Million Pennies Campaign raises $110.50 in first month!

The Milligan College Library is proud to announce that you, our loyal library users, have contributed $110.50 in cash and change to our Million Pennies campaign in our first month!

The Library staff would like to extend a hearty thank you to our April 2010 contributors:

Kelly Alexander, Lauren Anderson, Abby Banks, Belteshazzar, Ken Broyles, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Teresa Carter, Ashley Cunigan, Bri Curtis, Gary F. Daught, Erin Dye, Erasmus, Lauren Eversole, Bill & Edwina Greer, Deb Harbin, Jefferson Harbin, Walter Hendrickson, Erica Hiteshew, Clinton J. Holloway, Ryan Hughes, Grace Jackson, John Jackson, Mary Jackson, Diane Junker, Adam Knust, Emily Krug, Pat Magness, Mount, James Oaks, Random Security Guy, Emma Rees, Sarah Rhymer, Janey Robinson, Jessica Saltzman, Gail Scalf, Jennifer Sheldon, Robert B Shields, Meredith Sommers, Alicya Suit, Aniela Suit, Amber Thomas, Adam Tomlinson, Tim Wasem, and Matt Watkins.

    If you haven’t contributed yet, we encourage you do so by the end of the semester!  You’ve probably got change in your desk drawer or car cupholder you don’t feel like lugging home for the summer–stop by the library before you leave and put it toward a good cause!

    And on May 3rd & 4th, Monday and Tuesday of Finals week, we’re making it even easier for you to donate!  Library staff are bringing the donation box up to Sutton lobby during lunch. Bring your unwanted change and help us get closer to our goal of $10,000 for library renovation and a study room named whatever you like.  Every penny helps!

    Good luck on Finals!  As a reminder, we’ve extended our hours this weekend–we’ll be open until midnight this Saturday, with free coffee and tea to boot.

    Thanks again!  We’ll see you this weekend and next week!