Million Pennies Campaign raises $18.50 in February 2011

Milligan College Library is proud to announce that you, our loyal library users, contributed $18.50 in cash and change to our Million Pennies Campaign in February 2011.  We have now raised $2,913.06 since the start of the campaign in April 2010, which means we’ve achieved nearly 30% of our goal!

The Library staff would like to extend a hearty thank you to our February contributors: Jacob Albrecht, Zaphod Beeblebrox, David Corwin, Angela Highfield, L. Ron Hubbard, June Leonard, Joseph Smith, and Brian Williams. Remember, if you’d like us to thank you by name, please write your name down on the slips of paper in the tray next to the donation box, and we’ll let everyone know about your generosity!

We still need your help in raising funds to help us reach our goal of a totally renovated library.  Bring your loose change and help us get closer to $10,000. Remember, when we raise the money, we’ll allow you, the contributors, to name a study room whatever you like.  Every penny helps!