New Books and Media Received (February 2022)

The following Books (83 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in February 2022.

Seminary Library

Camels in the Biblical world, 2021.

Witnessing Whiteness: confronting White supremacy in the American church, 2020.

Language and Literature
An introduction to biblical Greek grammar: elementary syntax and linguistics, 2020.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
All things wise and wonderful: a Christian understanding of how and why things happen, in light of Covid-19 , 2021.

Amos: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Göran Eidevall, 2017.

Atando cabos: Latinx contributions to theological education , 2021.

Black biblical studies: an anthology of Charles B. Copher:  biblical and theological issues on the Black presence in the Bible., 1993.

Body: biblical spirituality for the whole person , 2016.

The Book of Judges by Barry G. Webb, 2012.

The book of Lamentations by John Goldingay, 2022.

The book of Psalms by Nancy L. DeClaissé-Walford, Rolf A. Jacobson, Beth LaNeel Tanner, 2014.

The Book of Zechariah by Mark J. Boda, 2016.

The books of Haggai and Malachi by Mignon R. Jacobs, 2017.

Christopraxis: a theology of action , 1995.

Cleansing the cosmos: a biblical model for conceptualizing and counteracting evil , 2012.

Eastern Christianity: a reader , 2021.

Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs by Kiara A. Jorgenson and Alan G. Padgett, 2020.

Ecotheology: a Christian conversation , 2020.

Eight women of faith , 2016.

Epigraphy, iconography, and the Bible , 2022.

Ezekiel 38-48: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Diana Lynn Severance, 2018.

Feminine threads: women in the tapestry of Christian history , 2011.

Figura and fulfillment: typology in the Bible, art, and literature , 2016.

First Nations version: an indigenous translation of the New Testament., 2021.

Four views on heaven by Gary T. Meadors and Walter C. Kaiser, 2022.

Four views on moving beyond the Bible to theology by Ronald D. Witherup, 2009.

Galatians: life in the new creation:  a spiritual-pastoral reading by Henri de Lubac, Henri de and David Grumett, 2020.

Henri de Lubac and the shaping of modern theology: a reader , 2020.

Holding up half the sky: a biblical case for women leading and teaching in the church , 2020.

Icons of Christ: a biblical and systematic theology for women’s ordination , 2020.

Jesus, divorce, & remarriage: in their historical setting , 2019.

Job 38-42 by Michelle Derusha, 2011.

Judges by Andrew Mellas, 2014.

Katharina and Martin Luther: the radical marriage of a runaway nun and a renegade monk , 2018.

Liturgy and the emotions in Byzantium: compunction and hymnody , 2020.

Now that I’m called: a guide for women discerning a call to ministry , 2018.

Outposts of hope: First Peter’s Christ for culture strategy , 2015.

The Oxford handbook of Russian religious thought , 2020.

Racial justice and the Catholic Church , 2010.

Revelation by David Toshio Tsumura, 2020.

Sanctified sexuality: valuing sex in an oversexed world , 2020.

The Second Book of Samuel by Emily Suzanne Johnson, 2019.

Talking about race: Gospel hope for hard conversations , 2022.

This is our message: women’s leadership in the new Christian right , 2019.

The way of humility by Philip Barton Payne and Vince Huffaker, 2007.

When narcissism comes to church: healing your community from emotional and spiritual abuse , 2020.

Why can’t women do that?: breaking down the reasons churches put men in charge , 2021.

Women in God’s mission: accepting the invitation to serve and lead , 2018.

Yahweh among the gods: the divine in Genesis, Exodus, and the ancient Near East , 2022.

You need a better gospel: reclaiming the Good News of participation with Christ , 2022.

New Testament Seminar
The First Epistle to the Corinthians by Gordon D. Fee, 2014.

A grammar of New Testament Greek by Rodney A. Whitacre, 2021.

The Letter to Philemon by Scot McKnight, 2017.

The letter to the Colossians by Scot McKnight, 2018.

The letter to the Ephesians by Lynn H. Cohick, 2020.

The letter to the Romans by Douglas J. Moo, 2018.

Matthew 1-14: a handbook on the Greek text by Wesley G. Olmstead, 2019.

Matthew 15-28: a handbook on the Greek text by Wesley G. Olmstead, 2019.

Social and cognitive perspectives on the Sermon on the Mount , 2021.

Welshimer Library

Dance theory: source readings from two millennia of Western dance:  a critical anthology, 2020. 

The 1619 Project: a new origin story, 2021.

Information hunters: when librarians, soldiers, and spies banded together in World War II Europe, 2020.

Laughter after: humor and the Holocaust, 2020. 

Language and Literature
All bullshit and lies?: insincerity, irresponsibility, and the judgment of untruthfulness, 2020.

The Cambridge companion to fiction in the Romantic period, 2008.

Re-orienting the fairy tale: contemporary adaptations across cultures, 2020.

Social Sciences
Careers in counseling and psychology: a guide to choosing the right career path, 2022.

Dear Ijeawele, or, A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions, 2018.

Masculinity in the making: managing the transition to manhood, 2020.

Dune, 2022.


American born Chinese, 2021. Printz 2007 Medal Winner
Beak Ally #1: Unlikely Friends, 2022. Geisel 2022 Honor Book
Everything sad is untrue: (a true story), 2020. Printz 2021 Medal Winner
I hop, 2021. Geisel 2022 Honor Book
Last night at the Telegraph Club, 2021. Printz 2022 Honor Book
The poet X: a novel, 2018. Printz 2019 Medal Winner
Revolution in our time: the Black Panther Party’s promise to the people, 2021. Printz 2022 Honor Book
A snake falls to Earth, 2021. Newbery 2022 Honor Book
We are okay: a novel, 2019. Printz 2018 Medal Winner

The book of Lamentations by John Goldingay, 2022.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Armed struggle : the history of the IRA.

Samuel Usque’s Consolation for the tribulations of Israel = (Consolaçam ás tribulaçoens de Israel).

Tennessee blue book, 2021-2022.