New Books and Media Received (April 2018)

The following Books and DVDs (102 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during April 2018.

Seminary Library

Readings in late antiquity : a sourcebook, 2010.

Language and Literature
Basics of Classical Syriac : complete grammar, workbook, and lexicon, 2016.

The new Syriac primer : an introduction to the Syriac language with a CD, 2007.

The Didascalia apostolorum : an English version, 2009.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Origenes’ vier Bücher von den Prinzipien, 1992.

The best kept secret of Christian mission : promoting the gospel with more than our lips, 2010.

The state of pastors : how today’s faith leaders are navigating life and leadership in an age of complexity, 2017.

Where the gods are : spatial dimensions of anthropomorphism in the biblical world, 2016.

1 Corinthians, 2018.

Reading Romans in context : Paul and Second Temple Judaism, 2015.

The Oxford handbook of the Bible in America, 2017.

Welshimer Library

The cathedral films collection, 2014.

The children’s collection, 2015.

The Christmas collection, 2014.

The Christopher films collection, 2014.

The Easter collection, 2014.

The family films collection, 2014.

The Loyola films collection, 2014.

The missions collection, 2014.

Tai ji : zhang sanfeng = Tai chi master, 2008.

Donated Gift Books to the Milligan Libraries
A better war : the unexamined victories and final tragedy of America’s last years in Vietnam

A country made by war : from the Revolution to Vietnam : the story of America’s rise to power

A life in a year : the American infantryman in Vietnam, 1965-1972

A phoenix rising : impressions of Vietnam

A world of hurt

All went willingly, 1941-1945 : World War II

Ancient Cambodia

And if I perish : frontline U.S. Army nurses in World War II

Another Vietnam : pictures of the war from the other side

Approaching Vietnam : from World War II through Dienbienphu, 1941-1954

The art of Champa

Art of Vietnam

Before their time : a memoir

Blundering to glory : Napoleon’s military campaigns

Buddha’s child : my fight to save Vietnam

The diary of a Napoleonic foot soldier

Dien Bien Phu : the epic battle America forgot

The face of battle

Fire in the belly : on being a man

Fire in the streets : the battle for Hue, Tet 1968

Four hours in My Lai

From people’s war to people’s rule : insurgency, intervention, and the lessons of Vietnam

G.I. : the American soldier in World War II

The Green Berets

Hiroshima Joe

Images of women in peace and war : cross-cultural and historical perspectives

In the service of their country : war resisters in prison

Infantry aces

Is Iraq another Vietnam?

Knight’s cross : a life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

Learning true love : how I learned and practiced social change in Vietnam

Looking for a hero : Staff Sergeant Joe Ronnie Hooper and the Vietnam War

Makers of modern strategy : from Machiavelli to the nuclear age

Massacre at Oradour

The mindful moment

Miracle at St. Anna

The new exiles; American war resisters in Canada.

Pacific War diary, 1942-1945

Page after page

Patches of fire : a story of war and redemption

PAVN : People’s Army of Vietnam

The Pentagon underground

Prince of peace

Reaching the other side : the journal of an American who stayed to witness Vietnam’s postwar transition

The reluctant admiral : Yamamoto and the Imperial Navy

The rockets’ red glare : when America goes to war : the presidents and the people

Romancing Vietnam : inside the boat country

Savoring Southeast Asia : recipes and reflections on Southeast Asian cooking

Shooting war : photography and the American experience of combat

Silence was a weapon : the Vietnam war in the villages

The soldiers’ story : Vietnam in their own words

Spring visits : photographs from Viet Nam

Stalin’s war : a radical new theory of the origins of the second world war

Steel my soldiers’ hearts : the hopeless to hardcore transformation of 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry, United States Army, Vietnam

Steel my soldiers’ hearts : the hopeless to hardcore transformation of 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry, United States Army, Vietnam

Then the Americans came : voices from Vietnam

There once was a world : a nine-hundred-year chronicle of the shtetl of Eishyshok

The things we do to make it home : a novel

Tiger in the barbed wire : an American in Vietnam, 1952-1991

The two shores of hell

The U.S. government and the Vietnam war : executive and legislative roles and relationships

Under fire : great photographers and writers in Vietnam

Viet Nam : the situation of children and women

Vietnam : a natural history

Vietnam : anatomy of a peace

Vietnam : conflict and controversy

Vietnam : for travellers by travellers

Vietnam at the crossroads

The Vietnam war : its history, literature and music

Vietnam, the necessary war : a reinterpretation of America’s most disastrous military conflict

Vietnamese-English dictionary

The village war : Vietnamese Communist revolutionary activities in Dinh Tuong province, 1960-1964


War and the rise of the state : the military foundations of modern politics

War letters.

The war within : America’s battle over Vietnam

The wars of America

Watch the sun set : Korean war memories

We were soldiers once -and young : Ia Drang, the battle that changed the war in Vietnam

Why the North won the Vietnam War

Winking at death : memoir of a World War II POW

The year of the hare : America in Vietnam, January 25, 1963-February 15, 1964