New Books and Media Received (March 2018)

The following Books and DVDs (107 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget during March 2018.

Seminary Library

New Testament Seminar collection
Early Christian discourses on Jesus’ prayer at Gethsemane : courageous, committed, cowardly?, 2016.

The Greek New Testament, produced at Tyndale House Cambridge, 2017.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Adam and the genome : reading scripture after genetic science, 2017.

All things hold together in Christ : a conversation on faith, science, and virtue, 2018.

Awaiting the King : reforming public theology, 2017.

Basics of Classical Syriac : complete grammar, workbook, and lexicon, 2016.

The Bible, disability, and the church : a new vision of the people of God, 2011.

Creatures of possibility : the theological basis of human freedom, 2016.

The Didascalia apostolorum : an English version, 2009.

Divine simplicity : Christ the crisis of metaphysics, 2016.

The end of Protestantism : pursuing unity in a fragmented Church, 2016.

Ethics for Christian ministry : moral formation for twenty-first-century leaders, 2017.

Evolution and the fall, 2017.

From nature to creation : a Christian vision for understanding and loving our world, 2015.

The general instruction of the Roman Missal : including Norms for the distribution and reception of Holy Communion under both kinds in the dioceses of the United States of America and Universal norms on the liturgical year and the general Roman calendar., 2011.

God’s wider presence : reconsidering general revelation, 2014.

Introducing medieval biblical interpretation : the senses of scripture in premodern exegesis, 2018.

Introducing practical theology : mission, ministry, and the life of the church, 2017.

Introducing Protestant social ethics : foundations in scripture, history, and practice, 2017.

Introducing theological method : a survey of contemporary theologians and approaches, 2017.

Moral conscience through the ages : fifth century BCE to the present, 2017.

The new Syriac primer : an introduction to the Syriac language with a CD, 2007.

The Roman missal : renewed by decree of the most holy Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, promulgated by authority of Pope Paul VI and revised at the direction of Pope John Paul II., 2011.

Where the gods are : spatial dimensions of anthropomorphism in the biblical world, 2016.

You are what you love : the spiritual power of habit, 2016.

Welshimer Library

The Chicago manual of style, 2017.

Approaches and methods in language teaching, 2014.

Fine Arts
A new history of animation , 2016.

A history of Algeria, 2017.

A history of modern Uganda, 2017.

A people without a state : the Kurds from the rise of Islam to the dawn of nationalism, 2016.

A place at the altar : priestesses in Republican Rome, 2016.

Athens burning : the Persian invasion of Greece and the evacuation of Attica, 2017.

Citizen internees : a second look at race and citizenship in Japanese American internment camps, 2017.

In the land of a thousand gods : a history of Asia Minor in the ancient world, 2016.

Islamic civilization in thirty lives : the first 1,000 years, 2016.

The triumph of empire : the Roman world from Hadrian to Constantine, 2016.


Caldecott 2018 Medal Winner Wolf in the snow, 2017.
Caldecott 2018 Honor Book A different pond, 2017.
Caldecott 2018 Honor Book Grand Canyon, 2017.
Caldecott & Newbery 2018
Honor Book
Crown : an ode to the fresh cut, 2017.
Geisel 2018  Medal Winner Charlie & Mouse, 2017.
Geisel 2018 Honor Book I see a cat, 2017.
Geisel 2018 Honor Book King and Kayla and the case of the missing dog treats, 2017.
Geisel 2018 Honor Book My kite is stuck! and other stories , 2017.
Geisel 2018 Honor Book Noodleheads see the future, 2017.
Geisel 2018 Honor Book Snail & Worm, again , 2017.
Newbery 2018 Medal Winner Hello universe , 2017.
Newbery 2018 Honor Book Long way down, 2017.
Newbery 2018 Honor Book Piecing me together, 2017.

Language and Literature
Bitter tastes : literary naturalism and early cinema in American women’s writing, 2016.

James Fenimore Cooper : the later years, 2017.

Kafka, the early years , 2017.

Measuring the Harlem Renaissance : the U.S. Census, African American identity, and literary form , 2016.

Mere reading : the poetics of wonder in modern American novels, 2017.

Montaigne : a life, 2017.

Raciolinguistics : how language shapes our ideas about race, 2016.

The story of Hebrew, 2017.

The value of Milton, 2016.

Library Science, Information Resources
Useful, usable, desirable : applying user experience design to your library, 2014.

Military Science
Utilitarianism and the ethics of war, 2016.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
The book of Greek & Roman folktales, legends, & myths , 2017.

Celtic mythology : tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes, 2017.

Climate church, climate world : how people of faith must work for change, 2018.

Dream trippers : global Daoism and the predicament of modern spirituality, 2017.

EDGE OF REASON : a rational skeptic in an irrational world., 2017.

The Happiness Philosophers : The Lives and Works of the Great Utilitarians, 2017.

Lévinas’s ethical politics, 2016.

The making of Friedrich Nietzsche : the quest for identity, 1844-1869, 2016.

The new city catechism : 52 questions and answers for our hearts and minds, 2017.

The new city catechism devotional : God’s truth for our hearts and minds, 2017.

The philosophy of cosmology, 2017.

Protestantism after 500 years, 2016.

The social turn in moral psychology , 2017.

Sophistry and political philosophy : Protagoras’ challenge to Socrates, 2016.

Subversive Sabbath : the surprising power of rest in a nonstop world, 2018.

The textual history of the Huai-nan tzu, 1992.

Thomas Aquinas on war and peace, 2017.

What do philosophers do? : skepticism and the practice of philosophy , 2017.

Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race, 2016.

Social Sciences
The consolations of mortality : making sense of death, 2016.

A Madea Christmas, 2014.

Blade runner 2049, 2018.

The Catherine Tate show. Series one. The complete first season, 2007.

Coco, 2018.

Communist blueprint for conquest., 2004.

Confucius, 2008.

Curse of the golden flower, 2007.

Diary of a mad black woman, 2005.

Diary of a mad black woman, 2005.

Hero, 2004.

House of flying daggers, 2005.

Ip Man trilogy, 2016.

The IT crowd : the internet is coming, 2017.

The IT crowd. The complete series, 2016.

Jet Li’s Fearless, 2006.

Know your enemy : the Viet Cong, 2006.

Legend of the black scorpion, 2008.

Madea goes to jail, 2006.

Minamata kara manabu, 2006.

Rabbit hole , 2011.

Red cliff, 2010.

Red nightmare, 2005.

Scipio Africanus : the defeat of Hannibal., 2001.

The Truth about communism, 2006.

Tyler Perry’s I can do bad all by myself, 2010.

Tyler Perry’s Madea goes to jail, 2009.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s big happy family, 2011.