New Books and Media Received (August 2017)

The following Books and DVDs (72 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during August 2017.

Seminary Library

Language and Literature
As we are now : a novel, 1992.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
A history of Christianity in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, 1450-1990 : a documentary sourcebook, 2007.

The book of womanhood, 2015.

The call to discipleship, 2003.

Contextualization and syncretism : navigating cultural currents, 2006.

The death of Jesus in Matthew : innocent blood and the end of exile, 2017.

The demonstrations of Aphrahat, the Persian sage, 2010.

Dictionary of daily life in biblical and post-biblical Antiquity. 2nd ed. Complete in one volume. A-Z., 2017.

Ecclesiology and theosis in the Gospel of John, 2017.

Explorations in Asian Christianity : history, theology, and mission, 2017.

Gender roles and the people of God : rethinking what we were taught about men and women in the church, 2017.

Good works in 1 Peter : negotiating social conflict and Christian identity in the Greco-Roman world, 2014.

The grace in aging : awaken as you grow older, 2014.

In the company of the poor : conversations between Dr. Paul Farmer and Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez, 2013.

Katie Luther, first lady of the Reformation : the unconventional life of Katherina von Bora, 2017.

Myths from Mesopotamia : creation, the flood, Gilgamesh, and others, 2008.

Pastoral Letters : a handbook on the Greek text., 2017.

Persecution in 1 Peter : differentiating and contextualizing early Christian suffering, 2012.

Salvation by allegiance alone : rethinking faith, works, and the gospel of Jesus the King, 2017.

This chair rocks : a manifesto against ageism, 2016.

What they don’t tell you : a survivor’s guide to biblical studies, 2015.

When God spoke Greek : the Septuagint and the making of the Christian Bible, 2013.

Women in the story of Jesus : the gospels through the eyes of nineteenth-century female biblical interpreters, 2016.

Women, leadership, and the Bible : how do I know what to believe? a practical guide to biblical interpretation, 2014.

Social Sciences
Gender Roles, 2017.

Welshimer Library

Dictionary of daily life in biblical and post-biblical Antiquity. 2nd ed. Complete in one volume. A-Z., 2017.

Film Studies
The Bible in motion : a handbook of the Bible and its reception in film, 2016.

Fine Arts
Seven days in the art world, 2008.

A history of the Royal Navy : World War II, 2014.

The first frontier : the forgotten history of struggle, savagery, and endurance in early America, 2012.

The foreign policy of Russia : changing systems, enduring interests, 2014.

Masters of Empire : Great Lakes Indians and the Making of America, 2015.

Smart about sharks, 2016.

Language and Literature
A Game of Thrones, Books 1-5, 2011.

     A song of fire and ice, Book 1.

     A clash of kings, Book 2.

     A storm of swords, Book 3.

     A feast for crows, Book 4.

     A dance with dragons, Book 5.

Representing rape in Medieval and early modern literature, 2001.

Teaching music through performance in choir. Volume 4, 2017.

Occupational Therapy
Mindful crafts as therapy : engaging more than hands, 2017.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
The age of evangelicalism : America’s born-again years, 2014.

Early Zhuangzi commentaries : on the sounds and meanings of the inner chapters, 2008.

Unfamiliar streets : the photographs of Richard Avedon, Charles Moore, Martha Rosler, and Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, 2014.

Social Sciences
Century of the leisured masses : entertainment and the transformation of twentieth-century America, 2015.

Financial crises : causes, consequences, and policy responses, 2014.

Teaching music through performance in choir. Volume 4, Levels 1-4 : resource recordings., 2017.

Camille Claudel, 2001.

Dead Poets Society, 1998.

Exhibition on screen : Renoir, 2016.

Goya : crazy like a genius, 2008.

Goya : visions of flesh and blood : from the National Gallery, London, 2016.

Goya’s ghosts, 2008.

The lives of others, 2007.

Lust for life, 2006.

Mr. Turner, 2015.

October sky, 2005.

Paterson, 2017.

PovertyCure, 2012.

Simon Schama’s Power of art, 2007.

Walking the Camino : six ways to Santiago, 2014.

Donated Gift Books to the Milligan Libraries
The alcoholic republic, an American tradition

Divine inspiration : the life of Jesus in world poetry

Fulfilling the Greatest Command

Iron tears : America’s battle for freedom, Britain’s quagmire, 1775-1783

Lady, wilt thou love me? : Eighteen love poems for Ellen Terry attributed to George Bernard Shaw

Mercy : the essence of the gospel and the key to Christian life

The Psalter as witness : theology, poetry, and genre : proceedings from the Baylor University-University of Bonn Symposium on the Psalter

Quest for distinction : Pepperdine University in the 20th century

Rodin’s Thinker and the dilemmas of modern public sculpture