New Books and Media Received (March 2022)

The following Books (46 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in March 2022.

Seminary Library

The medieval church art collection: University Museum of Bergen (Norway), 2022. 

An introduction to early Judaism, 2022.

Unbroken and unbowed: a history of black protest in America, 2022. 

Language and Literature
Biblical Greek vocabulary in context: building competency with words occurring 25 times or more, 2021. 

Deep river and the Negro spiritual speaks of life and death, 1975.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Beyond authority and submission: women and men in marriage, church, and society, 2019.

The Bible in the early church, 2022.

Christian ethics: a new covenant model, 2021.

The creative encounter: an interpretation of religion and the social witness., 1972.

The doctrine of Scripture by Brad East, 2021.

For the inward journey: the writings of Howard Thurman, 1984.

Grounded in the body, in time and place, in Scripture: papers by Australian women scholars in the Evangelical tradition, 2021.

A history of contemporary praise & worship: understanding the ideas that reshaped the Protestant Church, 2021.

Howard Thurman: the mystic as prophet, 2007.

Intertextuality in the second century, 2016.

The inward journey by Howard Thurman, 1977.

Luke-Acts in modern interpretation by Stanley E. Porter and Ron C. Fay, 2021.

The manifold beauty of Genesis one: a multi-layered approach, 2021.

Metaphors in Proverbs: decoding the language of metaphor in the book of Proverbs, 2021.

The parables: Jesus’s friendly subversive speech, 2021.

Pilgrimage as moral and aesthetic formation in Augustine’s thought, 2017.

A prophet has appeared: the rise of Islam through Christian and Jewish eyes:  a sourcebook, 2021.

A reader of ancient Near Eastern texts: sources for the study of the Old Testament, 2013.

Recovering Christian character: the psychological wisdom of Soren Kierkegaard, 2022.

Reformed and Evangelical across four centuries: the Presbyterian story in America, 2022.

Romans: a theological and pastoral commentary by Michael J. Gorman, 2022.

Sanctified revolution: the Church of God in Christ:  a history of African-American holiness, 2021.

The sexual reformation: restoring the dignity and personhood of man and woman, 2022.

Simplicity and humility in late antique Christian thought: elites and the challenges of apostolic life, 2021.

Surprised by the parables: growing in grace through the stories of Jesus, 2020.

Syriac-English new testament: the traditional Syriac Peshitta text and the Antioch Bible English translation, 2020.

Visions of a better world: Howard Thurman’s pilgrimage to India and the origins of African American nonviolence, 2014.

Voices long silenced: women biblical interpreters through the centuries, 2022.

Worship with teenagers: adolescent spirituality and congregational practice, 2022.

Worshiping in season: ecology and Christ through the liturgical year, 2021.

Political Science
Moral opposition to authoritarian rule in Chile, 1973-90, 1996.

Welshimer Library

America’s impressionism: echoes of a revolution, 2020. 

Language and Literature
Jane Austen’s style :narrative economy and the novel’s growth, 2020.

The Oxford handbook of children’s musical cultures, 2013.


Fox at night, 2021. Geisel 2022 Medal Winner
Have you ever seen a flower?, 2021. Caldecott 2022 Honor Book
The last cuentista, 2021. Newbery 2022 Medal Winner
Nothing fits a dinosaur, 2021. Geisel 2022 Honor Book
Red, white, and whole, 2021. Newbery 2022 Honor Book
Too bright to see, 2021. Newbery 2022 Honor Book

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Why design matters : conversations with the world’s most creative people.

New Books and Media Received (February 2022)

The following Books (83 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in February 2022.

Seminary Library

Camels in the Biblical world, 2021.

Witnessing Whiteness: confronting White supremacy in the American church, 2020.

Language and Literature
An introduction to biblical Greek grammar: elementary syntax and linguistics, 2020.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
All things wise and wonderful: a Christian understanding of how and why things happen, in light of Covid-19 , 2021.

Amos: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Göran Eidevall, 2017.

Atando cabos: Latinx contributions to theological education , 2021.

Black biblical studies: an anthology of Charles B. Copher:  biblical and theological issues on the Black presence in the Bible., 1993.

Body: biblical spirituality for the whole person , 2016.

The Book of Judges by Barry G. Webb, 2012.

The book of Lamentations by John Goldingay, 2022.

The book of Psalms by Nancy L. DeClaissé-Walford, Rolf A. Jacobson, Beth LaNeel Tanner, 2014.

The Book of Zechariah by Mark J. Boda, 2016.

The books of Haggai and Malachi by Mignon R. Jacobs, 2017.

Christopraxis: a theology of action , 1995.

Cleansing the cosmos: a biblical model for conceptualizing and counteracting evil , 2012.

Eastern Christianity: a reader , 2021.

Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs by Kiara A. Jorgenson and Alan G. Padgett, 2020.

Ecotheology: a Christian conversation , 2020.

Eight women of faith , 2016.

Epigraphy, iconography, and the Bible , 2022.

Ezekiel 38-48: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Diana Lynn Severance, 2018.

Feminine threads: women in the tapestry of Christian history , 2011.

Figura and fulfillment: typology in the Bible, art, and literature , 2016.

First Nations version: an indigenous translation of the New Testament., 2021.

Four views on heaven by Gary T. Meadors and Walter C. Kaiser, 2022.

Four views on moving beyond the Bible to theology by Ronald D. Witherup, 2009.

Galatians: life in the new creation:  a spiritual-pastoral reading by Henri de Lubac, Henri de and David Grumett, 2020.

Henri de Lubac and the shaping of modern theology: a reader , 2020.

Holding up half the sky: a biblical case for women leading and teaching in the church , 2020.

Icons of Christ: a biblical and systematic theology for women’s ordination , 2020.

Jesus, divorce, & remarriage: in their historical setting , 2019.

Job 38-42 by Michelle Derusha, 2011.

Judges by Andrew Mellas, 2014.

Katharina and Martin Luther: the radical marriage of a runaway nun and a renegade monk , 2018.

Liturgy and the emotions in Byzantium: compunction and hymnody , 2020.

Now that I’m called: a guide for women discerning a call to ministry , 2018.

Outposts of hope: First Peter’s Christ for culture strategy , 2015.

The Oxford handbook of Russian religious thought , 2020.

Racial justice and the Catholic Church , 2010.

Revelation by David Toshio Tsumura, 2020.

Sanctified sexuality: valuing sex in an oversexed world , 2020.

The Second Book of Samuel by Emily Suzanne Johnson, 2019.

Talking about race: Gospel hope for hard conversations , 2022.

This is our message: women’s leadership in the new Christian right , 2019.

The way of humility by Philip Barton Payne and Vince Huffaker, 2007.

When narcissism comes to church: healing your community from emotional and spiritual abuse , 2020.

Why can’t women do that?: breaking down the reasons churches put men in charge , 2021.

Women in God’s mission: accepting the invitation to serve and lead , 2018.

Yahweh among the gods: the divine in Genesis, Exodus, and the ancient Near East , 2022.

You need a better gospel: reclaiming the Good News of participation with Christ , 2022.

New Testament Seminar
The First Epistle to the Corinthians by Gordon D. Fee, 2014.

A grammar of New Testament Greek by Rodney A. Whitacre, 2021.

The Letter to Philemon by Scot McKnight, 2017.

The letter to the Colossians by Scot McKnight, 2018.

The letter to the Ephesians by Lynn H. Cohick, 2020.

The letter to the Romans by Douglas J. Moo, 2018.

Matthew 1-14: a handbook on the Greek text by Wesley G. Olmstead, 2019.

Matthew 15-28: a handbook on the Greek text by Wesley G. Olmstead, 2019.

Social and cognitive perspectives on the Sermon on the Mount , 2021.

Welshimer Library

Dance theory: source readings from two millennia of Western dance:  a critical anthology, 2020. 

The 1619 Project: a new origin story, 2021.

Information hunters: when librarians, soldiers, and spies banded together in World War II Europe, 2020.

Laughter after: humor and the Holocaust, 2020. 

Language and Literature
All bullshit and lies?: insincerity, irresponsibility, and the judgment of untruthfulness, 2020.

The Cambridge companion to fiction in the Romantic period, 2008.

Re-orienting the fairy tale: contemporary adaptations across cultures, 2020.

Social Sciences
Careers in counseling and psychology: a guide to choosing the right career path, 2022.

Dear Ijeawele, or, A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions, 2018.

Masculinity in the making: managing the transition to manhood, 2020.

Dune, 2022.


American born Chinese, 2021. Printz 2007 Medal Winner
Beak Ally #1: Unlikely Friends, 2022. Geisel 2022 Honor Book
Everything sad is untrue: (a true story), 2020. Printz 2021 Medal Winner
I hop, 2021. Geisel 2022 Honor Book
Last night at the Telegraph Club, 2021. Printz 2022 Honor Book
The poet X: a novel, 2018. Printz 2019 Medal Winner
Revolution in our time: the Black Panther Party’s promise to the people, 2021. Printz 2022 Honor Book
A snake falls to Earth, 2021. Newbery 2022 Honor Book
We are okay: a novel, 2019. Printz 2018 Medal Winner

The book of Lamentations by John Goldingay, 2022.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Armed struggle : the history of the IRA.

Samuel Usque’s Consolation for the tribulations of Israel = (Consolaçam ás tribulaçoens de Israel).

Tennessee blue book, 2021-2022.


New Books and Media Received (December 2021 – January 2022)

The following Books (180 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in December 2021 and January 2022.

Seminary Library

The good shepherd: image, meaning, and power, 2021.

History and hagiography from the late antique Sinai: including translations of Pseudo-Nilus’ Narrations, Ammonius’ Report on the slaughter of the monks of Sinai and Rhaithou, and Anastasius of Sinai’s Tales of the Sinai fathers, 2010. 

Language and Literature
Procli Diadochi in Platonis Timaeum commentaria, 2010.

Resisting the marriage plot: faith and female agency in Austen, Brontë, Gaskell, and Wollstonecraft, 2021. 

Christian meditation in clinical practice: a four-step model and workbook for therapists and clients, 2021. 

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
African theology today, 2017.

All things beautiful: an aesthetic Christology, 2021.

Athanasius Werke, 1934.

Augustine and tradition: influences, contexts, legacy:  essays in honor of J. Patout Burns, 2021.

Believing into Christ: relational faith and human flourishing, 2021.

The Book of Jeremiah by John Goldingay, 2021.

Christian persecution in antiquity, 2021.

Christianity, LGBTQ suicide, and the souls of queer folk, 2021.

The Chronicle of Pseudo-Zachariah Rhetor: church and war in late antiquity, 2011.

Commentary on Revelation by Bede, 2013.

Daniel by John Goldingay, 2019.

Deification through the cross: an Eastern Christian theology of salvation, 2020.

The Discourses of Philoxenos of Mabbug: a new translation and introduction, 2013.

Discovering biblical equality: biblical, theological, cultural & practical perspectives, 2021.

Enjoying the Old Testament: a creative guide to encountering scripture, 2021.

The Eulogius corpus, 2019.

Exploring Gregory of Nyssa: philosophical, theological, and historical studies, 2018.

First and Second Thessalonians by Timothy A. Brookins, 2021.

Flourishing together: a Christian vision for students, educators, and schools, 2022.

For I was hungry and you gave me food: pragmatics of food access in the Gospel of Matthew, 2014.

A future for Africa: Critical essays in Christian social imagination, 2017.

Galatians by Matthew S. Harmon, 2021.

Generational IQ: Christianity isn’t dying, millennials aren’t the problem, and the future is bright, 2015.

The glory of the invisible God: two powers in heaven traditions and early Christology, 2021.

God and Christ in Irenaeus, 2019.

The God of the Old Testament: encountering the divine in Christian Scripture, 2020.

The Gospel of John: a theological commentary by David F. Ford, 2021.

Grace: on the journey to God, 2018.

How scripture interprets scripture: what biblical writers can teach us about reading the Bible, 2021.

How to have an enemy: righteous anger and the work of peace, 2021.

How to lead when you don’t know where you’re going: leading in a liminal season, 2019.

In all the scriptures: the three contexts of biblical hermeneutics, 2021.

Jacob of Sarug’s homilies on Elisha, 2010.

Joel: despair and deliverance in the day of the Lord by Joel Barker, 2020.

Joshua by Trent C. Butler, 2014.

Lactantius: Divine institutes, 2003.

Lexham geographic commentary on Acts through Revelation, 2019.

Love as agape: the early Christian concept and modern discourse, 2021.

Man and the incarnation: a study in the biblical theology of Irenaeus, 2004.

Matthew by Jason K. Lee, William M. Marsh, Timothy George, and Scott M. Manetsch, 2021.

Miracles today: the supernatural work of God in the modern world, 2021.

Mirror to the church: resurrecting faith after genocide in Rwanda, 2009.

Modern Orthodox theology: behold, I make all things new (Rev 21:5), 2019.

The myth of colorblind Christians: evangelicals and White supremacy in the Civil Rights Era, 2021.

Nahum: the divine warrior as avenger and deliverer by Daniel C. Timmer and Daniel I. Block, 2020.

The narrative shape of emotion in the preaching of John Chrysostom, 2020.

The Nicene option: an incarnational phenomenology, 2021.

On pastoring: a short guide to living, leading, and ministering as a pastor, 2016.

On the nature of things by Isidore of Seville, 2016.

The Pharisees by Joseph Sievers and Amy-Jill Levine, 2021.

The philosophy of Nimi Wariboko: social ethics, economy, and religion, 2021.

A post-Christendom faith by Philip A. Rolnick, 2021.

Proverbs by Roland E. Murphy, 2015.

Reading the Bible theologically, 2019.

Reframation: seeing God, people, and mission through reenchanted frames, 2019.

Restless devices: recovering personhood, presence, and place in the digital age, 2021.

The rustle of Paul: autobiographical narratives in Romans, Corinthians, and Philippians, 2020.

The sacrifice of Africa: a political theology for Africa, 2011.

The scandal of community: Pauline factions and the circulation of grace, 2021.

Spirituality according to John: abiding in Christ in the Johannine writings, 2021.

The story of religion in America: an introduction, 2021.

Teaching and Christian practices: reshaping faith and learning, 2011.

Teams that thrive: five disciplines of collaborative church leadership, 2015.

Theologizing in black: on Africana theological ethics and anthropology, 2020.

The tragedy of philosophy (philosophy and dogma), 2020.

Walking in wonder: eternal wisdom for a modern world, 2018.

With this root about my person: Charles H. Long and new directions in the study of religion, 2020.

Social Sciences
Communicating across cultures, 2019.

New Testament Seminar
The canon of the Bible: its formation, history, and fluctuations, 2008.

Commentaire de l’évangile concordant, texte syriaque (manuscrit Chester Beatty 709), 1963.

The concise new international dictionary of New Testament theology and exegesis, 2021.

Crucifixion in the Mediterranean world, 2019.

Daily scriptures: 365 readings in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, 2021.

The early reception of Paul the Second Temple Jew: text, narrative and reception history, 2020.

Welshimer Library

The battle for home: the vision of a young architect in Syria, 2017.

Building for hope: towards an architecture of belonging, 2021.

On photo-graphs by David Campany, 2020.

Toward a global Middle Ages: encountering the world through illuminated manuscripts, 2019.

The cost of inclusion: how student conformity leads to inequality on college campuses, 2020.

Curious about nature: a passion for fieldwork, 2020.

Research methods for social justice and equity in education, 2019.

The vulnerable heart of literacy: centering trauma as powerful pedagogy, 2019.

A Black women’s history of the United States, 2020.

Cultural complexes and the soul of America: myth, psyche, and politics, 2020.

Hominescence, 2019.

Literary interventions in the campaign biography, 2021.

Memories and postmemories of the partition of India, 2021.

A new psychology based on community, equality, and care of the Earth: an Indigenous American perspective, 2020.

Language and Literature
Call us what we carry: poems, 2021.

Cinematic encounters., 2019.

Culturally speaking: the rhetoric of voice and identity in a mediated culture, 2019.

The ruins lesson: meaning and material in western culture, 2021.

Words matter: meaning and power, 2020.

Wordsworth’s fun, 2019. 

Legal Studies
The living presidency: an originalist argument against its ever-expanding powers, 2020. 

Different patients, different therapies: optimizing treatment using differential psychotherapeutics, 2019.

Unwell women: misdiagnosis and myth in a man-made world, 2021. 

American opera by Elise K. Kirk, 2001.

The art of becoming: how group improvisation works, 2020.

Dmitry Shostakovich by Pauline Fairclough, 2019.

Fryderyk Chopin: a life and times, 2019.

The gilded stage: a social history of opera, 2009.

A history of American music education, 2007.

The Italian traditions & Puccini: compositional theory and practice in nineteenth-century opera, 2011.

Operatic archives: American opera as history., 2021.

Puccini: his life and works, 2002.

The voice as something more: essays toward materiality, 2019.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
African American philosophers and philosophy: an introduction to the history, concepts, and contemporary issues, 2019.

The diversity playbook: recommendations and guidance for Christian organizations, 2021.

The epistemic innocence of irrational beliefs, 2020.

Epistemology for the rest of the world, 2018.

Glimpses of the New Creation: worship and the formative power of the arts, 2019.

Hildegard of Bingen: a saint for our times: unleashing her power in the 21st century, 2012.

Hildegard of Bingen: essential writings and chants of a Christian mystic annotated & explained, 2016.

Honest worship: from false self to true praise, 2018.

Islam and Asia: a history, 2020.

Liturgy of the ordinary: sacred practices in everyday life, 2016.

Living the Christian year: time to inhabit the story of God:  an introduction and devotional guide, 2009.

Play: how it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul, 2009.

St. Hildegard of Bingen, Doctor of the Church: a spiritual reader, 2013.

Think like a filmmaker: sensory-rich worship design for unforgettable messages, 2016.

Thinking nature and the nature of thinking: from Eriugena to Emerson, 2020.

The truth of myth: world mythology in theory and everyday life, 2020.

The words of her mouth: Psalms for the struggle, 2020.

Zhuangzi: the complete writings, 2020.

Political Science
Colonialism in global perspective, 2020.

Faith and foreign affairs in the American century, 2019.

The great broadening: how the vast expansion of the policy-making agenda transformed American politics, 2019.

International populism: the radical right in the European Parliament, 2019.

Leo Strauss on political philosophy: responding to the challenge of positivism and historicism., 2021.

The contamination of the earth: a history of pollutions in the industrial age, 2020.

An editor’s guide to writing and publishing science, 2019.

The republic of color: science, perception, and the making of modern America, 2019.

Ways of attending: how our divided brain constructs the world, 2019.

Social Sciences
Evaluations of police suitability and fitness for duty, 2020.

Female husbands: a trans history, 2020.

From here to there: the art and science of finding and losing our way, 2020.

The gun gap: the influence of gun ownership on political behavior and attitudes, 2020.

The investment state: charting the future of social policy, 2018.

The origins of the Syrian conflict: climate change and human security, 2020.

Policing the womb: invisible women and the criminalization of motherhood, 2020.

The psychology of women under patriarchy, 2019.

The sum of the people: how the census has shaped nations, from the ancient world to the modern age, 2020.

Collaboration, coteaching, and coaching in gifted education:sharing strategies to support gifted learners, 2020.

Literary interventions in the campaign biography, 2021.

The walls have ears: a black spy in the confederate white house, 2018.

What’s love got to do with it, 1999.

The Bad Beginning, 1999. [replacement]

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 1998. [replacement]

Office Reference
Using primary sources:hands-on instructional exercises, 2014

The Book of Jeremiah by John Goldingay, 2021.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Baritone/Bass, Vol. 1, 2000.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Baritone/Bass, Vol. 6, 2015.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Baritone/Bass, Vol. 7, 2019.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Tenor, Vol. 4, 2005.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Tenor, Vol. 6, 2015.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Tenor, Vol. 7, 2019.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Mezzo-Soprano/Belter, Vol. 4, 2005.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Mezzo-Soprano/Belter, Vol. 6, 2015.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Mezzo-Soprano/Belter, Vol. 7, 2019.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Soprano, Vol. 6, 2015.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology, Soprano, Vol. 7, 2019.

***NOTE: The entire Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology has moved to Reference***

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Brest-Litovsk: the forgotten peace, March 1918.

A broken world, 1919-1939.

A companion to the Song of Songs in the history of spirituality.

God, chance & necessity.

The landscape of pastoral care in 13th-century England.

The little logic book.

The Nazi seizure of power; the experience of a single German town, 1930-1935.

Philosophy of Benedict de Spinoza..

Russia’s Orient: imperial borderlands and peoples, 1700-1917.

Schottenfreude: German words for the human condition.

Seizing the enigma: the race to break the German U-boat codes, 1939-1943.

Self to lose, self to find: using the enneagram to uncover your true, God-gifted self.

A writer’s reference.


New Books and Media Received (November 2021)

The following Books (68 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in November 2021.

Seminary Library

Excavations in the City of David, Jerusalem (1995-2010): areas A, J, F, H, D and L:  final report, 2021.

Language and Literature
Reading German for theological studies: a grammar and reader, 2021.

Voice and mood: a linguistic approach, 2021.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
1 & 2 Thessalonians by Nijay K. Gupta, 2019.

2 Corinthians by Judith A. Diehl, Tremper Longman, Scot McKnight, 2020.

The acts of the early church councils: production and character, 2021.

Adam and Eve story in Jewish, Christian and Islamic perspectives, 2017.

Adam and Eve story in the Hebrew Bible and in ancient Jewish writings including the New Testament, 2016.

Christology in Mark’s gospel: 4 views, 2021.

A church called Tov: forming a goodness culture that resists abuses of power and promotes healing, 2020.

Ephesians by Michael Allen, 2020.

Every leaf, line, and letter: evangelicals and the Bible from the 1730s to the present, 2021.

The first letter of Peter: a global commentary, 2020.

Four portraits, one Jesus: a survey of Jesus and the Gospels, 2020.

Genesis: history, fiction, or neither?:  three views on the Bible’s earliest chapters, 2015.

The hope of Israel: the resurrection of Christ in the Acts of the Apostles, 2020.

The image of God in the theology of Gregory of Nazianzus, 2019.

Jonah: God’s scandalous mercy, 2019.

Mark by Timothy G. Gombis, Tremper Longman, Scot McKnight, 2021.

Nemesius of Emesa on human nature: a cosmopolitan anthropology from Roman Syria, 2021.

Recapturing an enchanted world: ritual and sacrament in the Free Church tradition, 2020.

Rhetoric and religious identity in late antiquity, 2020.

The scandal of the gospel: preaching and the grotesque, 2021.

A theology of Paul and his letters: the gift of the new realm in Christ, 2021.

To think Christianly: a history of l’abri, Regent College, and the Christian study center movement., 2021.

Traumatized by religious abuse: Discover the cultures and systems of religious abuse and reclaim your personal power, 2019.

Why did Jesus live a perfect life?: the necessity of Christ’s obedience for our salvation, 2021.

Worship and the world to come: exploring Christian hope in contemporary worship, 2020.

Yahweh before Israel: glimpses of history in a divine name, 2021.

New Testament Seminar
Exegesis and history of reception: reading the New Testament today with the readers of the past, 2021.

The Gospel of Matthew in its historical and theological context: papers from the international conference in Moscow, September 24 to 28, 2018, 2021.

Haggadah in early Judaism and the New Testament, 2021.

Sexuality and gender: collected essays, 2021.

Signs and discourses in John 5 and 6: historical, literary, and theological readings from the Colloquium Ioanneum 2019 in Eisenach, 2021.

Gregorii Nysseni De oratione dominica, De Beatitudinibus, 1992. (BR65 .G73 v. 7 pt. 2)

Gregorii Nysseni opera dogmatica minora, 1958. (BR65 .G73 v. 3 pt. 1)

Gregorii Nysseni Sermones, 1990. (BR65 .G73 v.10 p.1)

Welshimer Library

An atlas of anatomy for artists, 1957.

Ivan Lendl: Alfons Mucha: the Ivan Lendl Collection of Alfons Mucha, 2013.

Louise Fili: inspiration and process in design, 2021.

Titian’s touch: art, magic and philosophy, 2019.

Verrocchio, sculptor and painter of Renaissance Florence, 2021.

Learning to teach in an era of privatization: global trends in teacher preparation, 2019.

Language and Literature
The bell jar, 1996.

Black metaphors: how modern racism emerged from medieval race-thinking, 2021.

Empire of letters: writing in Roman literature and thought from Lucretius to Ovid, 2019.

Foundation, 2004.

Foundation and empire, 2020.

Second foundation, 1953.

A guide to transgender health: state-of-the-art information for gender-affirming people and their supporters, 2019.

Handbook of clinical skills, 2020.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Developmental cascades: building the infant mind, 2020.

How to read the Bible for all its worth, 2014.

Imagining Judeo-Christian America: religion, secularism, and the redefinition of democracy, 2019.

Supremacy of love: an agape-centered vision of aristotelian virtue ethics, 2021.

Documentary photography reconsidered: history, theory and practice, 2019. 

Collecting experiments: making Big Data biology, 2019.

Social Sciences
Alternative energy: political, economic, and social feasibility, 2020.

Melting pot, multiculturalism, and interculturalism: the making of majority… -minority relations in the United States, 2021.

Understanding esports: an introduction to the global phenomenon, 2021. 

Daniel (Revised Edition) by John Goldingay, 2019.

Mercer dictionary of the Bible, 1991.

The Singer’s musical theatre anthology: a collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type, Tenor, Volume 2, 1993.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Answers to unanswered questions of life and religion.

Caves of the North Cumberland Plateau.

Enacting theology, Americanism, and friendship : the 1837 debate on Roman Catholicism between Alexander Campbell and Bishop John Purcell.

Magnificent journey.

Tales from the crypt [DVD].


New Books and Media Received (October 2021)

The following Books (102 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in October 2021.

Seminary Library

The common school awakening: religion and the transatlantic roots of American public education, 2020.

A short history of Christian Zionism: from the Reformation to the twenty-first century, 2021. 

Language and Literature
Basics of Arabic: a complete grammar, workbook, and lexicon, 2021.

Handbook of reading theological German, 2021. 

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
1 Peter: a commentary by Craig S. Keener, 2021.

100 great Bible mysteries: digging deep for revelation knowledge, 2003.

7 deadly sins of women in leadership: overcome self-defeating behavior in work and ministry, 2021.

Acts: an exegetical commentary by Craig S. Keener, 2012.

The Beatitudes through the ages, 2021.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 1, 2010.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 2, 2010.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 3, 2010.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 4, 2010.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 5, 2010.

Black, gay, British, Christian, queer: the church and the famine of grace, 2021.

The body in biblical, Christian and Jewish texts, 2015.

The book of Acts as story: a narrative-critical study, 2021.

Bringing the depths into focus: engaging difficulties in Biblical interpretation, 2021.

The charismatic city and the public resurgence of religion: a Pentecostal social ethics of cosmopolitan urban life, 2014.

Constructing Paul, 2020.

Cradling abundance: one African Christian’s story of empowering women and fighting systemic poverty, 2021.

Deconstructing evangelicalism: a letter to a friend and a professor’s guide to escaping fundamentalist Christianity, 2020.

The depth and destiny of work: an African theological interpretation, 2008.

The Deuteronomistic history and the name theology: lešakkēn šemô šām in the Bible., 2002.

Developing female leaders: navigate the minefields and release the potential of women in your church, 2019.

Doing theology in the new normal, 2021.

Early North African Christianity: turning points in the development of the church, 2021.

Economics in spirit and truth: a moral philosophy of finance., 2015.

Five things biblical scholars wish theologians knew, 2021.

Five things theologians wish biblical scholars knew, 2021.

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Welshimer Library

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Graphic Design
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Language and Literature
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Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
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Political Science
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Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
2014 Middle East travel seminar: reflection papers.

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