New Books and Media Received (April 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (29 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget during April 2019.

Seminary Library

Language and Literature
Reading Koine Greek : an introduction and integrated workbook, by Rodney Decker, 2014.

The acts of the Lateran Synod of 649, by Lateran Council, Richard Price, Phil Booth, Catherine Cubitt, 2016.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Among the early Evangelicals: the transatlantic origins of the Stone-Campbell movement, 2017.

The assurance of salvation: biblical hope for our struggles, 2019.

Divine scripture in human understanding: a systematic theology of the Christian Bible, 2019.

Eschatological discipleship: leading Christians to understand their historical and cultural context, 2018.

Gregory of Nyssa. Contra Eunomium I: an English translation with supporting studies, 2018.

Jacob of Serugh’s Hexaemeron, by Jacob, T. Muraoka, 2018.

The New Cambridge history of the Bible, by E. Ann Matter et al., 2013.

Theological lexicon of the Old Testament, by Claus Westermann and Ernst Jenni, 1997.

The Trinity in the Stone-Campbell movement: restoring the heart of Christian faith, 2015. 

Gregorii Nysseni, De anima et resurrectione: opera dogmatica minora, pars III, 2014.

Gregorii Nysseni Epistula canonica: opera dogmatica minora, pars V, 2008.

The works of Saint Augustine: a translation for the 21st century The Donatist Controversy I, 2019

Welshimer Library

Medieval graffiti: the lost voices of Britain’s churches, 2015.

Language and Literature
Representing the rainbow in young adult literature : LGBTQ+ content since 1969, 2018.

John Marshall : the man who made the Supreme Court, 2018.

We the corporations : how american businesses won their civil rights, 2019.

Without precedent : John Marshall and his times, 2019.

Assessment of autism spectrum disorder, 2018.

Bibliotherapy, 2018.

CBT for beginners, 2018.

Science and practice in cognitive therapy : foundations, mechanisms, and applications, 2018. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Tao te ching, 1989. 

Social Sciences
The Marshall Plan : dawn of the Cold War, 2018.

The Saint John’s Bible, v.7, 2007.


Alma and how she got her name, 2018 2019 Caldecott Honor Book
Hello lighthouse, 2018 2019 Caldecott Medal Winner
Tiger vs. nightmare, 2018 2019 Geisel Honor Book

New Books and Media Received (March 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (119 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during March 2019.

Seminary Library

New Testament Seminar
Basics of biblical Greek grammar, 2019.

Exalted above the heavens: the risen and ascended Christ, 2018.

Jesus the priest, 2018.

The New Testament: a facsimile of the 1526 edition, 2008.

A perfect priest: studies in the Letter to the Hebrews, 2018.

Raymond E. Brown and the Catholic biblical renewal, 2018.

Reading Biblical Greek: a grammar for students, 2017.

Sharing possessions: what faith demands, 2011.

A syntax of Septuagint Greek, 2016.

Slavery’s long shadow: race and reconciliation in American Christianity, 2019.

Walking in the prophetic tradition: models of speaking truth and acting in love for everyday people, 2018.

Language and Literature
Learn to read New Testament Greek, 2009.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
And God spoke to Abraham: preaching from the Old Testament, 2011.

Arabic Christian theology: a contemporary global evangelical perspective, 2019.

Augustine our contemporary: examining the self in past and present, 2018.

Can I get a witness?: thirteen peacemakers, community builders, and agitators for faith and justice, 2019.

Christianity at the crossroads: how the second century shaped the future of the church, 2018.

The cross & the prodigal: Luke 15 through the eyes of Middle Eastern peasants, 2005.

Encountering the living God in Scripture: theological and philosophical principles for interpretation, 2019.

The gospel of Luke, 2018.

A greening of imaginations: walking the songlines of Holy Scripture, 2019.

Healing the wounds of sexual abuse: reading the Bible with survivors, 2019.

Isaac of Nineveh (Isaac the Syrian), ‘the second part’, chapters IV-XLI, 1995.

Kantian reason and Hegelian spirit: the idealistic logic of modern theology, 2015.

The kingdom of God: a biblical theology, 2019.

Light on the mountain: Greek Patristic and Byzantine homilies on the Transfiguration of the Lord, 2013.

Living in the kingdom of God: a biblical theology for the life of the church, 2018.

The marks of Scripture: rethinking the nature of the Bible, 2019.

Mary of Magdala: revisiting the sources, 2019.

Navigating toward adulthood: a theology of ministry with adolescents, 2018.

The providence of God: a polyphonic approach, 2018.

Studying the parables of Jesus, 1999.

Welshimer Library

A familiar wilderness: searching for home on Daniel Boone’s road, 2019. 

Troublemakers: lessons in freedom from young children at school, 2017.

Fine Arts
The art of the Saint John’s Bible: a reader’s guide to Historical Books, Letters and Revelation, 2012.

Equal under the sky: Georgia O’Keeffe and twentieth-century feminism, 2019.

A new history of Italian Renaissance art, 2017. 

18th-century fashion in detail, 2018.

Fieldworking: reading and writing research, 2012.

Monastery guest houses of North America: a visitor’s guide, 2010.

Blessings from Beijing: inside China’s soft-power war on Tibet, 2018.

Empire in retreat: the past, present, and future of the United States, 2018.

Istanbul: a tale of three cities, 2017.

Why learn history (when it’s already on your phone), 2018.

Language and Literature
Anthology of Chinese literature v. 2, 1972.

The book of the city of ladies and other writings, 2018.

Herspace: women, writing, and solitude, 2003.

The second creation: fixing the American Constitution in the founding era, 2018.

100 greatest film scores, 2018.

Engaging musical practices: a sourcebook for elementary general music, 2018.

Experiencing the violin concerto: a listener’s companion, 2016.

Nationalist and populist composers: voices of the American people, 2018.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Everything must change: when the world’s biggest problems and Jesus’ good news collide, 2007.

Girl soldier: a story of hope for northern Uganda’s children, 2007.

Soil and sacrament: a spiritual memoir of food and faith, 2013.

Soul space: creating places and lives that make a difference, 2019.

White awake: an honest look at what it means to be white, 2017.

Zhuangzi and the becoming of nothingness, 2019. 

Political Science
The embattled vote in America: from the founding to the present, 2018.

The woman’s hour: the great fight to win the vote, 2019.

Social Sciences
History teaches us to resist: how progressive movements have succeeded in challenging times, 2018.

A world to win: the life and works of Karl Marx, 2018.

Cradle to cradle: remaking the way we make things, 2002.

The upcycle, 2013.

Adventures in Zambezia, 2013.

Behind the scenes at the Walt Disney Studio: a glimpse behind the studio magic, 2002.

Kirikou and the savage beast, 2008.

The pirates!: band of misfits, 2012.

Rabbi’s cat, 2013.

The Triplets of Belleville, 2004.

Waltz with Bashir, 2009.

Wrinkles, 2014. 


The book of Boy, 2018. 2019 Newbery Honor Book
Fox the tiger, 2018. 2019 Geisel Medal Winner
King & Kayla and the case of the lost tooth, 2018. 2019 Geisel Honor Book
Merci Suárez changes gears, 2018. 2019 Newbery Medal Winner
The rough patch, 2018. 2019 Caldecott Honor Book
Thank you, Omu!, 2018. 2019 Caldecott Honor Book

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
The American magic: codes, ciphers, and the defeat of Japan.

At dawn we slept: the untold story of Pearl Harbor.

The book of God: the Bible as a novel.

The book of the samurai, the warrior class of Japan.

Cavalier in buckskin: George Armstrong Custer and the western military frontier.

Combined fleet decoded: the secret history of American intelligence and the Japanese Navy in World War II.

The Custer reader.

Custer’s 7th Cavalry: from Fort Riley to the Little Big Horn.

Dec. 7, 1941: the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

The discovery of the Titanic.

Double-edged secrets: U.S. naval intelligence operations in the Pacific during World War II.

The emperor’s codes: the breaking of Japan’s secret ciphers.

The Enigma war.

A familiar wilderness: searching for home on Daniel Boone’s road.

A glorious way to die: the kamikaze mission of the battleship Yamato, April 1945.

God’s name is a tower. [Archives]

God’s name is a tower.

Leave it to Beaver. The complete first season. [DVD]

Marching orders: the untold story of World War II.

Miracle at Midway.

The physics of Star trek.

Pictorial review of world war two; a pictorial summary of the war to date; plus descriptive pictures and stories about our Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast guard; pictures of our fleet and airplanes; a dictionary of war terms; a key to the pronunciation of names in the news; and colored maps of the war zones.

Praying the names of God: 200 devotional prayers inspired by the wonderful names of our … wonderful lord. [Archives]

Praying the names of God: 200 devotional prayers inspired by the wonderful names of our … wonderful lord.

Retribution: the battle for Japan, 1944-45.

The Romanovs: the final chapter.

Rooted: understanding the purpose and power of God’s word. [Archives]

Rooted: understanding the purpose and power of God’s word.

The Second World War.

The secret war: the inside story of the code makers and code breakers of World War II.

So sad to fall in battle: an account of war: based on General Tadamichi Kurayashi’s letters from Iwo Jima.

Star Fleet medical reference manual.

A terrible glory: Custer and the Little Bighorn– the last great battle of the American West.

Titanic: an illustrated history.

Titanic: the story of the great White Star Line trio ; the Olympic, the Titanic and the Britannic.

Titanic: the truth behind the disaster.

Titanic voices: memories from the fateful voyage.

A trial of generals: Homma, Yamashita, MacArthur.

Van Gogh: a retrospective.

War in the Pacific: Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay.

With Custer on the Little Bighorn: a newly discovered first-person account.

New Books and Media Received (February 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (137 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during February 2019.

Seminary Library

Archaeology and history of eighth-century Judah, 2018.

The color of compromise: the truth about the American church’s complicity in racism, 2019.

Slavery’s long shadow: race and reconciliation in American Christianity, 2019.

Language and Literature
Meaning-based translation: a guide to cross-language equivalence, 1998.

Using and enjoying biblical Greek: reading the New Testament with fluency and devotion, 2015.

Zondervan 2019 minister’s tax and financial guide: for 2018 tax returns, 2019.

A glad obedience: why and what we sing, 2019. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Augustinian and ecclesial Christian ethics: on loving enemies, 2018.

Between two trees: our transformation from death to life, 2019.

Biblical interpretation and method: essays in honour of John Barton, 2013.

The Christian doctrine of humanity: explorations in constructive dogmatics, 2018.

Contemporary theology: an introduction: classical, evangelical, philosophical, and global perspectives, 2019.

Enfleshing theology: embodiment, discipleship, and politics in the work of M. Shawn Copeland, 2018.

The genesis of good and evil: the fall(out) and original sin in the Bible, 2018.

Introducing Jesus: a short guide to the Gospels’ history and message, 2018.

Jesus–the end and the beginning: tracing the Christ-shaped nature of everything, 2019.

Justification [two volumes], by Michael Scott Horton, 2018.

Lewis on the Christian life: becoming truly human in the presence of God, 2018.

Liturgy on the edge: pastoral and attractional worship, 2018.

Loving the poor, saving the rich: wealth, poverty, and early Christian formation, 2012.

The New Testament: a translation, by David Bentley Hart, 2017.

The New Testament in Byzantium, 2016.

Organizational leadership: foundations & practices for Christians, 2014.

The Orthodox reality: culture, theology, and ethics in the modern world, 2018.

The Syriac versions of the de spiritu sancto, by Basil, David G. K. Taylor, 1999.

A war of loves: the unexpected story of a gay activist discovering Jesus, 2018.

The Hebrew Bible: a translation with commentary, by Robert Alter, 2019.

The Syriac world, 2019. 

Office Reference
The SBL handbook of style, 2014.

Welshimer Library

Bibliography, Library Science, and Information Resources
The art of graphic design, 2018.

Fine Arts
Serious play: design in midcentury America, 2018.

Ages of discord: a structural-demographic analysis of American history, 2016.

Educated: a memoir, 2018.

The heartbeat of Wounded Knee: native America from 1890 to the present, 2019.

I’m still here: black dignity in a world made for whiteness, 2018.

Nomad: from Islam to America–a personal journey through the clash of civilizations, 2011.

On the other side of freedom: the case for hope, 2018.

Republic in peril: American empire and the liberal tradition, 2018.

Slavery in the North: forgetting history and recovering memory, 2018.

We were eight years in power: an American tragedy, 2017.

When they call you a terrorist: a Black Lives Matter memoir, 2018.

White rage: the unspoken truth of our racial divide, 2016.

Language and Literature
Born a crime: stories from a South African childhood, 2019.

Men we reaped: a memoir, 2014.

Rules for the dance: a handbook for writing and reading metrical verse, 1998.

The lynching: the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan, 2016.

The body keeps the score: brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma, 2015.

Good to go: what the athlete in all of us can learn from the strange science of recovery, 2019.

Horticultural therapy methods: connecting people and plants in health care, human services, and therapeutic programs, 2017.

Shinrin-yoku: the Japanese art of forest bathing, 2018.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Chance and the sovereignty of God: a God-centered approach to probability and random events, 2014.

Globalization, spirituality, and justice: navigating the path to peace, 2015.

Heaven is empty: a cross-cultural approach to “religion” and empire in ancient China, 2018.

Love, Inc.: dating apps, the big white wedding, and chasing the happily neverafter, 2019.

Love undocumented: risking trust in a fearful world, 2018.

The nature principle: human restoration and the end of nature-deficit disorder, 2011.

Planted: a story of creation, community, and calling, 2013.

Resisting structural evil: love as ecological and economic vocation, 2013.

The road back to you: an Enneagram journey to self-discovery, 2016.

Roadmap to reconciliation: moving communities into unity, wholeness, and justice, 2015.

Seeking refuge: on the shores of the global refugee crisis, 2016.

Tattoos on the heart: the power of boundless compassion, 2010.

Tell me how it ends: an essay in forty questions, 2017.

Understanding scientific theories of origins: cosmology, geology, and biology in Christian perspective, 2018.

Political Science
Freedom is a constant struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the foundations of a movement, 2016.

Social Sciences
… And forgive them their debts: lending, foreclosure and redemption from Bronze Age finance to the Jubilee Year, 2018.

Banker to the poor: micro-lending and the battle against world poverty, 1999.

The blood of Emmett Till, 2017.

Creative confidence: unleashing the creative potential within us all, 2013.

The culture map: breaking through the invisible boundaries of global business, 2014.

Dare to lead: brave work, tough conversations, whole hearts, 2018.

Happy singlehood: the rising acceptance and celebration of solo living, 2019.

The idealist: Jeffrey Sachs and the quest to end poverty, 2014.

Junctures in women’s leadership: the arts, 2018.

Preemptive Love: pursuing peace one heart at a time, 2014.

Terrify No More Young Girls Held Captive and the Daring Undercover Operation to Win Their Freedom, 2010.

Audel mechanical trades pocket manual, 2004.

Audel welding pocket reference, 2007.

Basic machines and how they work, 1971.

The adventures of Gumby: the 60s series. Volume 1, 2016.

The adventures of Gumby: the 60s series. Volume 2, 2016.

Anastasia, 2010.

Arrested development. The complete seasons 1-4, 2014.

Batman, the animated series. Volume 3, 2005.

Batman: the animated series. Volume 1, 2018.

Batman: the animated series. Volume 2, 2018.

Batman: the animated series. Volume 4, 2018.

Davey and Goliath. Complete Collection, 2010.

Doctor Who. The complete eleventh series, 2019.

The Gumby show. The complete 50s series, 2015.

He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Season one, 10 episodes, 2011.

The LEGO movie, 2014.

Sailor Moon. Season 1, part 1, 2014.

Sailor moon. Season 1, part 2, 2014.

The Secret of NIMH, 1998.

The Terminator, 2001.

Terminator 2: judgment day, 2003.

Tom and Jerry: the Gene Deitch collection, 2015.

VeggieTales. All the shows. Volume one 1993-1999: all the silliness, all the lessons, all the love, 2015.

VeggieTales. All the shows. Volume three 2005-2010: all the silliness, all the lessons, all the love, 2015.

VeggieTales. All the shows. Volume two 2000-2005: all the silliness, all the lessons, all the love, 2015. 

Children’s Bible easy-to-read version, 2012.

File under: 13 suspicious incidents, 2014.

Growing in God’s love: a story Bible, 2018.

In the beginning: illustrated stories from the Old Testament, 2017.

The Jesse tree, 2005.

Jesus, by Grün Anselm, Giuliano Ferri, and Laura Watkinson, 2014.

Manger, by Helen Cann and Lee Bennett Hopkins, 2014.

Mary’s song, by Lee Bennett Hopkins and Stephen Alcorn, 2012.

Our Father, by Barbara Nascimbeni and Rainer Oberthür 2016.

Parables of Jesus, by Marie Aubinais, 2018.

Paul writes (a letter), 2018.

The watcher, 2017.

Juvenile Honor and Awards Books

A big mooncake for Little Star, 2018. 2019 Caldecott Honor Book


See Pip flap, 2018. 2019 Geisel Honor Book


The Hebrew Bible: a translation with commentary, by Robert Alter, 2019.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
20th century journey: a memoir of a life and the times.

Africanity: the cultural unity of Black Africa.

Ancient China: Chinese civilization from the origins to the Tang Dynasty.

Anthology of Chinese literature.

Christ in Melanesia: exploring theological issues.

Confucian analects, The great learning, and the doctrine of the mean.

Dimensions of the Holocaust: lectures at Northwestern University.

A Guide for translators and revisers of the Holy Scriptures: a statement of principles.

Guidelines for barefoot language learning: an approach through involvement and independence.

The kings of Buganda.

Language by ear and by eye; the relationships between speech and reading.

The last 100 days.

A manual of literacy for preliterate peoples.

New Testament illustrations for use in Bible Society publications, series 2.

New Testament illustrations for use in Bible Society publications.

Old Testament illustrations for use in Bible Society publications.

Preparing the manuscript: a manual for translators.

A selection of African prose.

The Southern Highlands: Papua New Guinea.

Vietnam, a history.

Weights, money, measures and time.

Helsabeck Archives Receives North American Christian Convention Archives

Milligan Libraries is excited to announce that the Helsabeck Archives of the Stone-Campbell Movement recently received the North American Christian Convention archives. The large collection of over 100 boxes contains material spanning the history of the convention. Included are photos, audio and visual material, and papers documenting the 90 year plus history of the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ’s annual convention.

“When the NACC (North American Christian Convention) contacted us about donating their archives, I was thrilled,” Katherine Banks, Information Resources Librarian & College Archivist, says. “Because the Helsabeck Archives is focusing on collecting the history of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ branch of the Stone-Campbell Movement and the Convention is such a pivotal part of that branch’s history, I knew it would make a wonderful centerpiece collection for the archives.”

Letterhead from the NACC Executive Director Records collection

First held in 1927, the North American Christian Convention was a gathering of the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ (“4 C’s”). As such, it was not a denominational meeting, but a meeting highlighted by discussions, exhibits, worship services, and preaching. Beginning in 1950, the convention was held annually until 2018, after which it changed its name to Spire. The convention has been held in conjunction with other similar meetings at times, including a long tenure with Bible Bowl, a youth Bible quiz competition.

“This collection is a superb addition to the Helsabeck Archives,” remarks David Kiger, Theological Librarian and Assistant Director of Library Services. “Our goal with the Helsabeck Archives is to be a vital research center for Stone-Campbell Movement history. Because of Milligan and Emmanuel’s long-standing connection with the convention, the NACC archives is one giant step in that direction.” Former Theological Librarian John Mark Wade donated the shelving necessary to house this unique collection in the Helsabeck Archives.

Newsletter title from the NACC Executive Director Records collection

The first collection made available for research from the larger NACC archives collection is the Executive Director Office’s records. “This has been a fascinating part of the larger collection to work on,” says Banks, who prepared this collection for research. “For anyone wanting to know the work and planning that went into preparing for and debriefing from the convention every year, this will be a valuable resource.” A finding aid (detailed record of the collection, including a list of the contents) can be found on MCStor, Milligan Libraries’ institutional repository. Other parts of the larger archives will be opened for research as they are processed.

We are grateful to the North American Christian Convention for choosing the Helsabeck Archives and Milligan Libraries to preserve their history!

The Helsabeck Archives of the Stone-Campbell Movement, located in the Seminary Library branch of Milligan Libraries, is open by appointment 8:00 AM-4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

New Books and Media Received (December 2018 & January 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (331 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during December 2018 and January 2019.

Seminary Library

Language and Literature
Relevance theory : a guide to successful communication in translation, 1992.

A week in the fall of Jerusalem, 2017.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Acts of the Apostles: interpretation, history, and theology, 2016.

An apocalypse of love: essays in honor of Cyril O’Regan, 2018.

The Bible from late antiquity to the Renaissance: writing and images from the Vatican Library, 2017.

Black theology: essays on global perspectives, 2017.

Black Theology USA and South Africa: politics, culture, and liberation, 2005.

The Cambridge companion to Black theology, 2012.

The Cambridge edition of early Christian writings. Volume 1, God, 2017.

Christ the heart of creation, 2018.

A commentary on the book of the twelve: the minor prophets, 2018.

Complete works by Leontius, Brian E. Daley, 2017.

Connections: a lectionary commentary for preaching and worship, 2018.

The end of preaching, 2018.

Everyday glory: the revelation of God in all of reality, 2018.

Fear of the other: no fear in love, 2016.

Feasting on the Gospels: a feasting on the word commentary, 2013.

The genesis of liberation: biblical interpretation in the antebellum narratives of the enslaved, 2016.

The gospel of John in modern interpretation, 2018.

The hermeneutics of the biblical writers: learning to interpret scripture from the prophets and apostles, 2018.

The history of theological education, 2015.

How Israel became a people, 2013.

Hymnes contre les hérésies; Hymnes contre Julien, 2017.

Images of pastoral care: classic readings, 2005.

Jesus the Spirit baptizer: Christology in light of Pentecost, 2018.

The kingdom of man: genesis and failure of the modern project, 2018.

Learning theology through the church’s worship: an introduction to Christian belief, 2018.

Looking back, moving forward: wisdom from the Sankofa Institute for African American Pastoral Leadership, 2018.

The Lord’s Prayer (Interpretation: resources for the use of Scripture in the church), 2018.

Pastor: the theology and practice of ordained ministry, 2016.

A philosophy of the Christian religion, 2018.

Politics and the order of love: an Augustinian ethic of democratic citizenship, 2008.

Putting God on the map: theology and conceptual mapping, 2018.

Reading Acts, 2018.

Rehearsing scripture: discovering God’s word in community, 2018.

Resourcing theological anthropology: a constructive account of humanity in the light of Christ, 2017.

The righteous and merciful judge: the day of the Lord in the life and theology of Paul, 2018.

The sacred economy of ancient Israel, 2015.

Scripture re-envisioned: Christophanic exegesis and the making of a Christian Bible, 2019.

Simply good news: why the gospel is news and what makes it good, 2017.

Sin in Origen’s Commentary on Romans, 2018.

The Son who learned obedience: a theological case against the eternal submission of the Son, 2018.

Still Christian: following Jesus out of American evangelicalism, 2017.

Studying Paul’s letters with the mind and heart, 2018.

The Syriac versions of the de spiritu sancto, 1999.

Tending the tree of life: preaching and worship through reproductive loss and adoption, 2018.

A theology of grace in six controversies, 2016.

Walking in the prophetic tradition: models of speaking truth and acting in love for everyday… people, 2018.

William Desmond and contemporary theology, 2017.

Womanist Midrash: a reintroduction to the women of the Torah and the throne, 2017.

Youthful preaching: strengthening the relationship between youth, adults, and preaching, 2016.

The dictionary of classical Hebrew, v. 9, 2016.

Theological dictionary of the Old Testament. Volume XVI, 2018.

Welshimer Library

Bibliography, Library Science, and Information Resources
Bookbinding: a comprehensive guide to folding, sewing & binding, 2018.

The codex and crafts in late antiquity, 2018.

The desegregation of public libraries in the Jim Crow South: civil rights and local activism, 2018.

Fine Arts
Animation: a world history [3 volumes], 2017.

Artemisia Gentileschi in a changing light, 2017.

Leonardo da Vinci, 2017.

Monochrome: painting in black and white, 2017.

Pollock’s modernism, 2017.

Sagmeister & Walsh: beauty, 2018.

Sagmeister: made you look: another self-indulgent design monograph (practically everything we have ever designed including the bad stuff), 2009.

In the field: life and work in cultural anthropology, 2018.

Is the cemetery dead?, 2018.

This green and growing land: environmental activism in American history, 2018.

Why good people do bad environmental things, 2018. 

1917: Lenin, Wilson, and the birth of the new world disorder, 2018.

American empire: a global history, 2018.

At mama’s knee: mothers and race in black and white, 2017.

The burning house: Jim Crow and the making of modern America, 2018.

Caliphate redefined: the mystical turn in Ottoman political thought, 2018.

China’s India war: collision course on the roof of the world, 2018.

The Chinese must go: violence, exclusion, and the making of the alien in America, 2018.

Cleopatra’s daughter: and other royal women of the Augustan era, 2018.

The Code of Putinism, 2018.

Friends divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, 2017.

Giza and the pyramids: the definitive history, 2017.

Heroes, Martyrs, and Political Messiahs in Revolutionary Cuba, 1946-1958, 2018.

The Indian world of George Washington: the first President, the first Americans, and the birth of the nation, 2018.

The love of strangers: what six Muslim students learned in Jane Austen’s London, 2016.

On the ocean: the Mediterranean and the Atlantic from prehistory to AD 1500, 2017.

Our Black sons matter: mothers talk about fears, sorrows, and hopes, 2016.

The Oxford handbook of religion and race in American history, 2018.

Pandora’s box: a history of the First World War, 2018.

President McKinley, 2017.

The Second Seminole War and the limits of American aggression, 2018.

Sediments of time: on possible histories, 2018.

A short history of the hundred years war, 2018.

State of repression: Iraq under Saddam Hussein, 2018.

Troy: myth, city, icon, 2018.

Undocumented lives: the untold story of Mexican migration, 2018.

W.E.B. Du Bois’s data portraits: visualizing Black America: the color line at the turn of the twentieth century, 2018.

Language and Literature
Beasts at bedtime: revealing the environmental wisdom in children’s literature, 2018.

The Bloomsbury introduction to children’s and young adult literature, 2018.

Elements of surprise: our mental limits and the satisfactions of plot, 2018.

GOETHE: life as a work of art., 2018.

An introduction to Chinese poetry: from the Canon of poetry to the lyrics of the Song dynasty, 2017.

The making of the Odyssey, 2014.

Reading Jane Austen, 2017.

Repairing the broken surface of talk: managing problems in speaking, hearing, and understanding in conversation / Repairing the broken surface of talk: managing problems in speaking, hearing, and understanding in conversation, 2018.

The social origins of language, 2018.

Solzhenitsyn: the historical-spiritual destinies of Russia and the West, 2017.

Tact: aesthetic liberalism and the essay form in nineteenth-century Britain, 2018.

Tolkien: maker of Middle-Earth, 2018.

Typeset in the future: typography and design in science fiction movies, 2018.

The curse of bigness: antitrust in the new Gilded Age, 2018.

Hate: why we should resist it with free speech, not censorship, 2018.

Scalia speaks: reflections on law, faith, and life well lived, 2017.

Seeking accountability for the unlawful use of force, 2018.

Addiction and change: how addictions develop and addicted people recover, 2018.

Clinical assessment recommendations, 2015.

Life’s work: from the trenches, a moral argument for choice, 2017.

Overcoming opioid addiction: the authoritative medical guide for patients, families, doctors, and therapists, 2018.

Prelude to hospice: Florence Wald, dying people and their families, 2018.

The science of addiction: from neurobiology to treatment, 2018.

Beethoven & freedom, 2017.

Historians on Hamilton: how a blockbuster musical is restaging America’s past, 2018.

The Tchaikovsky papers: unlocking the family archive, 2018.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Action versus contemplation: why an ancient debate still matters, 2018.

Aesthetics of the familiar: everyday life and world-making, 2017.

Bound: essays on free will and responsibility, 2015.

Case conceptualization and effective interventions: assessing and treating mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, 2016.

Christian: the politics of a word in America, 2018.

Christianity: the first three thousand years, 2010.

The craft of creativity, 2018.

Dharma: the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh traditions of India, 2017.

The emotional foundations of personality: a neurobiological and evolutionary approach, 2018.

Evolving brains, emerging gods: early humans and the origins of religion, 2017.

Finding ourselves after Darwin: conversations on the image of God, original sin, and the problem of evil, 2018.

A guide to the world of dreams: an integrative approach to dreamwork, 2017.

The history of animals: a philosophy, 2018.

How fear works: culture of fear in the twenty-first century, 2018.

The invention of religion: faith and covenant in the book of Exodus, 2018.

The Jewish Bible: a material history, 2017.

John Wesley: optimist of grace, 2018.

Managing your research data and documentation, 2018.

The monastery and the microscope: conversations with the Dalai Lama on mind, mindfulness, and the Nature of Reality, 2017.

The nature of human creativity, 2018.

Nietzsche’s final teaching, 2017.

On Descartes’ passive thought: the myth of Cartesian dualism, 2018.

Pantheon: a new history of Roman religion, 2018.

A philosophy for the science of well-being, 2017.

Post-truth, 2018.

Psychological science and Christian faith: insights and enrichments from constructive dialogue, 2018.

Russian cosmism, 2018.

Then they came for me: Martin Niemöller, the pastor who defied the Nazis, 2018.

What did Jesus look like?, 2018.

Why we need religion, 2018.

Political Science
America, Aristotle, and the politics of a middle class, 2018.

Civic hope: how ordinary Americans keep democracy alive, 2018.

How to rig an election, 2018.

The price of prestige: conspicuous consumption in international relations, 2018.

Reign of appearances: the misery and splendor of the public sphere, 2018. 

The ark and beyond: the evolution of zoo and aquarium conservation, 2018.

Ethics and practice in science communication, 2018.

Paradoxes of time travel, 2018.

Shapeshifters: a journey through the changing human body, 2018.

Universe in creation: a new understanding of the big bang and the emergence of life, 2018.

Worldviews: an introduction to the history and philosophy of science, 2018. 

Social Sciences
Banana cowboys: the United Fruit Company and the culture of corporate colonialism, 2018.

Building nature’s market: the business and politics of natural foods, 2017.

Collective choice and social welfare, 2017.

Cultural evolution: people’s motivations are changing, and reshaping the world, 2018.

Early medieval Britain: the rebirth of towns in the post-Roman West, 2018.

Hammer, sickle, and soil: the Soviet drive to collectivize agriculture, 2017.

The mystery of the Kibbutz: egalitarian principles in a capitalist world, 2018.

The open sea: the economic life of the ancient Mediterranean world from the Iron Age to the rise of Rome, 2018.

Philosophy of race: an introduction, 2018.

The political history of American food aid: an uneasy benevolence, 2017.

Ramp hollow: the ordeal of appalachia., 2018.

Regulating the lives of women: social welfare policy from colonial times to the present, 2018.

Valley of genius: the uncensored history of Silicon Valley, as told by the hackers, founders, and freaks who made it boom, 2018.

Best before: the evolution and future of processed food, 2018.

The craft of scientific writing, 2018.

How the Internet happened: from Netscape to the iPhone, 2018. 

2010 : the year we make contact, 2010.

30 Rock. Season 1, 2007.

30 Rock. Season 2, 2008.

30 Rock. Season 3, 2009.

30 Rock. Season 4, 2010.

30 Rock. Season 5, 2011.

30 Rock. Season 6, 2012.

30 Rock. Season 7, the final season, 2013.

The big bang theory. The complete eleventh season, 2018.

Eight days a week : the touring years, 2016.

Help!, 2007.

Magical mystery tour, 2012.

The office : the complete series, 2014.

Parks and recreation. [Complete series], 2015. 

A Greek-English lexicon by Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, Henry Stuart Jones, Roderick McKenzie, 1996.

The Lord’s Prayer (Interpretation: resources for the use of Scripture in the church), 2018.

The Ten commandments (Interpretation: resources for the use of Scripture in the church), 2009.

Theological dictionary of the Old Testament, v. 16, 2018.

Office Reference
The SBL handbook of style, 2014.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
American intellectual tradition: a sourcebook [two volumes].

An American journal, 1839-40.

The American Puritan imagination; essays in revaluation.

American Puritanism: faith and practice.

The American Revolution; a concise history and interpretation.

Andrew Jackson: the border captain.

Andrew Jackson, symbol for an age.

Anglican and Puritan thinking: papers read at the 1977 conference.

The Atlantic civilization: eighteenth-century origins.

The baron of Beacon Hill: a biography of John Hancock.

Benjamin Franklin in American thought and culture, 1790-1990.

The best poor man’s country: a geographical study of early southeastern Pennsylvania.

The birth of modern America, 1820-1850.

The birth of the Republic, 1763-89.

The buccaneers of America: a true account of the most remarkable assaults committed of late years upon the coasts of the West Indies by the buccaneers of Jamaica and Tortuga (both English and French) Wherein are contained more especially the unparalleled exploits of Sir Henry Morgan ….

Captain John Smith’s America; selections from his writings.

Caribbean: sea of the new world.

Charismatic experiences in history.

Christopher Gadsden and the American Revolution.

Churches of old New England, their architecture and their architects, their pastors and their people.

Cities in revolt; urban life in America, 1743-1776.

Colonial America: essays in politics and social development.

The colonial craftsman.

The colonial physician & other essays.

The colonies in transition, 1660-1713.

Constitutional development in the South Atlantic States, 1776-1860: a study in the evolution of democracy.

Contrast and connection: Bicentennial essays in Anglo-American history.

Council minutes, 1638-1649.

Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV.

Country arts in early American homes.

Daniel Webster and Jacksonian democracy.

Democracy in the Connecticut frontier town of Kent.

A description of Kentucky in North America.

Detailed reports on the Salzburger Emigrants who settled in America: vol 5: 1738.

The Devil in Massachusetts: a modern enquiry into the Salem witch trials.

The diary of the American revolution, 1775-1781.

Diary of an early American boy, Noah Blake, 1805.

Edmund Pendleton, 1721-1803: a biography [two volumes].

The eighteenth century background: studies on the idea of nature in the thought of the period.

Eliphalet Nott.

The Elizabethans and America.

Essays in American colonial history.

The establishment of the European hegemony, 1415-1715: trade and exploration in the age of the Renaissance.

The evolution of American society, 1700-1815: an interdisciplinary analysis.

The fathers of the towns: leadership and community structure in eighteenth-century New England.

Fighting for liberty and virtue: political and cultural wars in eighteenth-century America.

The first American Revolution: the American Colonies on the eve of independence.

The founding of New England.

Francis Preston Blair.

The French in the Mississippi Valley.

Frontier parish: an account of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and the Anglican Church in America: drawn from the records of the Bishop of London.

Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne: misadventures of an English general in the revolution.

George the Third.

God’s messengers: religious leadership in colonial New England, 1700-1750.

The golden age of colonial culture.

Gouverneur Morris.

The Governor’s lady.

I believe; the Christian’s creed.

Identity unknown: rediscovering seven American women artists.

In quest of the Northwest passage.

In search of early America: the William & Mary quarterly, 1943-1993.

Interpreting colonial America: selected readings.

The Jacksonian era.

The Jacksonian era: 1828-1848.

Jacques Marquette, S.J., 1637-1675.

John C. Calhoun.

John Carroll of Baltimore, founder of the American Catholic hierarchy.

Jonathan Edwards, art and the sense of the heart.

Jonathan Fisher, Maine parson, 1768-1847.

Josiah Quincy, 1772-1864; the last Federalist.

Journey through a part of the United States of North America in the years 1844 to 1846.

A journey through the years, an autobiography. [two copies donated]

Kiva, cross, and crown: the Pecos Indians and New Mexico, 1540-1840.

Lamy of Santa Fe: his life and times.

Lincoln’s lieutenants: the high command of the Army of the Potomac.

Literary democracy: the declaration of cultural independence in America.

Lopez of Newport; colonial American merchant prince.

Lord of the Mohawks: a biography of Sir William Johnson.

The making of Victorian values: decency and dissent in Britain, 1789-1837.

The maritime history of Massachusetts, 1783-1860.

Martin Van Buren and the making of the Democratic Party.

Maryland’s revolution of government, 1689-1692.

Massachusetts, Colony to Commonwealth: documents on the formation of the constitution, 1775-1780.

Meetinghouse Hill, 1630-1783.

Men in rebellion: higher governmental leaders and the coming of the American Revolution.

The merry heart: reflections on reading, writing, and the world of books.

Mistress of Riversdale: the plantation letters of Rosalie Stier Calvert, 1795-1821.

The navigation acts and the American Revolution.

New England’s generation: the great migration and the formation of society and culture in the seventeenth century.

The origins of American politics.

The other John Adams, 1705-1740.

The Otis family in Provincial and Revolutionary Massachusetts.

Our earliest colonial settlements: their diversities of origin and later characteristics.

Our visible God.


Paul Revere & the world he lived in.

Peaceable kingdoms: New England towns in the eighteenth century.

Prelude to Civil War; the nullification controversy in South Carolina, 1816-1836.

Privilege and prerogative: New York’s provincial elite, 1710-1776.

The Puritan experiment in the New World.

The Puritan origins of the American self.

The Puritan revolution and educational thought: background for reform.

Puritanism in early America.

Puritans: [a sourcebook of their writings] [two volumes].

The pursuit of happiness.

Raleigh and the British Empire.

Rebels and gentlemen; Philadelphia in the age of Franklin.

Register of the Provincial Secretary [three volumes].

The reinterpretation of early American history: essays in honor of John Edwin Pomfret.

The remarkable education of John Quincy Adams.

Reverend Abiel Abbot of Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Revivalism and separatism in New England, 1740-1800: Strict Congregationalist and Separate Baptists in the Great Awakening.

Roger Williams: his contribution to the American tradition.

The Royal Navy and the northwest coast of North America, 1810-1914: a study of British maritime ascendancy.

Rufus Choate, the wizard of the law.

Samuel Seabury, 1729-1796; a study in the high church tradition.

Scandalmonger: a novel.

A season of youth: the American Revolution and the historical imagination.

See Delphi and die: a Marcus Didius Falco novel.

Selected essays, 1963-1975.

The selected work of Tom Paine & Citizen Tom Paine.

Seventeenth century North America.

The shattered synthesis; New England Puritanism before the Great Awakening.

The Spanish-American frontier, 1783-1795; the westward movement and the Spanish retreat in the Mississippi Valley.

Spirit stones: the ancient art of the scholar’s rock.

The Swamp Fox, Francis Marion,

Tall tales from Old Smoky.

A theological interpretation of American history.

Toward a new society: American thought and culture, 1800-1830.

Voyages and discoveries; the principal navigations, voyages, traffiques, and discoveries of the English Nation.

William Dampier.

William Penn.

The works of Jonathan Edwards [two volumes].

Yankees and God.