Milligan Library Life

by the staff of P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library & Seminary Library

New Books and Media Received (June-August 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (224 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during June, July, and August 2019.

Seminary Library

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Galatians, 2019.

Jesus and Christian origins : directions toward a new paradigm, 2019.

Men and women in Christ : fresh light from the biblical texts, 2019.

Monastic education in late antiquity : the transformation of classical paideia, 2018.

A pastoral rule for today : reviving an ancient practice, 2019.

Pursuing an earthy spirituality : C.S. Lewis and incarnational faith, 2019.

Welshimer Library

The artist in Edo, 2018.

Beyond the face : new perspectives on portraiture, 2018.

Beyond the Nile : Egypt and the classical world, 2018.

By the pen and what they write : writing in Islamic art and culture, 2017.

Eastern encounters : four centuries of paintings and manuscripts from the Indian subcontinent, 2018.

Graphic signs of authority in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, 300-900, 2018.

How to read Islamic calligraphy, 2018.

Photography and the contemporary cultural condition : commemorating the present, 2019.

Photography at the Bauhaus, 1990.

The Royal Academy of Arts : history and collections, 2018.

Visuality and virtuality : images and pictures from prehistory to perspective, 2017.

The catalogue of shipwrecked books : Christopher Columbus, his son, and the quest to build the world’s greatest library, 2019.

Interacting with print : elements of reading in the era of print saturation, 2018.

Jan Tschichold and the New Typography : graphic design between the World Wars, 2019.

The Cambridge handbook of play : developmental and disciplinary perspectives, 2019.

Dance me a song : Astaire, Balanchine, Kelly, and the American film musical, 2018.

The first farmers of Europe : an evolutionary perspective, 2018.

A play of bodies : how we perceive videogames, 2018.

Through a glass brightly : using science to see our species as we really are, 2018.

Tourism and religion : issues and implications, 2018.

The age of Eisenhower : America and the world in the 1950s, 2018.

Becoming Lincoln, 2018.

A blueprint for war : FDR and the hundred days that mobilized America, 2019.

Caesar’s footprints : a cultural excursion to ancient france., 2019.

The Crusader armies : 1099-1187, 2018.

Daily life in ancient China, 2018.

Desert borderland : the making of modern Egypt and Libya, 2018.

A history of France, 2018.

A history of the British Isles : prehistory to the present, 2017.

Hubert Humphrey : the conscience of the country, 2018.

Imperial twilight : the opium war and the end of China’s last golden age, 2018.

Improvised continent : Pan-Americanism and cultural exchange, 2017.

Memory battles of the Spanish Civil War : history, fiction, photography, 2018.

The psychology of racial colorblindness : a critical review, 2017.

Rethinking racial justice, 2018.

Springs of western civilization : a comparative study of Hebrew and classical cultures, 2017.

Thomas Cromwell : A Revolutionary Life, 2018.

To live like a Moor : Christian perceptions of Muslim identity in medieval and early modern Spain, 2018.

Understanding contemporary China, 2017.

Unrequited toil : a history of United States slavery, 2018.

When I was white : a memoir, 2019.

Language and Literature
Approaches to teaching the history of the English language : pedagogy in practice, 2017.

The bizarre world of reality television, 2017.

The Cambridge history of the graphic novel, 2018.

Emerson’s memory loss : originality, communality, and the late style, 2018.

The faun’s bookshelf : C.S. Lewis on why myth matters, 2018.

Franz Kafka, the eternal son : a biography, 2018.

Freedom narratives of African American women : a study of 19th century writings, 2017.

Grendel, 1971.

A history of Russian literature, 2018.

The image of Christ in Russian literature : Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Pasternak, 2018.

Inhospitable world : cinema in the time of the Anthropocene, 2018.

The invention of the oral : print commerce and fugitive voices in eighteenth-century Britain, 2017.

The life of Mark Twain : the early years, 1835-1871, 2018.

Linguistics : why it matters, 2018.

Lyrical liberators : the American antislavery movement in verse, 1831-1865, 2018.

The making of the Iliad : disquisition and analytical commentary, 2011.

Mean girl : Ayn Rand and the culture of greed, 2019.

A new literary history of modern China, 2017.

Postcolonial Borges : argument and artistry, 2017.

Renaissance woman : the life of vittoria colonna., 2019.

Space Odyssey : Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and the making of a masterpiece, 2018.

T&T Clark companion to the Bible and film, 2018.

Turn that thing off! : collaboration and technology in 21st-century actor training, 2018.

The value of Herman Melville, 2018.

Boundaries of the international : law and empire, 2018.

Eisenhower vs. Warren : the battle for civil rights and liberties, 2018.

Modernism and the law, 2018.

Originalism as faith, 2018.

The schoolhouse gate : public education, the Supreme Court, and the battle for the American mind, 2019.

The Shariʻa : history, ethics and law, 2018.

Dopesick : dealers, doctors, and the drug company that addicted America, 2019.

Freeing your child from anxiety : practical strategies to overcome fears, worries, and phobias and be prepared for life–from toddlers to teens, 2014.

The politics of autism, 2018.

PTSD : a short history, 2018.

Sleepyhead : the neuroscience of a good night’s rest, 2018.

Trauma and the struggle to open up : from avoidance to recovery and growth, 2018.

Broken beauty : musical modernism and the representation of disability, 2018.

Music as an art, 2018.

The psychology of music : a very short introduction, 2019. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Adam Smith : systematic philosopher and public thinker, 2017.

Beyond the troubled water of Shifei : from disputation to walking-two-roads in the Zhuangzi, 2019.

Budgeting for a healthy church : aligning finances with biblical priorities for ministry, 2019.

Extended epistemology, 2018.

Ezekiel 38-48 : a new translation with introduction and commentary, 2018.

Finding purpose in a godless world : why we care even if the universe doesn’t, 2018.

The forgotten sense : meditations on touch, 2018.

From Chinese Chan to Japanese Zen : a remarkable century of transmission and transformation, 2018.

From politics to the pews : how partisanship and the political environment shape religious identity, 2018.

Hobbes’s kingdom of light : a study of the foundations of modern political philosophy, 2018.

Jesus saved an ex-con : political activism and redemption after incarceration, 2018.

The limitations of the open mind, 2018.

Marx’s dream : from capitalism to communism, 2018.

On Chinese body thinking : a cultural hermeneutic, 1997.

Paradox lost : logical solutions to ten puzzles of philosophy, 2018.

A restless age: how Saint Augustine helps you make sense of your twenties, 2019.

SAGE guide to careers for counseling and clinical practice, 2019.

Seeing and saying : the language of perception and the representational view of experience, 2018.

The silent transformations, 2011.

Skepticism and American faith : from the Revolution to the Civil War, 2018.

True enough, 2017.

What a philosopher is : becoming Nietzsche, 2017.

What makes time special?, 2017.

Political Science
America classifies the immigrants : from Ellis Island to the 2020 census, 2018.

Governance for peace : how inclusive, participatory and accountable institutions promote peace and prosperity, 2017.

How dictatorships work : power, personalization, and collapse, 2018.

Immigration and democracy, 2019.

Inside the Arab State, 2018.

Toward natural right and history : lectures and essays by Leo Strauss, 1937-1946, 2018.

Why they marched : untold stories of the women who fought for the right to vote, 2019. 

Carnivorous plants : physiology, ecology, and evolution, 2018.

Everything flows : towards a processual philosophy of biology, 2018.

The fight against doubt : how to bridge the gap between scientists and the public, 2018.

Happy brain : where happiness comes from, and why, 2019.

How scientific progress occurs : incrementalism and the life sciences, 2018.

An illustrated theory of numbers, 2017.

Laws of nature, 2018.

Presentation skills for scientists : a practical guide, 2018.

Pseudoscience : the conspiracy against science, 2019.

The scientific journal : authorship and the politics of knowledge in the nineteenth century, 2018.

When science and politics collide : the public interest at risk, 2018. 

Social Sciences
Advice for future corpses * and those who love them : a practical perspective on death and dying, 2018.

Christian slavery : conversion and race in the Protestant Atlantic world, 2018.

Disability and aging : learning from both to empower the lives of older adults, 2017.

Extremism, 2018.

A good disruption : redefining growth in the twenty-first century, 2016.

Islam instrumentalized : religion and politics in historical perspective, 2017.

Little cold warriors : American childhood in the 1950s, 2018.

A primer for teaching women, gender, and sexuality in world history : ten design principles, 2018.

A seat at the table : congresswomen’s perspectives on why their presence matters, 2018.

Terrorism : what everyone needs to know, 2018.

Trade battles : activism and the politicization of international trade policy, 2018.

Why culture matters most, 2019.

Women in ancient China, 2018.

You’ll see this message when it is too late : the legal and economic aftermath of cybersecurity breaches, 2018.

Photovoltaics : design and installation manual : renewable energy education for a sustainable future, 2004.

Amos: a new translation with introduction and commentary, 2017.

Nahum: a new translation with introduction and commentary, 2009.

The age of innocence, 2018.

Black girl, 2017.

BlacKkKlansman, 2018.

Blue velvet, 2019.

The Bridge, 2015.

A brief history of time, 2014.

Detour, 2019.

Dietrich & von Sternberg in Hollywood, 2018.

Dragon Inn, 2018.

Fellini satyricon, 2015.

Gate of hell : Jigokumon, 2013.

Island of lost souls, 2011.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world, 2014.

Kameradschaft, 2018.

The Kennedy films of Robert Drew & associates., 2016.

The killing, 2011.

Life is sweet, 1990.

The life of Oharu, 2013.

The Marseille trilogy., 2017.

Medium cool, 2013.

On the basis of sex, 2019.

One sings, the other doesn’t, 2019.

Paris belongs to us, 2016.

The promise, 2017.

Quadrophenia, 2012.

Repo man, 2013.

The silence of the sea, 2015.

They shall not grow old, 2019.

Tom Jones, 2018.

Valerie and her week of wonders, 2015.

The virgin suicides, 2018.

Wanda, 2019.

War and peace, 2019.

Westfront 1918 : Vier von der Infanterie, 2018.

Women in love, 2018.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
7 myths about singleness.

The American myth of success : from Horatio Alger to Norman Vincent Peale.

American thought in transition : the impact of evolutionary naturalism, 1865-1900.

Andrew Carnegie.

Art and labor : Ruskin, Morris, and the craftsman ideal in America.

Beginning postmodernism.

Black exodus; Black nationalist and back-to-Africa movements, 1890-1910,.

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Can we trust the gospels?

Citizen Hearst : a biography of William Randolph Hearst.

Collegiate women : domesticity and career in turn-of-the-century America.

Dream and thought in the business community, 1860-1900.

Dreamers of the American dream.

Early downhome blues : a musical and cultural analysis.

Edison : a biography.

The effects of visual and verbal cues in multimedia instruction. [dissertation by Dr. Carrie Swanay]

The gilded age : essays on the origins of Modern America.

God in New Testament theology.

The grandes dames.

The Hammonds of Redcliffe.

A history of news : from the drum to the satellite.

Horatio Alger : or, The American hero era.

Irresistible faith : becoming the kind of Christian the world can’t resist.

The lively audience : a social history of the visual and performing arts in America, 1890-1950.

Make Disciples of All Nations : the appeal and authority of Christian faith in Hellenistic-Roman times.

Many people, one nation.

Merchants and manufacturers : studies in the changing structure of nineteenth-century marketing.

Moral formation and the virtuous life.

Mr. Crump of Memphis.

Mrs. Fiske and the American theatre.

New men, new cities, new South : Atlanta, Nashville, Charleston, Mobile, 1860-1910.

Nineteenth century games & sporting goods : sports equipment and clothing, novelties, recreative science, firemen’s supplies, magic lanterns and slides, plays and joke books, tricks and magic, badges and ornaments.

The Oxford handbook of early Christian biblical interpretation.

The piano in America, 1890-1940.

The pragmatic movement in American philosophy.


The rise of big business, 1860-1910.


Satisfaction guaranteed : the making of the American mass market.

Sixty miles to be baptized : the life and ministry of elias sias central michigan restoration… pioneer 1833-1911.

Southerners, a journalist’s odyssey.

The theatrical photographs of Napoleon Sarony.

Thorstein Veblen.

Wildlands of the West : the story of the Bureau of Land Management.

Wisdom distilled from the daily : living the Rule of St. Benedict today.

New Books and Media Received (April 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (29 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget during April 2019.

Seminary Library

Language and Literature
Reading Koine Greek : an introduction and integrated workbook, by Rodney Decker, 2014.

The acts of the Lateran Synod of 649, by Lateran Council, Richard Price, Phil Booth, Catherine Cubitt, 2016.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Among the early Evangelicals: the transatlantic origins of the Stone-Campbell movement, 2017.

The assurance of salvation: biblical hope for our struggles, 2019.

Divine scripture in human understanding: a systematic theology of the Christian Bible, 2019.

Eschatological discipleship: leading Christians to understand their historical and cultural context, 2018.

Gregory of Nyssa. Contra Eunomium I: an English translation with supporting studies, 2018.

Jacob of Serugh’s Hexaemeron, by Jacob, T. Muraoka, 2018.

The New Cambridge history of the Bible, by E. Ann Matter et al., 2013.

Theological lexicon of the Old Testament, by Claus Westermann and Ernst Jenni, 1997.

The Trinity in the Stone-Campbell movement: restoring the heart of Christian faith, 2015. 

Gregorii Nysseni, De anima et resurrectione: opera dogmatica minora, pars III, 2014.

Gregorii Nysseni Epistula canonica: opera dogmatica minora, pars V, 2008.

The works of Saint Augustine: a translation for the 21st century The Donatist Controversy I, 2019

Welshimer Library

Medieval graffiti: the lost voices of Britain’s churches, 2015.

Language and Literature
Representing the rainbow in young adult literature : LGBTQ+ content since 1969, 2018.

John Marshall : the man who made the Supreme Court, 2018.

We the corporations : how american businesses won their civil rights, 2019.

Without precedent : John Marshall and his times, 2019.

Assessment of autism spectrum disorder, 2018.

Bibliotherapy, 2018.

CBT for beginners, 2018.

Science and practice in cognitive therapy : foundations, mechanisms, and applications, 2018. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Tao te ching, 1989. 

Social Sciences
The Marshall Plan : dawn of the Cold War, 2018.

The Saint John’s Bible, v.7, 2007.


Alma and how she got her name, 2018 2019 Caldecott Honor Book
Hello lighthouse, 2018 2019 Caldecott Medal Winner
Tiger vs. nightmare, 2018 2019 Geisel Honor Book

Engineering students create Library floor plans for real-world experience and application

Project simulation is an effective skills learning strategy for engineering students. But sometimes the best learning experience is gained from a project where students have to work with an actual client and produce an actual product with real-world application. The latter describes a project recently completed for Milligan Libraries by students in Dr. Landon Holbrook’s Engineering Fundamentals (FENG 102) course.

Left to right: Sophomore Ian Kelly, Dr. Landon Holbrook, Freshmen Erin Forgety and Yonas Sorri, and Library Director Gary Daught

In Fall, Director of Libraries, Gary F. Daught approached Dr. Greg Harrell, Director of Engineering Programs, about the prospect of having Engineering students produce a set of revised floor plans of the P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library and the Seminary Library, located in the west wing of the B.D. Phillips Memorial Building on Emmanuel Hill. “Milligan College is preparing for its re-accreditation with The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC),” explained Daught. “The Library has to submit a narrative describing its facilities, resources, staffing, and services as part of this process. Having up-to-date floor plans of the Library’s physical facilities would greatly aid my description. We had digitized copies of the original building blueprints. But they weren’t very clean or well labeled, and they didn’t show all current library spaces. I would definitely benefit from a new set of library floor plans to include in my SACSCOC narrative.”

Dr. Harrell put Daught in touch with Dr. Landon Holbrook, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who teaches the first year Engineering Fundamentals (FENG 102) course. It turns out that in this course students learn about taking space measurements and mapping physical spaces using computer aided drawing programs like AutoCAD. Holbrook was pleased to put his students on this project as it would give them a real-world application for the skills they were learning. Students were divided into teams, with a project manager, and they were assigned various sections of the Library buildings to measure and then translate into complete drawings using AutoCAD.

Drawing of the Main Floor of P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library completed by Engineering Fundamentals (FENG 102) students

Project manager Erin Forgety spoke about the importance of teamwork and communication. Second project manager Yonas Sorri admitted that lots of mistakes were made. “Our first attempt was a disaster! But we learned by our failures.” Professor Landon confirmed that a whole lot of mistakes were made. But a whole lot of learning also happened as a result of those mistakes. Sophomore Ian Kelly worked with the teams as project engineer, helping with error checking and formatting in AutoCAD.

In early March, Dr. Landon presented digital files of completed student floor plan drawings of the Welshimer and Seminary Library buildings to Gary Daught. “Wow!,” exclaimed Daught. “These drawings are great, and exactly what I was after. The students did an excellent job! I am really pleased to have had this opportunity to collaborate with the Engineering Department on this project.” Engineering Director, Dr. Greg Harrell indicated that this is exactly the kind of project that engineering students can expect to perform on a first job site internship. So it was a very relevant experience for the students. He also confirmed that they did a good job.

Daught wanted to express appreciation on behalf of Milligan Libraries to the Engineering Fundamentals students. So he invited Drs. Landon Holbrook and Greg Harrell, and several of the project team leaders to the Welshimer Library on Wednesday afternoon. There he presented the students with a new laser measure tool. “I know you use these tools in your coursework because I saw you in here several times over the semester with them to measure the Library. I want to present this laser measure to the Engineering Department as a small way to say Thank you! for a job well done on this project!” Daught also invited subsequent FENG 102 students to use the Library buildings to complete this project assignment in the future.

Laser measure tool gifted to the Engineering Department by Milligan Libraries

9th Annual Edible Books Festival: Creative, Funny-Punny & Tasty!

“I think this was easily one of our best Edible Books Festivals!” That was the opinion of Research and Instruction Librarian Mary Jackson, a regular planner of Milligan Libraries’ annual Spring Semester event, now in its ninth year. Milligan College’s Edible Book Festival is based on an international festival that was first held in 2000. The Library adopted the book-themed event in 2011 to engage with the College community in a fun, creative, and tasty way. The festival continues successfully to the present.

This year’s Edible Books Festival was held on Monday-Tuesday, April 15-16. We had nineteen entries, including student entries from the Humanities Creativity Project, Psi Chi Honor Society, and Professor Cosco’s Engaging Children Through Diverse Teaching Strategies course. Librarians, professors, and family members of professors also participated. Voting commenced on Monday for Most Creative, Funniest-Punniest, and Overall Favorite. 160 people voted.

On Tuesday morning, librarians and a student worker did an initial taste-test to declare the winner of the Tastiest entry before opening the Welshimer Room for folks to sample from all the entries.

And the winners are…

Most Creative: “In the Phlegethon River” from Dante’s Inferno by Madison Harris (also a Humanities Creativity Project entry)

Funniest/Punniest: “A Sprinkle in Thyme” by Mary Jackson

Tastiest: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Ella Edmondson

Overall Favorite: Dragons Love Tacos by Kristy Lundholm

The winners receive Dunkin’ gift cards. We also want to extend a special thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s festival! I think there’s still time to get a taste. But you better hurry…

Exhibit opens celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Milligan College’s Humanities Program

“What does it mean to be human?” The Milligan College Humanities program is a unique four-semester course sequence that combines art, literature, philosophy, theology, and more to help students grapple with this key question. Almost every undergraduate student who passes through Milligan participates in this course sequence, Milligan’s alternative to taking separate history, literature, and art classes to satisfy general education requirements. The 2018-2019 academic year marks the 50th anniversary of the program, which over the intervening years has become a central part of the Milligan experience. As part of the celebration, The Holloway Archives at Milligan College has opened an exhibit on the history of the Humanities program in the lobby of the Gregory Center.

Jack Knowles, humanities professor, teaches a class outside (undated photo from the 1970s)

The exhibit is divided into four sections. The first is a timeline of the development of the program, from 1965 when a restudy of the general education requirements began, and 1968 when the program began its first year, to 2018 when the Master of Arts in Humanities began its first year. The second section walks through the founders of the program, with photos of beloved long-time humanities faculty and others. Alumni and current students will recognize many faces in these archival photos. The third section covers the Humanities European Study Tour, a faculty-led tour of Europe that began in 1971 and continues to the present. Several yearbook spreads document the development of this popular study abroad option, including years when the group traveled around Europe in a van and camped. The last section includes articles about the Humanities program from The Stampede, including an amusing cartoon of what one’s brain looks like after studying humanities!

Cartoon by Doug Hartley, The Stampede, April 7, 1995, p. 4

“I hope students and alumni alike come by Gregory to see the exhibit,” says Katherine Banks, College Archivist and curator of the exhibit. “I think they will all find something interesting in it, whether it’s a photo of a favorite professor or seeing what the Humanities experience was like for students thirty or forty years ago.” The physical exhibit will be displayed in the Gregory Center lobby throughout the month of April. A digital version of the exhibit is available for viewing on MCStor, Milligan College’s digital repository.