New Books and Media Received (November 2018)

The following Books and DVDs (200 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during November 2018.

Seminary Library

New Testament Seminar
Cognitive science and the New Testament : a new approach to early Christian research, 2017.

Lifting the veil : 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 in light of Jewish homiletic and commentary traditions, 2015.

Novum Testamentum Graecum : editio critica maior, Teil 1.1, 2017.

God of tomorrow : how to overcome the fears of today and renew your hope for the future, 2018.

Early Christian care for the poor : an alternative subsistence strategy under Roman imperial rule, 2018.

Messy grace : how a pastor with gay parents learned to love others without sacrificing conviction, 2015. 

Fine Arts
Likeness and presence : a history of the image before the era of art, 1994.

The Routledge handbook of early Christian art, 2018.

Behind the scenes of the Old Testament : cultural, social, and historical contexts, 2018. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Advent : the once and future coming of Jesus Christ, 2018.

Being human : bodies, minds, persons, 2018.

Biblical Greek made simple : all the basics in one semester, 2018.

Biblical prophecy : perspectives for Christian theology, discipleship, and ministry, 2014.

The Book of Jeremiah : composition, reception, and interpretation, 2018.

The church and its vocation : Lesslie Newbigin’s missionary ecclesiology, 2018.

The commentary of Origen on the Gospel of St Matthew, 2018.

Connections : a lectionary commentary for preaching and worship, Year C, Part 1, 2018.

Contextualizing the faith : a holistic approach, 2018.

Crafting a rule of life : an invitation to the well-ordered way, 2012.

Discovering the New Testament : an introduction to its background, theology, and themes, 2018.

Dying and the virtues, 2018.

Early Christian care for the poor : an alternative subsistence strategy under Roman imperial rule, 2018.

The end of preaching, by Thomas Troeger, 2018.

Everyday glory : the revelation of God in all of reality, 2018.

A failure of nerve : leadership in the age of the quick fix, 2017.

The fall of man and the foundations of science, 2007.

The four pages of the sermon : a guide to biblical preaching., 2018.

A handbook to Old Testament exegesis, by William P. Brown, 2017.

Heaven on earth : God’s call to community in the Book of Revelation, 2017.

Ingenuity : preaching as an outsider, 2018.

Jesus and the gospels : an introduction, 2016.

Jesus in Asia, 2018.

The kingdom of man : genesis and failure of the modern project, 2018.

Learning theology through the church’s worship : an introduction to Christian belief, 2018.

Liturgy for the whole church : resources for multigenerational worship, 2008.

Miracles : God’s presence and power in creation, 2018.

A new church and a new seminary : theological education is the solution, 2018.

New Testament Christological hymns : exploring texts, contexts, and significance, 2018.

Placemaking and the arts : cultivating the Christian life, 2018.

Poured out : the spirit of God empowering the mission of God, 2018.

Praying for the dawn : a resource book for the ministry of healing, 2000.

Reading the parables, 2014.

Resurrection as salvation : development and conflict in pre-Nicene Paulinism, 2018.

Violence in scripture, 2013.

What the Bible actually teaches on women, 2018.

Who lynched Willie Earle? : preaching to confront racism, 2017.

Why religion? : a personal story, 2018.

Womanist Midrash : a reintroduction to the women of the Torah and the throne, 2017.

The Old Testament in Syriac according to the Peshitta version. Part II Fasc. 5. Proverbs; Wisdom of Solomon; Ecclesiastes; Song of songs. Edited on behalf of the International organization for the Study of the Old Testament by the Peshitta Institute, Leiden, 2018.

The Paulist biblical commentary, 2018.

Welshimer Library

Bibliography, Library Science, and Information Resources
Never use Futura, 2017.

Critical educational psychology, by Stephen Vassallo, 2017.

Fine Arts
Animating the science fiction imagination, 2018.

Art of the Northern Renaissance : courts, commerce and devotion, 2018.

Hagia Sophia : sound, space, and spirit in Byzantium, 2017.

Michelangelo : divine draftsman & designer, 2018.

Rembrandt’s Holland, 2018. 

Living in the anthropocene : Earth in the age of humans, 2017.

Age of conquests : the Greek world from Alexander to Hadrian, 2018.

An autobiography or The story of my experiments with truth, 2018.

Bibi : the turbulent life and times of Benjamin Netanyahu, 2018.

Brutus : the noble conspirator, 2017.

Civil war in Syria : mobilization and competing social orders, 2018.

Creators, conquerors, and citizens : a history of ancient Greece, 2018.

The dead march : a history of the Mexican-American War, 2017.

Eisenhower : becoming the leader of the free world, 2018.

Empress of the east : how a European slave girl became queen of the Ottoman Empire, 2017.

The expanding blaze : how the American Revolution ignited the world, 1775-1848, 2017.

Franklin D. Roosevelt : a political life, 2017.

From independence to revolution : Egypt’s Islamists and the contest for power, 2017.

Gorbachev : his life and times, 2018.

The historian’s narrative of Frederick Douglass : reading Douglass’s autobiography as social and cultural history, 2017.

A history of the future : prophets of progress from H.G. Wells to Isaac Asimov, 2017.

Iran : a modern history, 2017.

Jah kingdom : Rastafarians, Tanzania, and pan-Africanism in the age of decolonization, 2017.

Kennedy and King : the president, the pastor, and the battle over civil rights, 2017.

Last of the Tsars : Nicholas II and the Russia revolution, 2018.

The last Ottoman generation and the making of the modern Middle East, 2017.

Lost kingdom : a history of Russian nationalism from Ivan the Great to Vladimir Putin, 2018.

A nation like all others : a brief history of American foreign relations, 2018.

The political economy of the Kurds of Turkey : from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic, 2017.

Power without victory : Woodrow Wilson and the American internationalist experiment, 2017.

The Republic for which it stands : the United States during Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, 1865-1896, 2017.

Russia in revolution : an empire in crisis, 1890 to 1928, 2018.

Sea of the caliphs : the Mediterranean in the medieval Islamic world, 2018.

Seven myths of Native American history, 2018.

A socialist peace? : explaining the absence of war in an African country, 2017.

Southern reconstruction, 2018.

Stonehenge : the story of a sacred landscape, 2018.

Thinking about history, 2017.

This worldwide struggle : religion and the international routes of the Civil Rights Movement, 2017.

When the war came home : the Ottomans’ Great War and the devastation of an empire, 2018.

Language and Literature
Ancient rhetorics and digital networks, 2018.

Ascent : philosophy and Paradise lost, 2018.

The Cambridge companion to the writings of Julius Caesar, 2018.

The Cambridge Companion to Virginia Woolf, 2010.

The danger of romance : truth, fantasy, and Arthurian fictions, 2018.

Echoes of Emerson : rethinking realism in Twain, James, Wharton, and Cather, 2017.

Graphic design discourse : evolving theories, ideologies, and processes of visual communication, 2018.

Henry David Thoreau : a life, 2017.

A history of the African American novel, 2017.

Ishiro Honda : a life in film, from Godzilla to Kurosawa, 2017.

James Friedrich and Cathedral Films : the independent religious cinema of the evangelist of Hollywood, 1939-1966, 2018.

Mercury’s wings : exploring modes of communication in the ancient world, 2017.

Milton and the making of Paradise lost, 2017.

The news untold : community journalism and the failure to confront poverty in Appalachia., 2017.

The Oxford handbook of classical Chinese literature (1000 BCE-900 CE), 2017.

The practices of hope : literary criticism in disenchanted times, 2017.

Projecting the world : representing the “foreign” in classical Hollywood, 2017.

Semi-detached : the aesthetics of virtual experience since Dickens, 2018.

Shakespeare’s fathers and daughters, 2017.

The sixties, center stage : mainstream and popular performances in a turbulent decade, 2017.

Spectacular men : race, gender, and nation on the early American stage, 2017.

Why Harry met Sally : subversive Jewishness, Anglo-Christian power, and the rhetoric of modern love, 2017.

The woman question in Plato’s Republic, 2017.

Written in blood : revolutionary terrorism and Russian literary culture, 1861-1881, 2017.

Armed in America : a history of gun rights from colonial militias to concealed carry, 2018.

Living emergency : Israel’s permit regime in the occupied West Bank, 2018.

Supreme Court expansion of presidential power : unconstitutional leanings, 2017.

Supreme injustice : slavery in the nation’s highest court, 2018.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, by Michelle G. Craske, 2017.

A handbook for the study of mental health : social contexts, theories, and systems, 2017.

Occupational therapy in acute care, by Helene Smith-Gabai and Suzanne E. Holm, 2017.

Parent-child interaction therapy, by Cheryl Bodiford McNeil, Karla Anhalt, and Toni L. Hembree-Kigin, 2010.

Traditional Chinese medicine : heritage and adaptation, 2018.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
1517 : Martin Luther and the invention of the Reformation, 2017.

Assessing empathy, 2017.

Critical thinking about research : psychology and related fields, 2018.

The cross : history, art, and controversy, 2017.

C.S. Lewis, by Stewart Goetz, 2018.

Debating religious liberty and discrimination, 2017.

Embracing the darkness : a cultural history of witchcraft, 2018.

Existential threats : American apocalyptic beliefs in the technological era, 2017.

Faith and resistance in the age of Trump, 2017.

Hasidism : a new history, 2018.

The illusion of certainty : how the flawed beliefs of religion harm our culture, 2017.

On faith and science, 2017.

Pain, pleasure, and the greater good : from the Panopticon to the Skinner box and beyond, 2017.

Post-truth : peak bullshit and what we can do about it, 2018.

Pure : inside the Evangelical movement that shamed a generation of young women and how I broke free, 2018.

Rethinking political Islam, 2017.

Selected writings on ethics, 2017.

Søren Kierkegaard, by Alastair Hannay, 2018.

Tao and method : a reasoned approach to the Tao Te Ching, 1994.

Women and Asian religions, 2017.

Women who fly : goddesses, witches, mystics, and other airborne females, 2018. 

Political Science
The democratic coup d’état, 2017.

Demopolis : democracy before liberalism in theory and practice, 2017.

Expelling the poor : Atlantic Seaboard states and the nineteenth-century origins of American immigration policy, 2017.

The foundation of the CIA : Harry Truman, the Missouri Gang, and the origins of the Cold War, 2017.

The ideology of failed states : why intervention fails, 2017.

Poetic justice : rereading Plato’s Republic, 2018.

The polarizers : postwar architects of our partisan era, 2018.

Red fighting blue : how geography and electoral rules polarize American politics, 2017. 

Artisanal enlightenment : science and the mechanical arts in old regime France, 2017.

Blockchain and the law : the rule of code, 2018.

First in fly : Drosophila research and biological discovery, 2018.

Forms, souls, and embryos : Neoplatonists on human reproduction, 2017.

Isaac Newton and natural philosophy, 2018.

Merchants of doubt : how a handful of scientists obscured the truth on issues from tobacco smoke to global warming, 2010.

Observation and experiment : an introduction to causal inference, 2017.

The science of sleep : what it is, how it works, and why it matters, 2017. 

Social Sciences
Avoiding war, making peace, 2018.

Counting Americans : how the US Census classified the nation, 2017.

The development dilemma : security, prosperity, and a return to history, 2017.

The economization of life, 2017.

An essay on the principle of population : the 1803 edition, 2018.

Face value : the consumer revolution and the colonizing of America, 2017.

Famine in European history, 2017.

Getting a life : the social worlds of geek culture, 2018.

Handbook of culture and memory, by Brady Wagoner, 2018.

Infinite suburbia, 2017.

Making the Bible Belt : Texas prohibitionists and the politicization of southern religion, 2017.

The neoliberal diet : healthy profits, unhealthy people, 2018.

New criminal justice thinking., 2018.

The philosophical parent : asking the hard questions about having and raising children, 2018.

A study in monetary macroeconomics, 2017.

Working in a multicultural world : a guide to developing intercultural competence, 2017.

First exposures : writings from the beginning of photography, 2017.

How to write and present technical information, 2017.

The war and environment reader, 2017.


James Friedrich and Cathedral Films : the independent religious cinema of the evangelist of Hollywood, 1939-1966, 2018. 

Dark city, 2001.

Take shelter, 2012. 

Ancient apocryphal gospels, 2017.

Biblical prophecy : perspectives for Christian theology, discipleship, and ministry, 2014.

Canon and creed, 2010.

Miracles : God’s presence and power in creation, 2018.

Money and possessions, 2016.

Reading the parables, 2014.

The sacraments in biblical perspective, 2011.

Violence in scripture, 2013. 

21st century musical theatre : 50 songs from shows since 2000, 2018.

Musical theatre for classical singers, 2011.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology : a collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type. Soprano. Volume 1, 2000.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology. Baritone/bass. Volume 2 : a collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type, 1993.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology. Mezzo-soprano/belter. Volume 2 : a collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type, 2000.

The singer’s musical theatre anthology. Tenor. Volume 1 : a collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type, 2000.

The Singer’s musical theatre anthology. Tenor. Volume 2 : a collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type, 1993.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
The book of life, 2014. [DVD]