8th Annual Edible Books Festival: From 20,000 Leagues to Sonic the Hedgehog

Now in it’s eighth year and billed as “A Spring Tradition,” Milligan Libraries’ annual Edible Books Festival continues to provide creative, fun, and tasty library engagement with the Milligan College community.

Edible Books is held in the Welshimer Room on the main floor of the P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library. This year, sixteen entries from Milligan students, faculty, staff, and family members elicited robust voting (145 votes were cast) on Monday for the Most Creative, Funniest/Punniest, and Overall Favorite. On Tuesday morning, library staff awarded the Tastiest entry before opening the festival to everyone to sample the entries during the rest of the day.

The winners will each receive a Dunkin Donuts gift card. Here is the list and photos of this year’s winning entries:

Tastiest20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Katherine Burns and Rebecca Ritter

Funniest/PunniestThings Fall Apart by Averie Vines

Most Creative (and this year also) Overall FavoriteThe History of Sonic the Hedgehog by Gary Daught [Library Director Gary Daught passed his prizes on to other winners and runner-ups.]

Overall Favorite Runner-UpThe Lorax by Lisa, Ella, Micaiah, and Ethan Edmundson

This year’s Edible Books Festival received some great press coverage from the Elizabethton Star and Johnson City Press.