If you’ve got 44 cents, you can help!

Our totals keep rising and the amount-per-person keeps dropping! If you’ve got 44 cents, you can help us finish the Million Pennies Campaign by the end of the summer! Or you can buy one of those infamous The Simpsons postage stamps from 2009. It’s up to you, really.

Our campaign donations now total $8,822.10, thanks to the $339.92 donated in May 2013 by our donors Lindsay Eckert, Clint Holloway, and Gabe Rees. How can you help? Bring your loose change (or cash or checks!) and drop it into the plastic cube at the Circulation Desk. When we reach our $10,000 goal, we’ll allow you, the contributors, to name a study room whatever you like in the newly renovated Library!** Every penny helps! (If you’re not familiar with the Campaign, check out original post on the library blog.) This summer, we’ll do a count of new contributions around the first of each month and announce the results here, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and MilliganToday.

If you’re doing some belated Spring cleaning, we will also take your unwanted but gently used books, textbooks, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and audiobooks for our Million Pennies Book Drive, which also benefits the Campaign–in May alone, we made $53.42 from the sale of Library discards and donations alone. There are donation boxes in the library lobby and the hallway of the FOB. Thanks again, and please ask a member of library staff if you have any questions!
** A note from Gary F. Daught, Director of Library Services: It is exciting to think that we are so close to our goal. Obviously, the Library renovation project will require significantly more than $10,000 to complete, and it is still awaiting major funding even after the initial phase of Milligan College’s Forward Ever capital campaign was successfully concluded in June 2011. The Million Pennies Campaign was launched concurrent with Forward Ever to engage our users–particularly students–in this project in a way that was meaningful, accessible, and concrete. It is a small but tangible way for everyone to show their support for the Milligan College Library. I want to ‘second’ Jeff Harbin in thanking everyone who has contributed their pennies to date. Let’s see if we can reach our goal before the end of the school year!