New Books and Media Received (December 2017 and January 2018)

The following Books and DVDs (186 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during December 2017 and January 2018.

Seminary Library

If all the seas were ink : a memoir, 2017.

Language and Literature
Advances in the study of Greek : new insights for reading the New Testament, 2015.

The blood of the lamb, 2005.

The Greek verb revisited : a fresh approach for biblical exegesis, 2016.

New Testament Seminary Collection
The Christian World around the New Testament, 2017.

A commentary on textual additions to the New Testament, 2017.

A critical examination of the coherence-based genealogical method in New Testament textual criticism, 2017.

Early Christian discourses on Jesus’ prayer at Gethsemane : courageous, committed, cowardly?, 2016.

Early Jewish literature : an anthology, 2018.

Light on creation ancient commentators in dialogue and debate on the origin of the world, 2017.

PAUL AND THE EMERGENCE OF CHRISTIAN TEXTUALITY : early christian literary culture in context…. collected essays., 2017.

Saint Ephrem’s Commentary on Tatian’s Diatessaron : an English translation of Chester Beatty Syriac MS 709, 1993.

TEXTS AND ARTEFACTS : collected essays on early christian manuscripts., 2017.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Alexander Campbell and Joseph Smith : nineteenth-century restorationist, 2015.

Analogia entis : metaphysics : original structure and universal rhythm, 2014.

The Bible unfiltered : approaching Scripture on its own terms, 2017.

A cloud of witnesses : an introduction to the development of Christian doctrine to AD 500, 2007.

Finding God in the waves : how I lost my faith and found it again through science, 2016.

Greek Apocryphal Gospels, Fragments, and Agrapha A New Translation., 2017.

LIGHT ON CREATION ancient commentators in dialogue and debate on the origin., 2017.

Paul and economics : a handbook, 2017.

Paul’s large letters : Paul’s autographic subscriptions in the light of ancient epistolary conventions, 2017.

Social & Historical Approaches to the Bible., 2017.

Women’s Bible commentary, 2012.

Welshimer Library

Blurred lines : rethinking sex, power, and consent on campus, 2017.

Teaching to transgress : education as the practice of freedom, 1994.

Fine Arts
Chip Kidd . Book two, work : 2007-2017, 2017.

Designing disability : symbols, space and society, 2017.

Emperors’ treasures : Chinese art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei, 2016.

FireSigns : a semiotic theory for graphic design, 2017.

Hokusai’s lost manga, 2016.

Jan Brueghel and the senses of scale, 2016.

John Singer Sargent and the art of allusion, 2016.

Memorials as spaces of engagement : design, use and meaning, 2016.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Graphics Standards Manual, 2015.

A new history of animation, 2016.

Now you see it and other essays on design, 2017.

The painted book in Renaissance Italy : 1450-1600, 2016.

Pharaoh : king of ancient Egypt, 2016.

Roman portraits : sculptures in stone and bronze in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2016.

Where the heart beats : John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the inner life of artists, 2013.

Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Why forage? : hunters and gatherers in the twenty-first century, 2016.

Fall of the sultanate : the Great War and the end of the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1922, 2016.

From empire to humanity : the American Revolution and the origins of humanitarianism, 2016.

From Washington to Moscow : US-Soviet relations and the collapse of the USSR, 2016.

John Aubrey : my own life, 2015.

Legends of the warring states : persuasions, romances, and stories from Chan-kuo tsʻe, 1998.

Mount Sinai : a history of travellers and pilgrims, 2016.

The Ottoman culture of defeat : the Balkan Wars and their aftermath, 2016.

A persistent revolution : history, nationalism, and politics in Mexico since 1968, 2016.

The rhetoric of Mao Zedong : transforming China and its people, 2017.

The rivers ran backward : the Civil War and the remaking of the American middle border, 2016.

White flight : Atlanta and the making of modern conservatism, 2007.

Woodrow Wilson : ruling elder, spiritual president, 2016.

Zionism : the birth and transformation of an ideal, 2016.

Information Resources
The books that changed my life : reflections by 100 authors, actors, musicians, and other remarkable people, 2016.

Inside paragraphs : typographic fundamentals, 2012.

Language and Literature
The aesthetics of care : on the literary treatment of animals, 2016.

The best punctuation book, period. : a comprehensive guide for every writer, editor, student, and businessperson, 2014.

Bitter tastes : literary naturalism and early cinema in American women’s writing, 2016.

Civic media : technology, design, practice, 2016.

Conversations with Beethoven, 2014.

Dante’s Persons : An Ethics of the Transhuman, 2016.

Darwinism as religion : what literature tells us about evolution, 2017.

Divine film comedies : biblical narratives, film sub-genres, and the comic spirit, 2016.

A history of American Civil War literature , 2016.

How languages are learned, 2013.

James Fenimore Cooper : the later years, 2017.

Kafka, the early years, 2017.

The legal epic : Paradise Lost and the early modern law, 2017.

Measuring the Harlem Renaissance : the U.S. Census, African American identity, and literary form, 2016.

Mere reading : the poetics of wonder in modern American novels, 2017.

Messengers of the Right : conservative media and the transformation of American politics, 2016.

Montaigne : a life, 2017.

Nature speaks : medieval literature and Aristotelian philosophy, 2017.

Pitch of poetry, 2016.

Poetic relations : intimacy and faith in the English Reformation, 2017.

Raciolinguistics : how language shapes our ideas about race, 2016.

Shakespeare on theatre : a critical look at his theories and practices, 2016.

The story of Hebrew, 2017.

Text + field : innovations in rhetorical method, 2016.

Translation as citation : Zhuangzi inside out, 2017.

The value of Emily Dickinson, 2016.

The value of Milton, 2016.

13 : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2011.

Avenue Q, the musical : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2010.

Bound music, unbound women : the search for an identity in the nineteenth century, 2015.

Carousel : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2016.

Cinderella, 2014.

A conductor’s guide to choralorchestral repertoire : an annotated listing of 1,200 works by 250 composers, 2017.

The fantasticks, 1990.

The full monty : [the complete book and lyrics of the hit Broadway musical], 2002.

Grey Gardens : the musical : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2007.

In the heights : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2013.

The king & I : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2016.

The last five years : the complete book and lyrics of the musical, 2011.

A little night music, 1991.

Memphis : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2011.

Oklahoma! : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2010.

Orchestrating the nation : the nineteenth-century American Symphonic Enterprise, 2016.

Passing strange : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2009.

Rent : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2008.

Singing God’s words : the performance of biblical chant in contemporary Judaism, 2016.

The sound of music : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2010.

South Pacific : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical, 2014.

Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street, 1991.

Tick, tick– boom! : the complete book and lyrics, 2009.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
All things made new : the reformation and its legacy, 2017.

The book of Greek & Roman folktales, legends, & myths, 2017.

The Cambridge companion to the Hebrew BibleOld Testament, 2016.

Intercultural discipleship : learning from global approaches to spiritual formation, 2017.

Microaggressions and traumatic stress : theory, research, and clinical treatment, 2018.

On friendship, 2016.

Psalms, 2014.

Southern religion and Christian diversity in the twentieth century, 2016.

Vindicating the vixens : revisiting sexualized, vilified, and marginalized women of the bible, 2017.

Women leaders in the Student Christian Movement, 1880-1920, 2017.

Women’s Bible commentary, 2012.

Political Science
Against democracy, 2017.

A history of International Relations Theory, 2016.

Human rights and humanitarian diplomacy, 2016.

Political campaigns in the United States, 2016.

Theory of the border, 2016.

Colour : how we see it and how we use it, 2016.

Essays in the philosophy of chemistry, 2016.

Exploratory programming for the arts and humanities, 2016.

Social Sciences
Feminism unfinished : a short, surprising history of American women’s movements, 2015.

The politics of dependency : US reliance on Mexican oil and farm labor, 2016.

TAXING THE RICH : a history of fiscal fairness in the united states and europe., 2017.

Under pressure : coal industry rhetoric and neoliberalism, 2016.

Diane Arbus : in the beginning, 1956-1962, 2016.

The uses of photography : art, politics, and the reinvention of a medium, 2016.

The women’s balcony, 2017.

Donated Gift Books to the Milligan Libraries
A  Biblical Aramaic reader : with an outline grammar

A companion to multiconfessionalism in the early modern world

A dove in Vietnam.

A taste of earth, and other legends of Vietnam

America and the Vietnam War : re-examining the culture and history of a generation

An American requiem : God, my father, and the war that came between us

And the world closed its doors : the story of one family abandoned to the Holocaust

Background to betrayal; the tragedy of Vietnam

Breaking the silence

The bridge at Dong Ha

The Buchenwald report

By duty bound : survival and redemption in a time of war

Cataloging and classification : an introduction

Cheap print in Britain and Ireland to 1660

Collection development and management for 21st century library collections : an introduction

College and university archives : readings in theory and practice

The Columbia guide to the Holocaust

Dead center : a marine sniper’s two-year odyssey in the Vietnam war

Die Bekenntnisschriften der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche : herausgegeben im Gedenkjahr der Augsburgischen Konfession 1930.

Emissary of the doomed : bargaining for lives in the Holocaust

Even the women must fight : memories of war from North Vietnam

The extraordinary museums of Southeast Asia

The first battle : Operation Starlite and the beginning of the blood debt in Vietnam

Friendly fire : American images of the Vietnam War

Guerrilla diplomacy : the NLF’s foreign relations and the Viet Nam War

Hitler’s willing executioners : ordinary Germans and the Holocaust

Holocaust : the Nazi persecution and murder of the Jews

Indochina and Vietnam : the thirty-five-year war, 1940-1975

Into the arms of strangers : stories of the Kindertransport

Land of tears : in Vietnam, 1967-1968

Last night I dreamed of peace : the diary of Dang Thuy Tram

Library and information center management

Luthers Werke [1], Erste Folge Reformatorische Schriften 1 […]

Managing archives and archival institutions

No other road to take : memoir of Mrs. Nguyẽ̂n Thị Định

None so blind : a personal account of the intelligence failure in Vietnam

The novice : a story of true love

The oral history reader

The origins of Nazi genocide : from euthanasia to the final solution

The origins of the Vietnam War

The Oxford handbook of the early modern sermon

Prodigals : a Vietnam story

The sacred willow : four generations in the life of a Vietnamese family

Through the valley : Vietnam, 1967-1968

To what end; report from Vietnam

Two souls indivisible : the friendship that saved two POWs in Vietnam

Understanding data and information systems for recordkeeping

The United States in Vietnam,

Vietnam and the United States : origins and legacy of war

Vietnam rising : culture and change in Asia’s tiger cub

The war within : America’s battle over Vietnam

Webster’s new world dictionary of the Vietnam War

While America watches : televising the Holocaust