New Books and Media Received (September 2021)

The following Books (100 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in September 2021.

Seminary Library

A holy baptism of fire and blood: the Bible and the American Civil War, 2021. 

Becoming what we sing: formation through contemporary worship music, 2021.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Accounting and money for ministerial leadership: key practical and theological insights, 2013.

African Pentecostalism and world Christianity: essays in honor of J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, 2020.

The archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea scrolls, 2021.

Aristotle and early Christian thought, 2021.

Bad faith: race and the rise of the religious right, 2021.

Biblia Americana: America’s first Bible commentary:  a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments, v. 9, 2010.

Black print unbound: the Christian recorder, African American literature, and periodical culture, 2015.

The books of Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah, 2021.

Caring for joy: narrative, theology, and practice, 2016.

Chosen peoples: Christianity and political imagination in South Sudan, 2021.

Decolonizing Christianity: becoming badass believers, 2021.

Five models of Scripture, 2021.

Foundations of chaplaincy: a practical guide, 2021.

Genesis and Christian theology, 2012.

If God still breathes, why can’t I?: Black Lives Matter and biblical authority, 2021.

Interpreting Paul by Luke Timothy Johnson, 2021.

Interpreting the Old Testament theologically: essays in honor of Willem A. VanGemeren, 2018.

John Chrysostom and African charismatic theology in conversation: salvation, deliverance, and the prosperity gospel, 2021.

Jonah: introduction and commentary by Amy Erickson, 2021.

Migration and the making of global Christianity, 2021.

Money matters: faith, life, and wealth, 2021.

The new Adam: what the early church can teach evangelicals (and liberals) about the atonement, 2021.

No longer strangers: transforming evangelism with immigrant communities, 2021.

Nurturing faith: a practical theology for educating Christians, 2021.

On Genesis by Bede and Calvin B. Kendall, 2008.

The Pentecostal hypothesis: Christ talks, they decide, 2020.

The Pentecostal principle: ethical methodology in new spirit, 2012.

Political letters and speeches by Ambrose, J. H. W. Liebeschuetz, and Carole G. Hill, 2010.

Reclaiming rural: building thriving rural congregations, 2021.

The same God who works all things: inseparable operations in Trinitarian theology, 2021.

Scribes and scrolls at Qumran by Sidnie White Crawford, 2019.

The split economy: Saint Paul goes to Wall Street, 2021.

When the medium was the mission: the Atlantic telegraph and the religious origins of network culture, 2021.

A women’s lectionary for the whole church. Year W: multi-gospel single-year lectionary, 2021.

Political Science
Errand into the wilderness of mirrors: religion and the history of the CIA, 2021. 

Social Sciences
Belonging: remembering ourselves home, 2017.

New Testament Seminar
Challenging perspectives on the Gospel of John, 2006.

Cruciform scripture: cross, participation, and mission, 2021.

Discourse grammar of the Greek New Testament: a practical introduction for teaching and exegesis, 2010.

Discovering Revelation: content, interpretation, reception, 2021.

Galatians by N. T. Wright, 2021.

The Gospel according to Matthew: a commentary by Matthias Konradt and M. Eugene Boring, 2020.

The gospel of the son of God: an introduction to Matthew by David R. Bauer, 2019.

Jesus, the New Testament, and Christian origins: perspectives, methods, meanings, 2021.

Participating in Christ: explorations in Paul’s theology and spirituality, 2019.

Scribes and their remains, 2021.

Studies on the intersection of text, paratext, and reception: a festschrift in honor of Charles E. Hill, 2021.

Welshimer Library

Memory passages: Holocaust memorials in the United States and Germany, 2020.

The Oxford history of historical writing, 2011.

Information technology and data in healthcare: using and understanding data, 2021.

Teaching music through performance in contemporary a cappella, 2020.

Life, support, music, 2008. 

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
36 devotionals for women’s group.

5-minute Bible study for women: mornings in God’s word.

Abortion and the sanctity of human life.

Animals in the Bible.

Baptism and the New Testament. Lectures.

Barack Obama: son of promise, child of hope.

Beautiful songs of Zion, a collection of new and old songs suited to all kinds of religious work and worship ….

Best-loved Bible stories.

A Bible history: for schools, confirmation classes and homes.

The bible story in easy words for children.

…but I love you: the musings of an 86-year-old retired minister who spends his time reflecting on his 60 years of ministry.

Carl Sandburg.

Catalog: Puget Sound College of the Bible, 1958-1959.

Christian hymns: for every purpose in worship.

Christmas programs for the church, number 16: includes material for Thanksgiving.

A componential approach to Hebrew semantics.

Cook book issued by the Ladies Aid Society of the First Christian Church, Union City, Tenn., 1916.

A description of the apostolic church and the position of the pastor: considered in the light of the primitive organization of the church of Christ.

Funeral messages.

Gethsemane Church of Christ: Mechanicsville, Hanover County, Virginia, 1867-1967.

God’s book for me.

Homemaking programs: talks and activities.

Leading the first-century church in the space age.

Les Grands recits de la Bible.

The man in the crowd.

Minute stories from the Bible.

My name is Georgia: a portrait.

Notes on nursing: what it is, and what it is not.

Ounces of wisdom.

Our Prayers and Praise: the order for daily morning prayer and the order for the administration of the Lord’s Supper.

The Phillipian, 1919.

The Phillipian, 1920.

Reminiscences of Linda Richards, America’s first trained nurse.

Restoring New Testament Christianity: featuring Alexander Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Barton W. Stone and Hall L. Calhoun.

Revealing word: a collection of poems and hymn texts.

Revisioning Christian unity: journeying with Jesus Christ, the reconciler at the global Christian forum, Limuru, November 2007.

Sermons: from “the truth defender”.

Songs for soul-winning.

Special days in the church.

Spiritual songs: a collection of songs and hymns, new and old, suited to all purposes of Christian work and worship.

Standing for their faith: a history of churches of Christ in Tennessee, 1900-1950.

Stories and miracles: including Walking on water & other stories.

The trail blazers: heroes of faith.

Training men to preach and serve: an orientation study in the ministry and service of Jesus Christ.

A Study of contemporary model preachers of the Christian Church (Church of Christ).

Unity of Christians: the advocate of true progression in church and state, recognizing the Bible alone as the true basis of Christian union.