Babylonian Collection, 2019.

Aristotle’s lost Homeric problems : textual studies, 2019.

The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare and religion, 2019.

The dark fantastic : race and the imagination from Harry Potter to The hunger games, 2019.

In person : reenactment in postwar and contemporary cinema, 2019.

Liberty, equality, and humbug : Orwell’s political ideals, 2018.

Minor creatures : persons, animals, and the Victorian novel, 2018.

Roberto Busa, S.J., and the emergence of humanities computing : the priest and the… punched cards., 2018.

The social fact : news and knowledge in a networked world, 2019.

When fiction feels real : representation and the reading mind, 2018.

Wonderful design : glamour in the Hollywood musical, 2018.

A history of intellectual property in 50 objects, 2019.

Justice for some: law and the question of Palestine, 2019.

The pursuit of happiness in the founding era: an intellectual history, 2019.

Revolutionary constitutions : charismatic leadership and the rule of law, 2019.

The basics of psychotherapy: an introduction to theory and practice, 2019.

Introduction to addictive behaviors, 2019.

Nurturing children : from trauma to growth using attachment theory, psychoanalysis and neurobiology, 2019.

The unexpected journey of caring: the transformation from loved one to caregiver, 2019.

Musical emotions explained : unlocking the secrets of musical affect, 2019. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
The allure of gentleness : defending the faith in the manner of Jesus, 2015.

Classical theories in African religion, 2019.

The evolution of moral progress : a biocultural theory, 2018.

The explainability of experience : realism and subjectivity in Spinoza’s theory of the human mind, 2018.

Feelings transformed : philosophical theories of the emotions, 1270-1670, 2018.

Handbook of personality development, 2019.

Hellenistic philosophy, 2018.

Life concepts from Aristotle to Darwin : on vegetable souls., 2019.

Life itself is an art : the life and work of Erich Fromm, 2019.

Moving in and out of Islam, 2018.

Positive psychological assessment : a handbook of models and measures, 2019.

Poverty and the poor in the world’s religious traditions : religious responses to the problem of poverty, 2019.

Rethinking existentialism, 2018.

Science without God? : rethinking the history of scientific naturalism, 2019.

The story of myth, 2018.

Time and its adversaries in the Seleucid empire, 2018.

Unfollow : a memoir of loving and leaving the Westboro Baptist Church, 2019.

Vices of the mind : from the intellectual to the political, 2019.

Political Science
Aristotle, democracy and political science, 2019.

Conservative innovators : how states are challenging federal power, 2019.

Democracy after virtue : toward pragmatic Confucian democracy, 2018.

A duty to resist : when disobedience should be uncivil, 2018.

Dying of whiteness : how the politics of racial resentment is killing America’s heartland, 2019.

Empires of the mind : the colonial past and the politics of the present, 2019.

Fully human : personhood, citizenship, and rights, 2019.

The government-industrial complex : the true size of the federal government, 1984-2018, 2019.

Ideas of power : the politics of American party ideology development, 2019.

On the spirit of rights, 2019.

Refuge beyond reach : how rich democracies repel asylum seekers, 2019.

Science and American foreign relations since World War II, 2019.

White identity politics, 2019. 

The emotional mind : the affective roots of culture and cognition, 2019.

How we teach science : what’s changed, and why it matters, 2019.

The neuroscience of sleep and dreams, 2019.

Squeezing minds from stones : cognitive archaeology and the evolution of the human mind, 2019.

Tracing Darwin’s path in Cape Horn = La ruta de Darwin en Cabo de Hornos, 2018.

The uninhabitable earth : life after warming, 2019. 

Social Sciences
Appified : culture in the age of apps, 2018.

Building Washington : engineering and construction of the new Federal City, 1790-1840, 2018.

Economy and society : a new translation, 2019.

Fellow creatures : our obligations to the other animals, 2018.

Human trafficking : applying research, theory, and case studies, 2018.

Making marriage simple : 10 relationship-saving truths, 2013.

Misogyny : the new activism, 2019.

Environmental sustainability for engineers and applied scientists, 2019.

Life by algorithms : how roboprocesses are remaking our world, 2019.

Power trip : the story of energy, 2019.

Vacant to vibrant : creating successful green infrastructure networks, 2019.

Atlas Case (Oversized)
The architecture of trees, 2019. 

ESV study Bible: English Standard Version, 2011.

New American Standard Bible, 1997. 

Office Reference
Coaching copyright, 2020. 

Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film, 2006.

The public, 2019.

Queen Kelly, 2003.

The Soong sisters, 2009.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Birdman, or, (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). [DVD]

Caves of the Highland Rim.

Contemporary Kazakh literature. Poetry..

Contemporary Kazakh literature. Prose..

The contemporary singer : elements of vocal technique.

Contemporary singing techniques.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. [DVD]

Master and Commander : the Far Side of the World. [DVD]

Planet of the apes legacy collection. [DVD]

The problem of wealth : a Christian response to a culture of affluence.

A quiet place. [DVD]

Retrieving eternal generation.

Rise of the planet of the apes. [DVD]

The songs of John Jacob Niles, for low voice and piano. [Score]

Train to Busan. [DVD]

Vampyr. [DVD]

War for the planet of the apes. [DVD]

7th Annual Book+ART exhibit brings out the artist, the poet, the theologian, the historian, and the social critic

Book+ART invites Milligan College students, faculty, and staff to think about books not only as the inspiration for art, but also as the literal medium for art. The annual exhibit, held at the Welshimer Library over Homecoming Weekend, is celebrating its seventh year.

“Several years ago,” explains Director of Libraries, Gary Daught, “we developed two annual book-related creativity events as ways to enhance engagement with our user community. We began, about 10 years ago now, with the Edible Books Festival, which is held in Spring semester and closely coincides with the International Edible Book Festival. A few years later, we thought it would be neat to have a Fall semester event that would serve as the other bookend, so to speak, to Edible Books. We tapped into a renewed and growing interest in art made from books as a natural focus of this second annual event. Thus Book+ART was born.”

In this year’s Book+ART exhibit 12 entries from eight individual book artists (three entries were submitted anonymously), and one entry from a class group were submitted. Entries include blackout book poetry, cut out books, book sculpture, decoupage, bookmark design, and a compelling topical book exhibit. Five entries were from Milligan Libraries librarians Katie Banks, Gary Daught, and Jude Morrissey. Two entries were submitted by Psychology professor Joy Drinnon, and two entries by student Korynne Taylor. The group entry was submitted by students Dalton Davis, Megan Kent, and Michelle Morales from Drs. Joy Drinnon and Ted Thomas’ Psychology and History of Genocide class. As the title of the post suggests, the exhibit covers a wide range of disciplines and topics. This year’s Book+ART exhibit opened on Friday, October 25 and will remain open until Friday, November 1.

Following are photos of entries from this year’s exhibit.

New Exhibit on the History of Pardee Hall Opens

The Holloway Archives at Milligan College has recently installed a new exhibit on the history of Pardee Hall, called “100 Years of Pardee.” The exhibit celebrates the 100th anniversary of the dedication of Pardee Hall, a dormitory that stood in the central part of campus from 1920 to 1992.

Pardee Hall under construction

While no longer standing, Pardee Hall holds a special place in Milligan history, even 100 years after it was dedicated on October 10, 1919. The building was named for Milligan donors Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Pardee and was completed in 1920. It was built as part of the campus rebuilding and expansion after the administration building burned down in 1918. The dorm typically housed men throughout its lifespan, although there were some brief periods, including in the 1960s, when it housed women. Pardee also served as housing for the men participating in the Navy V-12 program during World War II.

The residents of Pardee, known in the later years as the “Pardee Rowdies,” were notorious for their many pranks and practical jokes. But these students also had a special love for the dorm. It was with sorrow that many of the Rowdies gathered in the summer of 1992 to watch the dorm torn down after it could no longer safely serve the college. Today, the former location of the dorm is a field for campus activities – particularly Frisbee games – and is marked by a brick wall in the nearby parking lot. A new Pardee Hall stands in Milligan Village to carry on the tradition of a beloved hall built one hundred years ago.

“As a second-generation Milligan alumna, I grew up hearing stories about Pardee Hall,” says Katherine Banks, college archivist and curator of the exhibit. “When I saw that 2019 would mark the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the dorm, I knew that it would make a great subject for a Homecoming exhibit.” The exhibit includes photos throughout its life-span, as well as memorabilia, including a “Pardee Rowdy” t-shirt, a brick, and Pardee Hall stationery. “Many alumni have fond memories of life in Pardee. I hope that the exhibit can bring back some of the nostalgia as well as tell people not as familiar with Pardee about its part in Milligan history,” says Banks.

The Pardee Band

The exhibit, “100 Years of Pardee,” can be found on the first floor of the Welshimer Library and online. If you come by to see the exhibit during Homecoming, be sure to pick up a souvenir photo of Pardee!