New Books and Media Received (June-August 2020)

The following Books and DVDs (89 items) were received into the Library collections at Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through expense accounts and by donation during June, July, and August 2020. Received books include a backlog of donations added to the collection this summer, many of which are for the Gail Phillips Collection.

Welshimer Library

The sound of hope: music as solace, resistance and salvation during the Holocaust and World War II by Kellie D. Brown, 2020.

Seminary Library

White men’s magic: scripturalization as slavery, 2014.

Language and Literature
Going deeper with New Testament Greek: an intermediate study of the grammar and syntax of … the New Testament., 2020.

Women talking: a novel, 2020.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Advances in the study of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic: new insights for reading the Old Testament, 2020.

Brown church: five centuries of Latina/o social justice, theology, and identity, 2020.

Chrysostom’s devil: demons, the will, and virtue in patristic soteriology, 2020.

Defending shame: its formative power in Paul’s letters, 2020.

Demons and spirits in biblical theology: reading the biblical text in its cultural and literary context, 2019.

Evangelical theologies of liberation and justice, 2019.

In the eye of the animal: zoological imagination in ancient Christianity, 2018.

John Henry Newman on truth and its counterfeits: a guide for our times, 2020.

A life of Alexander Campbell, 2020.

Love makes no sense: an invitation to Christian theology, 2019.

Qualitative research: a multi-methods approach to projects for Doctor of Ministry theses, 2011.

Sexuality in the New Testament: understanding the key texts, 2010.

A story of YHWH: cultural translation and subversive reception in Israelite history, 2020.

Vulnerability and glory: a theological account, 2010.

The word made flesh: a theology of the incarnation, 2019.

Social Sciences
The mother of all questions, 2017.

The Oxford handbook of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean, 2019.

New Testament Seminar
The Gospel as manuscript: an early history of the Jesus tradition as material artifact, 2020.

Images of ancient Greek pederasty: boys were their gods, 2010.

The moral teaching of Paul: selected issues, 2009.

Narratology by Genevieve Liveley, 2019.

Place of Judas Iscariot in Christology, 2017.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries
Ask another question: the story & meaning of Passover.

Auschwitz, 1270 to the present.

Bedtime Bible stories.

The beginning of the Reformation: Wittenberg in 1517.

The beginning reader’s Bible.

Bible stories of boys and girls.

Bible stories that live.

The Bible story: from the American Standard edition of the revised Bible.

The blood of his servants.

The Catholic Bible in pictures.

The Catholic children’s Bible.

A child is born: the story for children.

Children’s stories from the Bible and today.

The end of the Holocaust: the liberation of the camps.

Escape from Sobibor.

The facts of life: three-dimensional, movable illustrations show the development of a baby from conception to birth.

Fire in the bread, life in the body: the pheumatology of Ephrem the Syrian.

The five books of Moses for young people.

Franklin and Eleanor: an extraordinary marriage.

God gave me eyes.

God is always there with Booker Bear.

God is my helper.

God sent His Son.

Have faith & pray with Whistler the Dog.

Heroes of the Bible.

La historia de Navidad: según los Evangelios de Mateo y Lucas.

An honourable defeat: a history of German resistance to Hitler, 1933-1945.

Hunter and hunted; human history of the holocaust.

I learn about the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

I pray with the prayer circle friends.

I’ve Decided I Want My Seat Back.

Jagendorf’s foundry: memoir of the Romanian Holocaust, 1941-1944.

Jesus: the little new baby.

Jesus and his disciples.

Jesus goes to school.

Jesus with us.

The journey back from hell: an oral history: conversations with concentration camp survivors.

King James II: New Testament, including Beautiful Bible stories for little eyes and ears.

Lest innocent blood be shed: the story of the village of Le Chambon and how goodness happened there.

Men of tomorrow; stories from the Bible for youth of today.

Michelangelo in Ravensbrück: one woman’s war against the Nazis.

Milligan mayhem.

Nightmares: memoirs of the years of horror under Nazi rule in Europe 1939-1945.

The NIV standard lesson commentary: International Sunday school lessons.

Off the record: the private papers of Harry S. Truman.

Out on a limb: the story of Zacchaeus.

Palestine: peace not apartheid.

Paper walls: America and the refugee crisis, 1938-1941.

The Picture Bible: New Testament.

Pray when you’re in trouble with Eunice the lamb.

Read-n-grow picture Bible.

Reclaiming the Old Testament for Christian preaching.

Seasoned with love: a collection of recipes.

Shoah: an oral history of the Holocaust: the complete text of the film.

Shtetl: the life and death of a small town and the world of Polish Jews.

The sound of hope: music as solace, resistance and salvation during the Holocaust and World War II, by Kellie D. Brown.

Syriac medicine and Ḥunayn ibn Isḥāq’s Arabic translation of the Hippocratic Aphorisms.

Tennessee’s battered brigadier: the life of General Joseph B. Palmer, CSA.

This life therefore.

The two sons.

Uncle Jim’s stories from the New Testament.

Wonder of Easter/La maravilla de la Resurrección.

Zaccheus meets Jesus.