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by the staff of P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library & Seminary Library

Librarians step outside to view eclipse

Milligan College was located close enough to the path of Monday’s (August 21, 2017) total solar eclipse to provide over 96% totality. The moon began passing over the disc of the sun a little after 1:00 PM, and the eclipse reached its local maximum at 2:37 PM.

User Services Librarian Jude Morrissey went home to view the eclipse with her kids, and Research Librarian Mary Jackson traveled two hours south to Greenville, SC to experience 100% totality with a Milligan faculty colleague. That left Library Director Gary Daught, and Information Resources Librarian Lindsay Kenderes on location to staff the Welshimer Library. But that didn’t keep them inside! Lindsay had a pair of viewing glasses, and Gary quickly made a pinhole projector out of the lid of a photocopy paper box.

At the maximum, the light was noticeably dimmer, with the quality of an early evening in the summer before the sun begins to set. At the same time, it was remarkable how bright it was even at 96% coverage. The air temperature definitely felt cooler for a few moments on the otherwise hot day. And it was most interesting to hear the cicadas start chirping in the mid-afternoon. They were obviously confused!




New Books and Media Received (June and July 2017)

The following Books and DVDs (120 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during June and July 2017.

Seminary Library

Language and Literature
Advances in the study of Greek : new insights for reading the New Testament, 2015.

Trying Neaira : the true story of a courtesan’s scandalous life in ancient Greece, 2003.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Acts : Zondervan Exegetical commentary on the New Testament, 2012.

A brief reader on the virtues of the human heart, 1991.

Bringing the Word to life : engaging the New Testament through performing it, 2013.

Colossians and Philemon : a handbook on the Greek text, 2013.

1 Corinthians 1-9 : a handbook on the Greek text, 2016.

1 Corinthians 10-16 : a handbook on the Greek text, 2016.

2 Corinthians : a handbook on the Greek text, 2015.

Ephesians, 2010.

The formation of the biblical canon, 2017.

Galatians, 2010.

Galatians : a handbook on the Greek text, 2014.

The golden string : an autobiography, 1980.

Hans Urs von Balthasar and the critical appropriation of Russian religious thought, 2015.

James : a handbook on the Greek text, 2013.

1, 2, and 3 John, 2014.

1, 2, 3 John : a handbook on the Greek text, 2004.

John, 2016.

Luke, 2011.

Mark : a handbook on the Greek text, 2014.

Mark : Zondervan exegetical commentary on the New Testament, 2014.

Paul and economics : a handbook, 2017.

Paul in the Greco-Roman world : a handbook, 2016.

Paul the ancient letter writer : an introduction to epistolary analysis, 2016.

Paul’s covert use of scripture : intertextuality and rhetorical situation in Philippians 2:10-16, 2015.

Paul’s ekklesia as a civic assembly : understanding the people of God in their politico-social world, 2015.

Paul’s large letters : Paul’s autographic subscriptions in the light of ancient epistolary conventions, 2017.

Revelation : a handbook on the Greek text, 2016.

A simplified guide to BHS : critical apparatus, masora, accents, unusual letters & other markings, 2007.

Theo-poetics : Hans Urs von Balthasar and the risk of art and being, 2015.

1 and 2 Thessalonians, 2012.

What they don’t tell you : a survivor’s guide to biblical studies, 2015.

Welshimer Library

Auxiliary Sciences of History
Archival internships : a guide for faculty, supervisors, and students, 2008.

Becoming a trusted digital repository , 2015.

Immigrant and native black college students : social experiences and academic outcomes, 2014.

Fine Arts
Allan Kaprow, Robert Smithson, and the limits to art, 2013.

Art as history : calligraphy and painting as one, 2014.

Winslow Homer in the Clark collection, 1986.

Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Arming Mother Nature : the birth of catastrophic environmentalism, 2013.

Hippie chic, 2013.

Last ape standing : the seven-million year story of how and why we survived, 2013.

Discovering Gettysburg : an unconventional introduction to the greatest little town in America and the monumental battle that made it famous, 2017.

The discovery of chance : the life and thought of Alexander Herzen, 2016.

The foreign policy of Russia : changing systems, enduring interests, 2014.

A history of the Royal Navy : World War II, 2014.

The making of Asian America : a history, 2015.

The myth of the strong leader : political leadership in the modern age, 2015.

A sovereign people : the crises of the 1790s and the birth of American nationalism, 2017.

Vietnam : a new history, 2016.

Wolf Hollow : a novel , 2016.

Language and Literature
Becoming Jane, 2008.

The Cambridge companion to Jane Austen, 2011.

Classical literature : a Pelican introduction, 2015.

The complete Peanuts 1999-2000, 2016.

The complete Peanuts, 1997-1998, 2015.

Eco-Joyce : the environmental Imagination of James Joyce, 2014.

Graphs, maps, trees : abstract models for literary history, 2007.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, 2000.

Love finds you in Camelot, Tennessee, 2011.

Mansfield Park : an annotated edition, 2016.

Mansfield Park : authoritative text, contexts, criticism, 1998.

Northanger Abbey ; Lady Susan ; The Watsons ; Sanditon, 2008.

Pioneer girl : the annotated autobiography, 2014.

Pride and prejudice : an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, criticism, 2016.

Promotional cultures : the rise and spread of advertising, public relations, marketing and branding, 2013.

Shakespeare in America : an anthology from the Revolution to now, 2014.

A song of fire and ice, 2014.

Trade and romance, 2014.

Ghost boy : the miraculous escape of a misdiagnosed boy trapped inside his own body, 2013.

In their own words : slave life and the power of spirituals, 2014.

Teaching music through performance in choir. Volume 4, 2017.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
An American conscience : the Reinhold Niebuhr story, 2017.

The Book of Job, a commentary, 1985.

The day the revolution began : reconsidering the meaning of Jesus’s crucifixion, 2016.

Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels : reminiscences, allusions, intertextuality, 2016.

Friedrich Max Müller and the Sacred Books of the East, 2016.

Isaiah 1-12 : a commentary, 1983.

Joel and Obadiah : a commentary, 2001.

On love : a philosophy for the twenty-first century, 2013.

Zhuangzi’s critique of the Confucians : blinded by the human, 2016.

The decisive moment, 2014.

The firmament of time, 1999.

Gold rush in the jungle : the race to discover and defend the rarest animals of Vietnam’s “lost world”, 2013.

Lost woods : the discovered writing of Rachel Carson, 1998.

Unfamiliar streets : the photographs of Richard Avedon, Charles Moore, Martha Rosler, and Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, 2014.

Social Sciences
After Piketty : the agenda for economics and inequality, 2017.

American girls : social media and the secret lives of teenagers, 2017.

Becoming male in the Middle Ages, 2000.

Coming out : the new dynamics, 2014.

Financial crises : causes, consequences, and policy responses, 2014.

Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis , 2016.

The new urban crisis : how our cities are increasing inequality, deepening segregation, and failing the middle class– and what we can do about it, 2017.

Rise of the rocket girls : the women who propelled us, from missiles to the moon to Mars, 2016.

Compact Disc
Teaching music through performance in choir. Volume 4, Levels 1-4 : resource recordings., 2017.

Bully, 2013.

Dead Poets Society, 1998.

El norte, 2008.

Even the rain = También la lluvia, 2012.

Flores de otro mundo, 2005.

Guantanamera, 1997.

La lengua de las mariposas, 2000.

Mansfield Park, 2000.

Men with guns = Los hombres armados, 2003.

October sky, 2005.

Presumed guilty, 2009.

Pride and prejudice and zombies, 2016.

Reaching for the moon, 2014.

Rich Hill : three boys in small town America, 2015.

Star wars. Episode VII, The Force awakens, 2016.

Walking the Camino : six ways to Santiago, 2014.

Donated Gift Books to the Milligan Libraries
Community organization : traditional principles and modern applications

Five fingers : the story of the Free Medical Clinic of America

A history of the Churches of Christ in Poland

The new Christian Zionism : fresh perspectives on Israel & the land

A theology of Dao

Turn at the Pine Trees

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Milligan Archives intern mounts “Pep Rally in a Box!” exhibit

Written by Lindsay Kenderes. Photos by Gary Daught.


James Blake Stanley, Milligan Class of ‘18, worked on several interesting projects while completing an Archive Internship at The Holloway Archives at Milligan College during the 2017 spring semester. As a history major, Blake pursued the opportunity to learn how researchers search and discover historical materials representative of Milligan’s history in the Milligan archives. With an interest in Church History, he spent time processing the James DeForest Murch papers, which is a collection of research materials and publications representative of Dr. James D. Murch’s activities as a supporter of the Stone-Campbell Movement, particularly in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). This collection represents Murch’s research interests, publications and his work as managing editor for several journal publications, including Christianity Today, Lookout, Restoration Herald, Christian Standard, and the Christian Evangelist Quarterly. As Archive Intern, Blake arranged and organized the contents of this collection and re-edited the James Deforest Murch papers finding aid, making this collection discoverable online through MCStor, Milligan College’s Digital Repository.

Archive Interns also have an opportunity to curate an archival exhibit, which is displayed in the exhibit cases located on the main floor of the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library. This spring’s exhibit was titled “Pep Rally in a Box!,” showcasing Milligan’s athletic history prior to 1950. Blake researched and gathered documents, photographs and yearbooks, including a 1910 photograph of the women’s basketball team, a 1935 photograph of the track team, and a basketball ticket dated December 7, 1946, from the Tennessee vs. Milligan game in Knoxville. Also included in the exhibit are orange and black pennants and letters for baseball and track. The “Pep Rally in a Box!” exhibit will be on display through June 30, 2017.



Before arriving at Milligan, Blake spent four years in the United States Marine Corp as an infantry rifleman in Jacksonville, NC. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in History. After graduation, he plans to pursue graduate studies in history.

Milligan’s Archive Internship opportunity

Each fall semester, students are invited to apply for one volunteer Archive Internship opportunity at The Holloway Archives at Milligan College. The internship begins the following spring semester. All majors are welcome to apply. Please stay tuned for announcements coming this fall.

Have a Milligan history question? Contact Lindsay Kenderes, College Archivist, at 423-461-8901 or

Find out more about Milligan’s archives here.

Find us on Twitter at #MilliganArchives.

Stress relief comes in many shapes and sizes: Visits from therapy dogs and kittens during Spring Finals Week


Continuing what has become a popular tradition with students, Welshimer Library once again hosted visits from local therapy dog trainers and their dogs to offer some stress relief during Spring Finals Week.

Mr. Lou Pesch came with his two twin 12-year-old Weimaraners, Indy and Lily; Lou’s sister-in-law, Ms. Molly Smolko, came with Rudy, a 15-year-old Toy Fox Terrier; and former Milligan biology professor, Dr. Julie Wade introduced us to her new therapy dog, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever named Burton. It was especially great to see Dr. Wade again, recalling that she was the owner of another Golden Retriever named Jake, who faithfully visited Milligan students for six consecutive semesters, beginning in Fall 2013, until he sadly passed away in July 2016.

This canine mix was nicely balanced by the return of a “puddle” of adoptable kittens, sponsored by Milligan College’s Occupational Therapy Department.

It really is true. Stress relief comes in many shapes and sizes. Here are some pics:









New Books and Media Received (April and May 2017)

The following Books and DVDs (80 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during April and May 2017.

Seminary Library

Revolt and Resistance in the Ancient Classical World and the Near East : In the Crucible of Empire, 2016.

The world around the Old Testament : the people and places of the ancient Near East, 2016.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Acts : a commentary, 2016.

The Acts of the Council of Constantinople of 553 : with related texts on the Three Chapters Controversy, 2012.

Beauty’s vineyard : a theological aesthetic of anguish and anticipation, 2016.

Christianity and the religions : from confrontation to dialogue, 2002.

Commentaire sur Job, 1988.

Commentaires sur les Psaumes, 2008.

Contemporary mission theology : engaging the nations : essays in honor of Charles E. van Engen, 2017.

Corinthian democracy : democratic discourse in 1 Corinthians, 2015.

Corinthian wisdom, stoic philosophy, and the ancient economy, 2014.

The cross and creation in Christian liturgy and art, 2013.

Daniel : a commentary, 2014.

Dorothy Day : the world will be saved by beauty : an intimate portrait of my grandmother, 2017.

The Eerdmans encyclopedia of early Christian art and archaeology, 2017.

Ephesians : a commentary, 2012.

Isaiah, 2001.

John : a commentary, 2015.

The many faces of Christ : portraying the Holy in the East and West, 300 to 1300, 2014.

Maximus the Confessor and his companions : documents from exile, 2002.

Micah : a commentary, 2015.

Night of the confessor : Christian faith in an age of uncertainty, 2012.

Opening the field of practical theology : an introduction, 2014.

Oral and manuscript culture in the Bible : studies on the media texture of the New Testament–explorative hermeneutics, 2013.

Oral and manuscript culture in the Bible : studies on the media texture of the New Testament–explorative hermeneutics, 2013.

Patience with God : the story of Zacchaeus continuing in us, 2009.

Paul’s letter to the Romans and Roman imperialism : an ideological analysis of the Exordium (Romans 1:1-17), 2012.

The politics of Jesús : a hispanic political theology, 2015.

Preaching Paul, 2004.

Prophetic obedience : ecclesiology for a dialogical church, 2016.

Remerciement à Origène, suivi de la lettre d’Origène à Grégoire, 1969.

Revelation : a new translation with introduction and commentary, 2014.

Scholies à l’Ecclésiaste, 1993.

Scholies aux Proverbes, 1987.

Sociology of religion : contemporary developments, 2016.

The text of Genesis 1-11 : textual studies and critical edition, 1998.

I  & II Thessalonians : a commentary, 2015.

Social Sciences
Invisible nation : homeless families in America, 2016.

Misunderstanding stories : toward a postcolonial pastoral theology, 2013.

Three stones make a wall : the story of archaeology, 2017.

Welshimer Library

The new social story book, 2015.

An American genocide : the United States and the California Indian catastrophe, 1846-1873, 2016.

Hiroshima, 1985.

Louisa : the extraordinary life of Mrs. Adams, 2017.

Juvenile – Caldecott Medal Winner
Radiant child : the story of young artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, 2016.

Juvenile – Caldecott Honor Books
Du iz tak?, 2016.

Freedom in Congo Square, 2016.

Leave me alone!, 2016.

They all saw a cat, 2016.

Viva Frida!, 2014.

Juvenile – Newbery Medal Winner
The girl who drank the moon, 2016.

Juvenile – Newbery Honor Books
Freedom over me : eleven slaves, their lives and dreams brought to life, 2016.

The inquisitor’s tale, or, The three magical children and their holy dog, 2016.

Language and Literature
American gods : a novel, 2001.

The civil wars of Julia Ward Howe : a biography, 2016.

Copyfraud and other abuses of intellectual property law, 2011.

Neurotribes : the legacy of autism and the future of neurodiversity, 2015.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Ephesians, 1990.

The Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America, 2017.

Political Science
The First Congress : how James Madison, George Washington, and a group of extraordinary men invented the government, 2017.

Social Sciences
No shortcuts : organizing for power in the new gilded age, 2016.

A war for the soul of america : a history of the culture wars, 2016.

Frida, 2002.

Georgia O’Keeffe, 2010.

Girl rising, 2014.

Hidden figures, 2017.

The house I live in, 2013.

The hunting ground, 2015.

La La Land, 2017.

Miss Hokusai, 2017.

Nefarious : merchant of souls, 2012.

Ocean waves, 2017.

Pray the devil back to Hell, 2009.

The red turtle, 2017.

Rogue One, 2017.

Star wars. Episode VII, The Force awakens, 2016.

Donated Gift Books and DVDs to the Milligan Libraries
Associated Press stylebook 2015 and briefing on media law, 2015.           

Community Organization : traditional principles and modern applications, 1990.                           

Day of Triumph, 2016.                                                                              

The Gospel Blimp, 2016.