Milligan Libraries Book+Art 2018 Exhibit: Bringing New Life to Old Books!

Milligan Libraries is currently celebrating its sixth annual Book+Art exhibit, on display now at Welshimer Library. The exhibit, which occurs every Fall during Homecoming weekend, is one of two book-related Milligan community creative expression showcases the library hosts every year – every Spring, the library hosts Edible Books Festival.

Books are repositories of information, knowledge, and inspiration. As physical objects, however, books are fragile things. Many – especially children’s books – get literally love to pieces, while others get replaced with updated, more relevant versions. To celebrate their impact on our lives, the library invites the Milligan community to use discarded books and transform them into works of art.

This year we had 10 entries, displaying a variety of techniques and ideas. The winner of our random draw for a $25 Amazon gift card was Engineering student Korynne Taylor. Congratulations, Korynne! Milligan Libraries would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Book+Art exhibit.

We highly recommend dropping in to Welshimer and checking out the entries – the level of detail is awesome! But we realize not everyone can make it down, so here are photos of this year’s entries:

Milligan by Joy Drinnon

Word Flurry by Katie Banks

Variations on Merry by Mary Jackson

Praying By the Book: Anglican Rosary by Jude Morrissey

Faith by Joy Drinnon

Born of History by Korynne Taylor

Pumpkin by Joy Drinnon


Bibliobead Tree by Jude Morrissey

Creation of Adam: Part II by Sydney Rhoton

Cookbook Conversions by Kristy Lundholm

Milligan’s Madrigal Dinners, a Celebration of an English Christmas Tradition


Madrigal Dinner, 1983. Milligan College Archives & Special Collections.

Written by Cynthia Capps, Sophomore ’17, Archive Student Assistant.

The Madrigal Dinners held at Milligan celebrated English Christmas customs from the 16th century. A medieval banquet featuring a full course meal and a Christmas concert performed by minstrel singers are what the Madrigal Dinners are still remembered for today. In 1967, the first Madrigal Dinner was a production by the speech and music departments; specifically, Dr. William Moorhouse and Sherwyn Bachman. Dr. William Moorhouse and his wife Lowanna Moorhouse did extensive research on costume design while traveling to several museums in England to ensure each costume worn at the dinners were as authentic as possible. The dinners proved to be a success lasting 34 consecutive years ending in 2001. Continue reading