Milligan Library Life

by the staff of P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library & Seminary Library

New Books and Media Received (November 2021)

The following Books (68 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in November 2021.

Seminary Library

Excavations in the City of David, Jerusalem (1995-2010): areas A, J, F, H, D and L:  final report, 2021.

Language and Literature
Reading German for theological studies: a grammar and reader, 2021.

Voice and mood: a linguistic approach, 2021.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
1 & 2 Thessalonians by Nijay K. Gupta, 2019.

2 Corinthians by Judith A. Diehl, Tremper Longman, Scot McKnight, 2020.

The acts of the early church councils: production and character, 2021.

Adam and Eve story in Jewish, Christian and Islamic perspectives, 2017.

Adam and Eve story in the Hebrew Bible and in ancient Jewish writings including the New Testament, 2016.

Christology in Mark’s gospel: 4 views, 2021.

A church called Tov: forming a goodness culture that resists abuses of power and promotes healing, 2020.

Ephesians by Michael Allen, 2020.

Every leaf, line, and letter: evangelicals and the Bible from the 1730s to the present, 2021.

The first letter of Peter: a global commentary, 2020.

Four portraits, one Jesus: a survey of Jesus and the Gospels, 2020.

Genesis: history, fiction, or neither?:  three views on the Bible’s earliest chapters, 2015.

The hope of Israel: the resurrection of Christ in the Acts of the Apostles, 2020.

The image of God in the theology of Gregory of Nazianzus, 2019.

Jonah: God’s scandalous mercy, 2019.

Mark by Timothy G. Gombis, Tremper Longman, Scot McKnight, 2021.

Nemesius of Emesa on human nature: a cosmopolitan anthropology from Roman Syria, 2021.

Recapturing an enchanted world: ritual and sacrament in the Free Church tradition, 2020.

Rhetoric and religious identity in late antiquity, 2020.

The scandal of the gospel: preaching and the grotesque, 2021.

A theology of Paul and his letters: the gift of the new realm in Christ, 2021.

To think Christianly: a history of l’abri, Regent College, and the Christian study center movement., 2021.

Traumatized by religious abuse: Discover the cultures and systems of religious abuse and reclaim your personal power, 2019.

Why did Jesus live a perfect life?: the necessity of Christ’s obedience for our salvation, 2021.

Worship and the world to come: exploring Christian hope in contemporary worship, 2020.

Yahweh before Israel: glimpses of history in a divine name, 2021.

New Testament Seminar
Exegesis and history of reception: reading the New Testament today with the readers of the past, 2021.

The Gospel of Matthew in its historical and theological context: papers from the international conference in Moscow, September 24 to 28, 2018, 2021.

Haggadah in early Judaism and the New Testament, 2021.

Sexuality and gender: collected essays, 2021.

Signs and discourses in John 5 and 6: historical, literary, and theological readings from the Colloquium Ioanneum 2019 in Eisenach, 2021.

Gregorii Nysseni De oratione dominica, De Beatitudinibus, 1992. (BR65 .G73 v. 7 pt. 2)

Gregorii Nysseni opera dogmatica minora, 1958. (BR65 .G73 v. 3 pt. 1)

Gregorii Nysseni Sermones, 1990. (BR65 .G73 v.10 p.1)

Welshimer Library

An atlas of anatomy for artists, 1957.

Ivan Lendl: Alfons Mucha: the Ivan Lendl Collection of Alfons Mucha, 2013.

Louise Fili: inspiration and process in design, 2021.

Titian’s touch: art, magic and philosophy, 2019.

Verrocchio, sculptor and painter of Renaissance Florence, 2021.

Learning to teach in an era of privatization: global trends in teacher preparation, 2019.

Language and Literature
The bell jar, 1996.

Black metaphors: how modern racism emerged from medieval race-thinking, 2021.

Empire of letters: writing in Roman literature and thought from Lucretius to Ovid, 2019.

Foundation, 2004.

Foundation and empire, 2020.

Second foundation, 1953.

A guide to transgender health: state-of-the-art information for gender-affirming people and their supporters, 2019.

Handbook of clinical skills, 2020.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Developmental cascades: building the infant mind, 2020.

How to read the Bible for all its worth, 2014.

Imagining Judeo-Christian America: religion, secularism, and the redefinition of democracy, 2019.

Supremacy of love: an agape-centered vision of aristotelian virtue ethics, 2021.

Documentary photography reconsidered: history, theory and practice, 2019. 

Collecting experiments: making Big Data biology, 2019.

Social Sciences
Alternative energy: political, economic, and social feasibility, 2020.

Melting pot, multiculturalism, and interculturalism: the making of majority… -minority relations in the United States, 2021.

Understanding esports: an introduction to the global phenomenon, 2021. 

Daniel (Revised Edition) by John Goldingay, 2019.

Mercer dictionary of the Bible, 1991.

The Singer’s musical theatre anthology: a collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type, Tenor, Volume 2, 1993.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Answers to unanswered questions of life and religion.

Caves of the North Cumberland Plateau.

Enacting theology, Americanism, and friendship : the 1837 debate on Roman Catholicism between Alexander Campbell and Bishop John Purcell.

Magnificent journey.

Tales from the crypt [DVD].


Two New Exhibits Open in Welshimer Library

Two new exhibits have opened at Welshimer Library this fall, both curated by library student workers. 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of Welshimer, and “To Build a Library…,” curated by Grayce Wise (class of 2024), celebrates this occurrence. Isaac Wood (class of 2023) has curated an exhibit on Helen Welshimer entitled “Helen Welshimer, 1901-1954: Poet, Fictionist, and Non-Fiction Writer.”

“I’m very proud of the hard work researching and selecting items that Grayce and Isaac did for their respective exhibits,” says Katherine Banks, University Archivist. “They both showed a lot of enthusiasm for the work and have curated interesting exhibits.”

Announced in 1957 and completed in 1961, Milligan’s library was made possible through the generous donation of P. H. Welshimer’s seven thousand book collection, which was given by two of his children and part of which is still stored in the Welshimer Room on the library’s main floor. Ever since, the library has served as a place of safety, learning, and knowledge for anyone who enters its doors. Wise, however, was not satisfied with simply an overview, but wanted to dive deep into what it took to plan and build and effective library.

“It’s truly fascinating what goes into the process of constructing a building in the 1960s,” Wise says. “Furniture had to be bought, construction companies chosen, air conditioning installed, and so much more! The research I’ve gotten to do and share in the process of creating this exhibit has made me see and appreciate the library in an entirely new light, knowing the history of both how and why it was installed.”

Grayce Wise with her exhibit

Wood’s exhibit focuses on the daughter of the library’s namesake. After being raised by her parents P. H. and Perlea Welshimer, Helen Welshimer attended college in her home state of Ohio. She then went on to study playwriting and journalism at Columbia University. From there she began her writing career as a feature writer for newspapers before going off on her own as a freelance writer. This led to her becoming a well-known writer who frequently wrote in publications such as Christian Herald Magazines and Good Housekeeping. She interviewed famous figures such as Mrs. Einstein and Mrs. Roosevelt. Her poetry was so popular that she published four collections (Souvenirs and other selected poems, Candlelight and other poems, Singing Drums, and Shining Rain), with Souvenirs selling over 75,000 copies. Unfortunately, her life was cut short by a long-lasting illness when she was in her early fifties.

Wood says, “Writers and poets have always sparked an interest for me, so spending time exploring the life of this writer-poet with connections to Milligan was well worth it. It was fascinating to find out that she was the last person to interview Amelia Earhart before her last flight. I am sad to say that I was not able to find this interview to display; however, finding the interviews with Mrs. Einstein and Mrs. Roosevelt more than made up for that disappointment.”

Isaac Wood with his exhibit

Wood also says, “One thing that garnered particular interest for me was her relationship with her father. Her father seemed to be highly supportive of her daughter’s writing endeavors, from childhood until adulthood. The last stanza of a poem she wrote for her father’s sixty-first birthday reads,

I recall high laurels that you won,

And sermons preached, and kindnesses you’ve shown

To those in need, and how you stretched your hand

To erring ones who could not walk alone.

But I remember best brief pauses in

The long days work, in far-gone, happy times,

When you were patient as you gladly helped

A small girl, who sought aid in making rhymes.

This poem was such a nice window into her relationship with her dad, and I love how she shows her appreciation for him. I think it is interesting to see how artists have been supported and formed by other people in their lives. Throughout this project, I enjoyed reading Helen’s work and seeing how it grew out of certain aspects of her life.”

Banks invites everyone to come by the library and view the exhibits in their entirety on the main floor of the Welshimer Library or to view selected portions online on Milligan DigitalRepository.

New Books and Media Received (October 2021)

The following Books (102 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in October 2021.

Seminary Library

The common school awakening: religion and the transatlantic roots of American public education, 2020.

A short history of Christian Zionism: from the Reformation to the twenty-first century, 2021. 

Language and Literature
Basics of Arabic: a complete grammar, workbook, and lexicon, 2021.

Handbook of reading theological German, 2021. 

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
1 Peter: a commentary by Craig S. Keener, 2021.

100 great Bible mysteries: digging deep for revelation knowledge, 2003.

7 deadly sins of women in leadership: overcome self-defeating behavior in work and ministry, 2021.

Acts: an exegetical commentary by Craig S. Keener, 2012.

The Beatitudes through the ages, 2021.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 1, 2010.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 2, 2010.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 3, 2010.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 4, 2010.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, vol. 5, 2010.

Black, gay, British, Christian, queer: the church and the famine of grace, 2021.

The body in biblical, Christian and Jewish texts, 2015.

The book of Acts as story: a narrative-critical study, 2021.

Bringing the depths into focus: engaging difficulties in Biblical interpretation, 2021.

The charismatic city and the public resurgence of religion: a Pentecostal social ethics of cosmopolitan urban life, 2014.

Constructing Paul, 2020.

Cradling abundance: one African Christian’s story of empowering women and fighting systemic poverty, 2021.

Deconstructing evangelicalism: a letter to a friend and a professor’s guide to escaping fundamentalist Christianity, 2020.

The depth and destiny of work: an African theological interpretation, 2008.

The Deuteronomistic history and the name theology: lešakkēn šemô šām in the Bible., 2002.

Developing female leaders: navigate the minefields and release the potential of women in your church, 2019.

Doing theology in the new normal, 2021.

Early North African Christianity: turning points in the development of the church, 2021.

Economics in spirit and truth: a moral philosophy of finance., 2015.

Five things biblical scholars wish theologians knew, 2021.

Five things theologians wish biblical scholars knew, 2021.

Forming resilient children: the role of spiritual formation for healthy development, 2021.

Friendship and community: the monastic experience, 350-1250, 2010.

From Christ to Christianity: how the Jesus movement became the church in less than a century, 2021.

From Plato to Christ: how Platonic thought shaped the Christian faith, 2021.

God in the modern wing: viewing art with eyes of faith, 2021.

God will be all in all: theology through the lens of incarnation, 2021.

Handbook on the Gospels, 2021.

I am Yahweh, 2018.

Irrepressible light: the women of the New Testament, 2020.

Lessons from quarantine: biblical principles for living in tough times., 2021.

Liturgies from below: 462 acts of worship ; praying with people at the ends of the world, 2020.

Lord, teach us to pray, 2018.

Luke-Acts by James P. Grimshaw, et al., 2020.

Making a scene in the pulpit: vivid preaching for visual listeners, 2018.

Mark, women and empire: a Korean postcolonial perspective, 2010.

Matthew within sectarian Judaism, 2019.

Old Testament use of Old Testament: a book-by-book guide, 2021.

The Oxford handbook of mystical theology, 2020.

Paul and the economy of salvation: reading from the perspective of the last judgment, 2021.

Paul and the hope of glory: an exegetical and theological study, 2020.

The politics of race and ethnicity in Matthew’s passion narrative, 2019.

Power women: stories of motherhood, faith & the academy, 2021.

Prophecy, piety, and the problem of historicity: interpreting the Hebrew scriptures in Cotton Mather’s ‘Biblia Americana’, 2016.

Reading evangelicals: how Christian fiction shaped a culture and a faith, 2021.

Recovering from biblical manhood & womanhood: how the church needs to rediscover her purpose, 2020.

Redemptive kingdom diversity: a biblical theology of the people of God, 2021.

Rediscovering the Marys: Maria, Mariamne, Miriam, 2021.

Revelation by Amos Yong, 2021.

Ruth, Esther by Marion Ann Taylor, 2020.

Sermons that sing: music and the practice of preaching, 2021.

The sermons to the seven churches of Revelation: a commentary and guide, 2021.

Seven things I wish Christians knew about the Bible, 2021.

Spirit and trauma: a theology of remaining, 2010.

Spiritual formation for the global church: a multi-denominational, multi-ethnic approach, 2021.

Subversive witness: scripture’s call to leverage privilege, 2021.

Systematic theology by Gideon Andrew Thompson, 2018.

A theology of disagreement: New Testament ethics for ecclesial conflicts, 2021.

Together in ministry: women and men in flourishing partnerships, 2021.

Transforming worship: planning and leading Sunday services as if spiritual formation mattered, 2021.

Welcome, Holy Spirit: a theological and experiential introduction, 2021.

Women rising: learning to listen, reclaiming our voice, 2021.

Women serving God: my journey in understanding their story in the Bible, 2020.

The women’s lectionary: preaching the women of the Bible throughout the year, 2021.

A women’s lectionary for the whole church, 2021.

New Testament Seminar
Discovering Luke: content, interpretation, reception, 2021.

Gospel women and the long ending of Mark, 2021.

Greek for life: strategies for learning, retaining, and reviving New Testament Greek, 2017.

Historical and theological lexicon of the Septuagint, 2020.

Jesus and the manuscripts: what we can learn from the oldest texts, 2020.

Papyri and the social world of the New Testament, 2019.

Porphyry, On principles and matter: a Syriac version of a lost Greek text with an English translation, introduction, and glossaries, 2021.

Sharing in the son’s inheritance: Davidic messianism and Paul’s worldwide interpretation… of the Abrahamic land promise in Galatians, 2020.

Signs, wonders, and gifts: divination in the letters of Paul, 2019.

Welshimer Library

Collaboration, coteaching, and coaching in gifted education: sharing strategies to support gifted learners, 2020. 

Graphic Design
Type speaks, 2021.

Typographic firsts: adventures in early printing, 2019.

Language and Literature
Chapterhouse: Dune, 2020.

Children of Dune, 2020.

Dune, 2005.

Dune messiah, 2020.

Fake love letters, forged telegrams, and prison escape maps: designing graphic props for filmmaking, 2020.

God emperor of Dune, 2020.

Heretics of Dune, 2020.

Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) adapted for older children: a research development manual, 2021. 

Wagnerism: art and politics in the shadow of music, 2021. 

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Breaking the mould: learning to thrive as a ministry mum, 2020.

The defining decade: why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now, 2021.

Political Science
Identity politics in the United States, 2019. 

The art of statistics: how to learn from data, 2019.

Skunk and badger, 2020.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
2014 Middle East travel seminar: reflection papers.

The Quax: the junior annual of Drake University, 1914.

New Books and Media Received (September 2021)

The following Books (100 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in September 2021.

Seminary Library

A holy baptism of fire and blood: the Bible and the American Civil War, 2021. 

Becoming what we sing: formation through contemporary worship music, 2021.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Accounting and money for ministerial leadership: key practical and theological insights, 2013.

African Pentecostalism and world Christianity: essays in honor of J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, 2020.

The archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea scrolls, 2021.

Aristotle and early Christian thought, 2021.

Bad faith: race and the rise of the religious right, 2021.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, v. 9, 2010.

Black print unbound: the Christian recorder, African American literature, and periodical culture, 2015.

The books of Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah, 2021.

Caring for joy: narrative, theology, and practice, 2016.

Chosen peoples: Christianity and political imagination in South Sudan, 2021.

Decolonizing Christianity: becoming badass believers, 2021.

Five models of Scripture, 2021.

Foundations of chaplaincy: a practical guide, 2021.

Genesis and Christian theology, 2012.

If God still breathes, why can’t I?: Black Lives Matter and biblical authority, 2021.

Interpreting Paul by Luke Timothy Johnson, 2021.

Interpreting the Old Testament theologically: essays in honor of Willem A. VanGemeren, 2018.

John Chrysostom and African charismatic theology in conversation: salvation, deliverance, and the prosperity gospel, 2021.

Jonah: introduction and commentary by Amy Erickson, 2021.

Migration and the making of global Christianity, 2021.

Money matters: faith, life, and wealth, 2021.

The new Adam: what the early church can teach evangelicals (and liberals) about the atonement, 2021.

No longer strangers: transforming evangelism with immigrant communities, 2021.

Nurturing faith: a practical theology for educating Christians, 2021.

On Genesis by Bede and Calvin B. Kendall, 2008.

The Pentecostal hypothesis: Christ talks, they decide, 2020.

The Pentecostal principle: ethical methodology in new spirit, 2012.

Political letters and speeches by Ambrose, J. H. W. Liebeschuetz, and Carole G. Hill, 2010.

Reclaiming rural: building thriving rural congregations, 2021.

The same God who works all things: inseparable operations in Trinitarian theology, 2021.

Scribes and scrolls at Qumran by Sidnie White Crawford, 2019.

The split economy: Saint Paul goes to Wall Street, 2021.

When the medium was the mission: the Atlantic telegraph and the religious origins of network culture, 2021.

A women’s lectionary for the whole church. Year W: multi-gospel single-year lectionary, 2021.

Political Science
Errand into the wilderness of mirrors: religion and the history of the CIA, 2021. 

Social Sciences
Belonging: remembering ourselves home, 2017.

New Testament Seminar
Challenging perspectives on the Gospel of John, 2006.

Cruciform scripture: cross, participation, and mission, 2021.

Discourse grammar of the Greek New Testament: a practical introduction for teaching and exegesis, 2010.

Discovering Revelation: content, interpretation, reception, 2021.

Galatians by N. T. Wright, 2021.

The Gospel according to Matthew: a commentary by Matthias Konradt and M. Eugene Boring, 2020.

The gospel of the son of God: an introduction to Matthew by David R. Bauer, 2019.

Jesus, the New Testament, and Christian origins: perspectives, methods, meanings, 2021.

Participating in Christ: explorations in Paul’s theology and spirituality, 2019.

Scribes and their remains, 2021.

Studies on the intersection of text, paratext, and reception: a festschrift in honor of Charles E. Hill, 2021.

Welshimer Library

Memory passages: Holocaust memorials in the United States and Germany, 2020.

The Oxford history of historical writing, 2011.

Information technology and data in healthcare: using and understanding data, 2021.

Teaching music through performance in contemporary a cappella, 2020.

Life, support, music, 2008. 

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
36 devotionals for women’s group.

5-minute Bible study for women: mornings in God’s word.

Abortion and the sanctity of human life.

Animals in the Bible.

Baptism and the New Testament. Lectures.

Barack Obama: son of promise, child of hope.

Beautiful songs of Zion, a collection of new and old songs suited to all kinds of religious work and worship ….

Best-loved Bible stories.

A Bible history: for schools, confirmation classes and homes.

The bible story in easy words for children.

…but I love you: the musings of an 86-year-old retired minister who spends his time reflecting on his 60 years of ministry.

Carl Sandburg.

Catalog: Puget Sound College of the Bible, 1958-1959.

Christian hymns: for every purpose in worship.

Christmas programs for the church, number 16: includes material for Thanksgiving.

A componential approach to Hebrew semantics.

Cook book issued by the Ladies Aid Society of the First Christian Church, Union City, Tenn., 1916.

A description of the apostolic church and the position of the pastor: considered in the light of the primitive organization of the church of Christ.

Funeral messages.

Gethsemane Church of Christ: Mechanicsville, Hanover County, Virginia, 1867-1967.

God’s book for me.

Homemaking programs: talks and activities.

Leading the first-century church in the space age.

Les Grands recits de la Bible.

The man in the crowd.

Minute stories from the Bible.

My name is Georgia: a portrait.

Notes on nursing: what it is, and what it is not.

Ounces of wisdom.

Our Prayers and Praise: the order for daily morning prayer and the order for the administration of the Lord’s Supper.

The Phillipian, 1919.

The Phillipian, 1920.

Reminiscences of Linda Richards, America’s first trained nurse.

Restoring New Testament Christianity: featuring Alexander Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Barton W. Stone and Hall L. Calhoun.

Revealing word: a collection of poems and hymn texts.

Revisioning Christian unity: journeying with Jesus Christ, the reconciler at the global Christian forum, Limuru, November 2007.

Sermons: from “the truth defender”.

Songs for soul-winning.

Special days in the church.

Spiritual songs: a collection of songs and hymns, new and old, suited to all purposes of Christian work and worship.

Standing for their faith: a history of churches of Christ in Tennessee, 1900-1950.

Stories and miracles: including Walking on water & other stories.

The trail blazers: heroes of faith.

Training men to preach and serve: an orientation study in the ministry and service of Jesus Christ.

A Study of contemporary model preachers of the Christian Church (Church of Christ).

Unity of Christians: the advocate of true progression in church and state, recognizing the Bible alone as the true basis of Christian union.

New Books and Media Received (June-August 2021)

The following Books (140 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in June, July, and August 2021.

Seminary Library

Teaching and learning across cultures: a guide to theory and practice, 2021.

Language and Literature
Aramaic: a history of the first world language, 2021. 

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Abuelita faith: what women on the margins teach us about wisdom, persistence, and strength, 2021.

Beads and strands: reflections of an African woman on Christianity in Africa, 2004.

Church administration: creating efficiency for effective ministry, 2011.

Church conflicts: the cross, apocalyptic, and political resistance, 2021.

Constructing exile: the emergence of a biblical paradigm, 2020.

Ethical prophets along the way: those hall of famers, 2020.

The first biography of Jesus: genre and meaning in Mark’s gospel, 2020.

Holy living: the Christian tradition for today, 2017.

John interpreted by early Christian and medieval commentators, 2018.

Liberty for all: defending everyone’s religious freedom in a pluralistic age, 2021.

The ministry of women in the New Testament: reclaiming the biblical vision for church leadership, 2021.

Scripture as communication: introducing biblical hermeneutics, 2021.

Theological foundations of worship: biblical, systematic, and practical perspectives, 2021.

Thriving in the second chair: ten practices for robust ministry (when you’re not in charge), 2016.

The unbearable wholeness of being: God, evolution and the power of love, 2013.

Unfettered: imagining a childlike faith beyond the baggage of Western culture, 2021.

The universal Christ: how a forgotten reality can change everything we see, hope for, and believe, 2021.

An unsettling God: the heart of the Hebrew Bible, 2009.

Voices from the ruins: theodicy and the fall of Jerusalem in the Hebrew Bible, 2021.

Women in the mission of the church: their opportunities and obstacles throughout Christian history, 2021.

Social Sciences
Aged by culture, 2004.

New Testament Seminar
African American readings of Paul: reception, resistance, and transformation, 2020.

The Jewish annotated Apocrypha: New Revised Standard Version Bible translation, 2020.

Matthew by Jeannine K. Brown and Kyle A. Roberts, 2018.

Reading Acts in the discourses of masculinity and politics, 2017.

A Roman commentary on St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, 2020.

The second sophistic, 2005.

Women and society in the Roman world: a sourcebook of inscriptions from the Roman West, 2021.

Welshimer Library

From Eastern Europe: graphic design from Eastern Europe, 2018.

From Japan: graphic design from Japan, 2015.

From Latin America: graphic design from Latin America, 2019.

From Scandinavia: graphic design from Scandinavia, 2017.

From South Korea, 2021.

From Switzerland: graphic design from Switzerland, 2020.

Graphic Artists Guild handbook: pricing & ethical guidelines., 2021.

The graphic design reader, 2019.

In progress: see inside a lettering artist’s sketchbook and process, from pencil to vector, 2015.

On the shoulders of giants, 2019.

Paula Scher: twenty-five years at the Public, a love story, 2020.

The power of color: five centuries of European painting, 2019.

The holistic curriculum, 2019.

America for Americans: a history of xenophobia in the United States, 2021.

Authoritarian apprehensions: ideology, judgment, and mourning in Syria, 2019.

Diaries, 1898-1902 [of Alma Mahler], 2000.

Malevolent muse: the life of Alma Mahler, 2015.

Passionate spirit: the life of Alma Mahler, 2019.

The three lives of James Madison: genius, partisan, president, 2020.

Social scaffolding: applying the lessons of contemporary social science to health and healthcare, 2019.

Acting the song: performance skills for the musical theatre, 2016.

Jerome Robbins, by himself: selections from his letters, journals, drawings, photographs, and an unfinished memoir, 2019.

Philosophy and Religion
The big idea companion for preaching and teaching: a guide from Genesis to Revelation, 2021.

The great sex rescue: the lies you’ve been taught and how to recover what God intended, 2021.

The meaning of life and death: ten classic thinkers on the ultimate question, 2020.

Mission drift: the unspoken crisis facing leaders, charities, and churches, 2015.

Political Science
The psychology of politics, 2019.

Aesthetic science: representing nature in the Royal Society of London, 1650-1720, 2020.

Find your path: unconventional lessons from 36 leading scientists and engineers, 2019.

Testosterone: an unauthorized biography, 2019.

Social Sciences
Capital in the nineteenth century, 2019.

Globalisms: facing the populist challenge, 2020.

The party and other stories, 2020.

Where’s baby?, 2020.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Art, craft, and theology in fourth-century christian authors.

The body broken: embracing the peace of Christ in a fragmented church.

Books of Meqabyan 1-3.

Casino royale [DVD].

Christian character: New Testament passages.

Christian egalitarian leadership: empowering the whole church according to the scriptures.

Christian extremism.

Christian philosophy.

Christology after Chalcedon: Severus of Antioch and Sergius the Monophysite.

The courtier and the heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the fate of God in the modern world.

The cultural church.

Descartes: the project of pure enquiry.

Diamonds are forever [DVD].

Die another day [DVD].

Dynamic women of the Bible: what we can learn from their surprising stories.

Emboldened: a vision for empowering women in ministry.

The enigma of anger: essays on a sometimes deadly sin.

The experience of God [2 volumes].


Font of life: Ambrose, Augustine and the mystery of baptism.

For your eyes only [DVD].

Four views on the Apostle Paul.

The global Church: the first eight centuries: from Pentecost through the rise of Islam.

The God of Jesus Christ.

God’s glory alone: the majestic heart of Christian faith and life: what the reformers taught … and why it still matters.

Goldeneye [DVD].

Help: the original human dilemma.

In the time of the butterflies.

Inner river: a pilgrimage to the heart of Christian spirituality.

Inventing the individual: the origins of Western liberalism.

Israel’s apostasy and restoration: essays in honor of Roland K. Harrison.

Jesus and the remains of his day: studies in Jesus and the evidence of material culture.

The Jewish teachers of Jesus, James, and Jude: what earliest Christianity learned from the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha.

Let her be: right relationships and the Southern Baptist conundrum over woman’s role.

Licence to kill [DVD].

Lime green: reshaping our view of women in the church.

The living daylights [DVD].

Living icons: persons of faith in the Eastern church.

Love does: discover a secretly incredible life in an ordinary world.

The man with the golden gun [DVD].

Meaning and the moral sciences.

Metropolis: a history of the city, humankind’s greatest invention.

Midsommar [DVD].

Mind and language.

Moonraker [DVD].

The moral gap: Kantian ethics, human limits, and God’s assistance.

The mysterious flame: conscious minds in a material world.

The mystery of the Trinity.

Octopussy [DVD].

Philosophy of logics.

The philosophy of mind: an introduction.

The philosophy of St. Bonaventure.

Quantum of solace [DVD].

Sacred places, pilgrim paths: an anthology of pilgrimage.

Saint Augustine’s memory.

Salvation through temptation: Maximus the Confessor and Thomas Aquinas on Christ’s victory over the devil.

The sign of Jonah reconsidered: a study of its meaning in the gospel traditions.

Skyfall [DVD].

Spectre [DVD].

The Synoptic vision: essays on the philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars.

Tales of the Dairy Godmother: Chuck’s ice cream wish.

Testimony: a philosophical study.

A theologian in search of a philosophy.

A theology of love.

Tomorrow never dies [DVD].

Tongue of the prophets: the life story of Eliezer Ben Yehuda.

The Trinity: an interdisciplinary symposium on the Trinity.

The twilight zone: the complete series [DVD].

Two worlds: an Edinburgh Jewish childhood.

Undergoing God: dispatches from the scene of a break-in.

A view to a kill [DVD].

Was Jesus married?: the distortion of sexuality in the Christian tradition.

What’s with Paul and women?: unlocking the cultural background to 1 Timothy 2.

Women in the life of Jesus.

The Word leaps the gap: essays on Scripture and theology in honor of Richard B. Hays.

The world is not enough [DVD].