New Books and Media Received (February 2018)

The following Books and DVDs (124 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during February 2018.

Seminary Library

Fearless dialogues : a new movement for justice, 2017.

Language and Literature
Literary territories : cartographical thinking in late antiquity, 2016.

Philosophy, Pscyhology, Religion
A modest apostle : Thecla and the history of women in the early church, 2015.

Augustine’s early theology of image : a study in the development of pro-Nicene theology, 2016.

Authorized : the use & misuse of the King James Bible, 2018.

Basil of Caesarea, 2014.

Christian women in the Greek papyri of Egypt to 400 CE, 2014.

Council of Nicaea (325) : religious and poltical context, documents, commentaries, 2016.

Divine impassibility and the mystery of human suffering, 2009.

Engage : a theological field education toolkit, 2017.

Engaging the doctrine of the Holy Spirit : love and gift in the Trinity and the church, 2016.

Everything happens for a reason : and other lies I’ve loved, 2018.

Facing decline, finding hope : new possibilities for faithful churches, 2015.

From the lost teaching of Polycarp : identifying Irenaeus’ apostolic presbyter and the author of Ad Diognetum, 2006.

God’s presence : a contemporary recapitulation of early Christianity, 2013.

Gregory of Nazianzus, 2016.

Gregory of Nazianzus : rhetor and philosopher, 2003.

Hebrew Bible, Old Testament : the history of its interpretation, 2015.

Hidden riches : a sourcebook for the comparative study of the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near East, 2014.

Hymns on the unleavened bread, 2011.

Images of water in Isaiah, 2017.

Infants and children in the church : five views on theology and ministry, 2017.

John Chrysostom on divine pedagogy : the coherence of his theology and preaching, 2014.

John the Solitary On the soul, 2013.

Leading congregations and nonprofits in a connected world : platforms, people, and purpose, 2017.

Marcion and the making of a heretic : God and scripture in the second century, 2017.

Moral reflections on the book of Job, 2014.

Novel preaching : tips from top writers on crafting creative sermons, 2010.

Paul : a biography, 2018.

Prayer, 1994.

Romans, 2017.

SCM studyguide to preaching, 2017.

Secular music, sacred space : evangelical worship and popular music, 2017.

Sex & gender : Christian ethical reflections, 2017.

Shared stories, rival tellings : early encounters of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, 2015.

Spirituality of paul : partnering with the spirit in everyday life, 2016.

Surviving and thriving in seminary : an academic and spiritual handbook, 2017.

The Fathers of the church : a new translation., 1947-.

The gospel according to heretics : discovering orthodoxy through early christological conflicts, 2015.

The physical nature of Christian life : neuroscience, psychology, and the church, 2012.

The practical Christology of Philoxenos of Mabbug, 2014.

The spirituality of Saint Paul : a call to imitation, 2017.

The tech-wise family : everyday steps for putting technology in its proper place, 2017.

The works of Cyrillona, 2016.

The world beyond your head : on becoming an individual in an age of distraction , 2015.

To Preach or not to preach: women’s ministry then and now, 2018.

What’s the shape of narrative preaching? : essays in honor of Eugene L. Lowry, 2008.

Written for our instruction : theological and spiritual riches in Romans, 2017.

Apocalyptic Paul : cosmos and anthropos in Romans 5-8, 2013.

Challenging perspectives on the Gospel of John, 2006.

CHRISTIAN OXYRHYNCHUS : texts, documents, and sources, 2018.

Destroyer of the gods : early Christian distinctiveness in the Roman world, 2017.

Luke, 2016.

Matthew, 2017.

Novum Testamentvum Graece With Dictionary Nestle-aland, 2012.

Paul and his recent interpreters : some contemporary debates, 2015.

Pauline churches and diaspora Jews, 2016.

Popular morality in the early Roman Empire, 2009.

Public reading in early Christianity : lectors, manuscripts, and sound in the oral delivery of John 1-4, 2016.

Recovering Paul’s mother tongue : language and theology in Galatians, 2007.

Romans, 2017.

The historical reliability of the New Testament : countering the challenges to evangelical Christian beliefs, 2016.

Unity and diversity in Christ : interpreting Paul in context : collected essays, 2013.

Why on earth did anyone become a Christian in the first three centuries?, 2016.

The power of neuroplasticity for pastoral and spiritual care, 2014.

Welshimer Library

Case studies on safety, bullying, and social media in schools : current issues in educational leadership, 2016.

Trans* in college : transgender students’ strategies for navigating campus life and the institutional politics of inclusion, 2017.

Graphic Design
No more rules : graphic design and postmodernism, 2013.

Revival type : digital typefaces inspired by the past, 2017.

At home with the Aztecs : an archaeologist uncovers their daily life, 2016.

EXECUTING FREEDOM : the cultural life of capital punishment in the united states., 2018.

FINAL SOLUTION : the fate of the jews 1933-1949., 2017.

God’s armies : crusade and jihad: origins, history, aftermath, 2017.

Northmen : the Viking saga, AD 793-1241 , 2016.

The source : how rivers made America and America remade its rivers , 2018.

Strangers in a new land : what archaeology reveals about the first Americans, 2016.

The voice of the past : oral history, 2017.

Language and Literature
Emma, 2012.

No time to spare : thinking about what matters, 2017.

Pride and prejudice : an annotated edition, 2010.

Military Science
Utilitarianism and the ethics of war, 2016.

Musical witness and Holocaust representation, 2015.

Philosophy, Pscyhology, Religion
Celtic mythology : tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes, 2017.

EDGE OF REASON : a rational skeptic in an irrational world, 2017.

The Happiness Philosophers : The Lives and Works of the Great Utilitarians, 2017.

Lévinas’s ethical politics, 2016.

The philosophy of cosmology , 2017.

Practising spirituality : reflections on meaning-making in personal and professional contexts, 2017.

Protestantism after 500 years, 2016.

Psalms of My Heart, 2016.

The social turn in moral psychology , 2017.

Sophistry and political philosophy : Protagoras’ challenge to Socrates, 2016.

Thomas Aquinas on war and peace, 2017.


Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race, 2016.

Metaphysics and the philosophy of science : new essays, 2017.

Social Sciences
The consolations of mortality : making sense of death, 2016.

SIGNS OF RESISTANCE : a visual history of protest in america., 2018.

The cathedral films collection, 2014.

The children’s collection, 2015.

The Christmas collection, 2014.

The Christopher films collection, 2014.

Communist blueprint for conquest., 2004.

Diary of a mad black woman, 2005.

The Easter collection, 2014.

The family films collection, 2014.

The invention of humanity : equality and cultural difference in world history, 2017.

Know your enemy : the Viet Cong, 2006.

The Loyola films collection, 2014.

A Madea Christmas, 2014.

Madea goes to jail, 2006.

The Martian, 2015.

The missions collection, 2014.

Patema inverted, 2014.

Rabbit hole , 2011.

Red nightmare, 2005.

Scipio Africanus : the defeat of Hannibal., 2001.

The Truth about communism, 2006.

Tyler Perry’s I can do bad all by myself, 2010.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s big happy family, 2011.

Minamata: the Victims & Their World , 2006.

Donated Gift Books to the Milligan Libraries
Cross-cultural church planting for probies : a learning process model; envisioning and facilitating holistic church planting among unreached people groups from preparation to closure

Kokoro : a Mexican woman in Japan

The Bible and early Trinitarian theology