Million Pennies Campaign successfully completed: Where do we go from here?

2013-PennyWe’re happy to announce that the Million Pennies Campaign has met its $10,000 goal! That’s right–your small donations added up to more than one million pennies to benefit the Library’s ongoing renovation! Here’s the Milligan College press release announcing the good news. Thank you for your generosity and support!

So now that we’ve met our goal, what’s next? You may recall that our goal was $10,000 because that’s the level of giving at which a donor can name a Library study room. Since we’ve achieved that total, that’s exactly what we’re going to let you do! The room we’ll name, by the way, is the semi-enclosed study space on the first floor that contains the whiteboard (pictured below).

IMG_0361Before the end of the year, Library staff will compile a list of people we’d like to honor–people who have been important to both the life of Library and of Milligan College. Then, we’ll allow you, the donors, to select your favorite. In January 2014, at the beginning of the Spring semester, we’ll announce the process by which you can cast your ballot. By early Spring, we’ll tally the votes, announce the winner, and celebrate our room dedication with a public event!

Though we’ve met our goal, the renovation of the Library is not yet complete and will require additional funding. Thus, the Million Pennies Campaign will continue, but in a less-public manner. We’ll remove the donation box from the Circulation Desk, but Library staff will still accept direct coin, cash, and check donations. We’ll continue collecting gently-used textbooks, books, and media through the Million Pennies Book Drive, the sales from which benefit both Million Pennies and the National Center for Family Literacy. Any further contributions we receive will continue to benefit Million Pennies and larger Library renovation efforts until the Library is complete. Who knows, maybe we’ll raise enough to name a second study room before all is said and done!

Thanks once again for your incredible generosity. We appreciate all our donors for taking action to honor the Library and make it a better place for all its users.

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