Milligan Library Life

by the staff of P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library & Seminary Library

New Books and Media Received (March 2024)

The following books (40 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgeted funds and expense accounts and by donation in March 2024.

Seminary Library

1 Samuel by Ralph W. Kleim and Bruce Manning Metzger

Biblical anthropology: a philosophical, medical, and sociological sourcebook

Ezra: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Tamara Cohn Eskenazi

Feminist theory and Christian theology: cartographies of grace

Humilitas: a lost key to life, love, and leadership

Isaiah 34-66 by John D. W. Watts

Jonah: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Rhiannon Graybill, John Kaltner, and Steven L. McKenzie

Joshua 13-24: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Thomas B. Dozeman

Micah: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Bob Becking

On the human image of God by Gregory and John Behr

New Testament Seminar
Greek grammar beyond the basics: an exegetical syntax of the New Testament: with scripture, subject, and Greek word indexes

Welshimer Library

Accessible elections: how the states can help Americans vote

The all-consuming nation: chasing the American dream since World War II

Beethoven: a political artist in revolutionary times

Belief and cult: rethinking Roman religion

Black Shakespeare: reading and misreading race

The Bloomsbury introduction to postmodern realist fiction: resisting master narratives

Byzantine and Renaissance philosophy

The caregiving ambition: what it is and why it matters at home and work

The classical and Christian origins of American politics: political theology, natural law, and the American founding

Convoys: the British struggle against Napoleonic Europe and America

From big bang to big data: a history of the media

Gems of exquisite beauty: how hymnody carried classical music to America

The index of prohibited books: four centuries of struggle over word and image for the greater glory of God

The John Adams reader: essential writings on an American composer

Just war and ordered liberty

Literacy in a long blues note: Black women’s literature and music in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Oxford handbook of Virginia Woolf

Reclaiming John Steinbeck: writing for the future of humanity

The religious journey of Dwight D. Eisenhower: duty, God, and country

Sacred foundations: the religious and medieval roots of the European state

Sister novelists: the trailblazing Porter sisters, who paved the way for Austen and the Brontës

Van Dyck and the making of English portraiture

Watermarks: Leonardo da Vinci and the mastery of nature

Wearing God: clothing, laughter, fire, and other overlooked ways of meeting God

“Whatever it is, I’m against it”: resistance to change in higher education

White: the history of a color

Big by Vashti Harrison

The eyes and the impossible

The many assassinations of Samir, the seller of dreams

New Books and Media Received (February 2024)

The following books (68 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgeted funds and expense accounts and by donation in February 2024.

Seminary Library

2 Maccabees 1-7: a handbook on the Greek text by Seth Ehorn

2 Maccabees 8-15: a handbook on the Greek text by Seth Ehorn

Advanced strategic planning: a 21st-century model for church and ministry leaders

Black theology and Black faith by Noel Leo Erskine

Blood theology: seeing red in body- and God-talk

The canons of the Quinisext Council (6912)

Chalcedon in context: church councils 400-700

Christianity as a way of life: a systematic theology

The death and life of speculative theology: a Lonergan idea

The five dysfunctions of a team: a leadership fable

Flesh made word: the Protestant interpretation problem and an embodied hermeneutic

The New Cambridge companion to biblical interpretation

Scripture, the genesis of doctrine

Uncharted leadership: 20 case studies to help ministry leaders adapt to uncertainty

The SBL handbook of style

The SBL study Bible: New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition with the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books

Welshimer Library

Arthur Miller: American witness

Bad Mexicans: race, empire, and revolution in the borderlands

Banking on slavery: financing Southern expansion in the antebellum United States

Before the Holocaust: antisemitic violence and the reaction of German elites and institutions during the Nazi takeover

The Cambridge companion to women in music since 1900

The cathedrals of Pisa, Siena and Florence: a thorough inspection of the medieval construction techniques

Child psychology in twelve questions

Do everything: the biography of Frances Willard

Dr. nurse: science, politics, and the transformation of American nursing

Egyptian art by J. R. Harris

Female genius: Eliza Harriot and George Washington at the dawn of the Constitution

Frederick Douglass: prophet of freedom by David W. Blight

Half American: the heroic story of African Americans fighting World War II at home and abroad

Jim Crow’s pink slip: the untold story of Black principal and teacher leadership

Misfire: the Sarajevo assassination and the winding road to World War I

The Mormon experience: a history of the Latter-day Saints

Moving INTO the Classroom: a handbook for movement integration in the elementary classroom

Mozart in motion: his work and his world in pieces

The perversion of Holocaust memory: writing and rewriting the past after 1989

Poor naked wretches: Shakespeare’s working people

Power and prediction: the disruptive economics of artificial intelligence

The problem of democracy: America, the Middle East, and the rise and fall of an idea

Pursuing a career in mental health: a comprehensive guide for aspiring professionals

Reforming criminal justice: a Christian proposal

Reweaving the world: the emergence of ecofeminism

SceneWriting: the missing manual for screenwriters

The seven deadly sins of White Christian nationalism: a call to action

Standby: an approach to theatrical design

States of incarceration: rebellion, reform, and America’s punishment system

The stolen year: how COVID changed children’s lives, and where we go now

Story machines: how computers have become creative writers

To make Negro literature: writing, literary practice & African American authorship

We are not one people: secession and separatism in American politics since 1776

Women in jazz: musicality, femininity, marginalization

The collectors: stories

Elf dog & owl head

Fire from the sky

Fox has a problem

Gather by Kenneth M. Cadow

The girl I am, was and never will be: a speculative memoir of transracial adoption

I did it! By Michael Emberley

In every life by Marla Frazee

Mexikid: a graphic memoir

Salt the water

There was a party for Langston

Worm and Caterpillar are friends

The book of Numbers by Timothy R. Ashley

The book of Ruth by Peter H. W. Lau

The books of Joel, Obadiah, and Jonah by James D. Nogalski

Zechariah 9-14 and Malachi: a commentary by David L. Petersen

Straw dogs (1971)

The dirty dozen (1967)

New Books and Media Received (December 2023 & January 2024)

The following books (103 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgeted funds and expense accounts and by donation in December 2023 and January 2024.

Seminary Library

1 & 2 Thessalonians by Seyoon Kim and F. F. Bruce

Aramaic Ezra and Daniel: a handbook on the Aramaic text

Becoming human: the Holy Spirit and the rhetoric of race

Beyond the individual: Stoic philosophy on community and connection

The Bible among ruins: time, material remains, and the world of the biblical writers

The Cambridge companion to Plato

Canaanite in the Amarna tablets: a linguistic analysis of the mixed dialect used by scribes from Canaan

Concise lexicon of the Greek New Testament

The experience of God: icons of the mystery

Homilies on the Psalms: Codex Monacensis Graecus 314

Hope is here!: spiritual practices for pursuing justice and beloved community

The kingdom of Kush: the Napatan and Meroitic empires

The kingdom, the power, and the glory: American evangelicals in an age of extremism

Moralia et ascetica armeniaca =The oft-repeated discourses = Yačaxapatum čaṙkʻ

Performing early Christian literature: audience experience and interpretation of the Gospels

Practicing Christians, practical atheists: how cultural liturgies and everyday social practices shape the Christian life

Reviving the ancient faith: the story of Churches of Christ in America

Songs for the fast and Pascha 

A spirituality of fundraising

Text history of the Greek Ecclesiastes: introduction to the Göttingen Septuagint edition of Ecclesiastes

Wisdom in Christian tradition: the patristic roots of modern Russian sophiology

Women who do: female disciples in the Gospels

Women-church: theology and practice of feminist liturgical communities

New Testament Seminar
1-2 Peter and Jude by Pheme Perkins, Eloise M. Rosenblatt, Patricia M. McDonald, Linda M. Maloney, Barbara E. Reid

Acts of the Apostles by Linda M. Maloney, Ivoni Richter Reimer, Mary Ann Beavis, Barbara E. Reid

Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt: Geschichte und Kultur Roms im Spiegel der neueren Forschung by Hildegard Temporini, Wolfgang Haase, Joseph Vogt

John by Mary L. Coloe, Mary Ann Beavis, Barbara E. Reid

Luke by Barbara E. Reid, Shelly Matthews, Amy-Jill Levine

Mark by Warren Carter, Sarah Tanzer, Barbara E. Reid

Matthew: an interpretation Bible commentary by Mark Allan Powell

Phenomenal phenomena: biblical and multicultural accounts of spirits and exorcism

Psalms: books 2-3 by Denise Dombkowski Hopkins

The Routledge handbook of early Christian philosophy

Creative followership: in the shadow of greatness: my journey to President of Chick-fil-a

Jimmy’s stories: preaching what I practiced at Chick-fil-A

Welshimer Library

And there was light: Abraham Lincoln and the American struggle

The Cambridge companion to Amy Beach

Christianity and science by Herman Bavinck, Nathaniel Gray Sutanto, James Perman Eglinton, Cory C. Brock

Coal, cages, crisis: the rise of the prison economy in Central Appalachia

Counterpoetics of modernity: on Irish poetry and modernism

Culture and language at crossed purposes: the unsettled records of American settlement

Documenting the documentary: close readings of documentary film and video

Dvořák’s prophecy: and the vexed fate of Black classical music

Ethel Rosenberg: an American tragedy

The everyday crusade: Christian nationalism in American politics

Florence Price: American composer

From spirituals to symphonies: African-American women composers and their music

Future morality

Gin, Jesus, & Jim Crow: Prohibition and the transformation of racial and religious politics in the South

Hallelujah junction: composing an American life

Israel’s moment: international support for and opposition to establishing the jewish state, 1945-1949

John Adams: a research and information guide

John Adams’s Nixon in China: musical analysis historical and political perspectives

Music & monarchy

Musical landscapes in color: conversations with Black American composers

The new Cambridge companion to Samuel Johnson

A new history of documentary film

Nineteenth century art: a critical history

Our data, ourselves: a personal guide to digital privacy

The Pope at war: the secret history of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler

Raising Lazarus: hope, justice, and the future of America’s overdose crisis

Reading Confederate monuments

Rough draft of history: a century of US social movements in the news

Slenderman: online obsession, mental illness, and the violent crime of two Midwestern girls

Social media and crisis communication

Vaccines in the global era: how to deal safely and effectively with the pandemics of our time

What’s prison for?: punishment and rehabilitation in the age of mass incarceration

Woman: the American history of an idea

“You are not expected to understand this”: how 26 lines of code changed the world

Abraham, God’s friend

Children’s Bible

The Church begins

David and his son

God gives his son

God gives the law

God makes the world

God speaks through prophets

The good news

The highest tribute: Thurgood Marshall’s life, leadership, and legacy

Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

Jesus’ death for us

Jesus works miracles

Jesus, son of Mary

The little boat that almost sank: Matthew 14:22-33 ; Mark 6:45-51 for children

Little boy

My book of Bible stories: a Frances Hook picture book:  with stories

Night golf

Peach Boy and other Japanese children’s favorite stories

Thirty-three multicultural tales to tell

Three men who walked in fire: Daniel 3 for children

The weaving of a dream: a Chinese folktale

Which way to Nineveh?

1 & 2 Thessalonians by Seyoon Kim and F. F. Bruce

Jonah: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Rhiannon Graybill, John Kaltner, Steven L. McKenzie

Joshua 13-24: a new translation with introductions and commentary by Thomas B. Dozeman

Leviticus: a commentary by Erhard S. Gerstenberger

Barbie (2023)

Oppenheimer (2023)

Advances in plasma processes for polymers II

Church camp chaos

Daily wisdom for women 2022 devotional collection

God bless us every one! devotional inspiration from A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens

Oh baby!

New Books and Media Received (November 2023)

The following books (82 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgeted funds and expense accounts and by donation in November 2023.

Seminary Library

A is for alabaster: 52 reflections on the stories of scripture

Apostolic letters of faith, hope, and love: Galatians, 1 Peter, and 1 John

Beyond the Greek New Testament: advanced readings for students of biblical studies

The bible vs. biblical womanhood: how God’s word consistently affirms gender equality

Biblical exegesis: a beginner’s handbook by John H. Hayes and Carl R. Holladay

Bonhoeffer as youth worker: a theological vision for discipleship and life together

Breaking bread: the emergence of Eucharist and agape in early Christian communities

The Cambridge companion to the Hebrew Bible and ethics

Chasing the devil at Foggy Bottom: the future of religion in American diplomacy

The church in an age of secular mysticisms: why spiritualities without God fail to transform us

Climate, catastrophe, and faith: how changes in climate drive religious upheaval

A commonwealth of hope: Augustine’s political thought

Connections: a lectionary commentary for preaching and worship, Year A v. 1-3 and Year B, v. 1-3

De Castro Marim à Faïfo: naissance et développement du padroado portugais d’Orient des origines à 1659

Death, the end of history, and beyond: eschatology in the Bible

Democracy and the soul of America

Eve isn’t evil: feminist readings of the Bible to upend our assumptions

Exclusion & embrace: a theological exploration of identity, otherness, and reconciliation

Flood and fury: Old Testament violence and the Shalom of God

For such a time as this: twenty-six women of vision and faith tell their stories

Fully alive: the apocalyptic humanism of Karl Barth

A Jewish Paul: the Messiah’s herald to the gentiles

Just church: Catholic social teaching, synodality, and women

The Lord’s prayer: Matthew 6 and Luke 11 for the life of the church

Margery Kempe: a mixed life

Opening the field of practical theology: an introduction

Origen of Alexandria: master theologian of the early church

Origins of New Testament Christology: an introduction to the traditions and titles applied to Jesus

The Oxford handbook of ecclesiology

The pastor’s bookshelf: why reading matters for ministry

The patristic doctrine of redemption: a study of the development of doctrine during the first five centuries

Philosopher of the heart: the restless life of Søren Kierkegaard

Postcolonial politics and theology: unraveling empire for a global world

Qualitative research: a multi-methods approach to projects for Doctor of Ministry dissertations

The real Mary: why evangelical Christians can embrace the Mother of Jesus

Redrawing the blueprints for the Early Church: historical ecclesiology in and around the Stone-Campbell Movement

Religious transformation in Maya Guatemala: cultural collapse and Christian Pentecostal revitalization

A sacred unity: further steps to an ecology of mind

The saint and the count: a case study for reading like a historian

A short history of Byzantium by John Julius Norwich

“Son of Man”: Volume 1, Early Jewish literature

A Syriac service-book from Turfan: Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Berlin MIK III 45

The Syriac World: in search of a forgotten Christianity

T&T Clark handbook of ecclesiology

The unfinished search for common ground: reimagining Howard Thurman’s life and work

Union with the resurrected Christ: eschatological new creation and New Testament biblical theology

What can you do with your bible training?: traditional and nontraditionl vocational paths

What kind of Christianity: a history of slavery and anti-Black racism in the Presbyterian church

When church stops working: a future for your congregation beyond more money, programs, and innovation

The whole language: the power of extravagant tenderness

Why do you trouble this woman?: women and the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Wisdom for faithful reading: principles and practices for Old Testament interpretation

Women and the gender of God by Amy L. B. Peeler

New Testament Seminar
Septuaginta: Vetus Testamentum Graecum v. 11, pt. 2; v. 12, pt. 3; v. 7, pt. 2

Come to the table: meditations on the Lord’s Supper by George M. Knox and Ronald E. Heine

Life in Utah; or, The mysteries and crimes of Mormonism: Being an exposé of the secret rites and ceremonies of the Latter-Day Saints, with a full and authentic history of polygamy and the Mormon sect from its origin to the present time by J. H. Beadle

The man from Mars Hill: the life and times of T.B. Larimore by J. M. Powell

Strange texts, but grand truths by Clarence Edward Noble Macartney

Preaching in the footsteps of Hitler by Otis Gatewood

Welshimer Library

The age of acrimony: how Americans fought to fix their democracy, 1865-1915

Art and myth in ancient Greece

By her hand: Artemisia Gentileschi and women artists in Italy, 1500-1800

C.S. Lewis and the Catholic Church

Die Flache: design and lettering of the Vienna Secession, 1902-1911

Digital authoritarianism in the Middle East: deception, disinformation and social media

Entertaining ethics: lessons in media ethics from popular culture

The essential Greek historians

Family conflict by Heather E. Canary, Heather E. and Daniel J. Canary

Hieronymus Bosch: time and transformation in The garden of earthly delights

Improvising the score: rethinking modern film music through jazz

Muslims and the making of modern Europe

Nonconformers: a new history of self-taught artists

The personality of math: a key to learning and teaching math

Poland 1945: war and peace

The racial Muslim: when racism quashes religious freedom

Rewriting the Chicano movement: new histories of Mexican American activism in the civil rights era

Science denial: why it happens and what to do about it.

Small power: how local parties shape elections

Social media, freedom of speech and the future of our democracy

What you need to know about Alzheimer’s disease

What’s your pronoun?: beyond he & she

The wretched atom: America’s global gamble with peaceful nuclear technology

New Books and Media Received (October 2023)

The following books (29 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgeted funds and expense accounts and by donation in October 2023.

Seminary Library

Christopraxis: a practical theology of the cross, 2014.

The perfect balance: a study of Matthew 1-18, 1975.

Welshimer Library

Iveliz explains it all, 2023. Newbery 2023 Honor Book.

Benjamin Franklin: cultural Protestant, 2021.

The cause of freedom: a concise history of African Americans, 2021.

Climate change, literature, and environmental justice: poetics of dissent and repair, 2021.

Climate lyricism, 2022.

Democracy’s child: young people and the politics of control, leverage, and agency, 2022.

The Enlightenment: the pursuit of happiness, 1680-1790, 2023.

The flag and the cross: white Christian nationalism and the threat to American democracy, 2022.

How people matter: why it affects health, happiness, love, work, and society, 2021.

The Internet is not what you think it is: a history, a philosophy, a warning, 2022.

Just health: treating structural racism to heal America, 2022.

Last witches of England: a tragedy of sorcery and superstition.,2023.

Majority minority, 2022.

Making darkness light: a life of John Milton, 2021.

The monster’s bones: the discovery of T. Rex and how it shook our world, 2023.

Narrating trauma: Victorian novels and modern stress disorders, 2022.

The only wonderful things: the creative partnership of Willa Cather and Edith Lewis, 2021.

Our plastic problem and how to solve it, 2022.

Pushing cool: big tobacco, racial marketing, and the untold story of the menthol cigarette, 2021.

The roots of American individualism: political myth in the age of Jackson, 2022.

Soviet judgment at Nuremberg: a new history of the international military tribunal after World War II, 2020.

The trials of Harry S. Truman: the extraordinary presidency of an ordinary man, 1945-1953, 2023.

Understanding cancer, 2022.

Vermeer and the art of love, 2022.

What is American literature?, 2022.

Why we hate: understanding the roots of human conflict, 2022.

Women and musical salons in the Enlightenment, 2022.