Checkout EBSCO eBooks to your mobile device (Android or iOS) for offline reading

EbscoHosticonThe Library owns and subscribes to thousands of academic ebooks from EBSCO Publishing. These ebooks are accessible to authorized users from our EBSCOhost eBooks Collections database (select it from the “Resources” dropdown > Databases > “General & Multidisciplinary” on the Library website). They are also indexed for access in the Milligan Library Catalog, and will surface among other search results in MCSearch.

The EBSCOhost platform includes a built-in viewer for reading ebooks online using any modern web browser. In a previous post, I provided instructions for checking out and downloading EBSCO ebooks to your computer for offline reading. As it happens, EBSCO’s ebooks can also be checked out and downloaded to your Android or Apple iOS mobile device (smartphone or tablet) for offline reading.

The following instructions will guide you through the process of checking out and downloading EBSCOhost ebooks to your Android or Apple iOS mobile device (unfortunately, Windows mobile devices are not currently supported). The procedure is a little challenging because it requires that you create two authorization accounts and download an application. However, you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you follow these instructions closely. The first 3 steps only have to be done one time. Feel free to contact a librarian if you need assistance.

Step 1: Get an Adobe ID

EBSCOhost ebooks are copy-protected using Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM). Consequently, you will need an Adobe ID to authorize your access to the ebooks you download from EBSCOhost. You only have to do this step once.

  • Go to
  • Click the “Sign in” link on the top right side of the page.
  • Click the “Get an Adobe ID” link.
  • Fill out the Sign up form then click the “Sign Up” button to complete the registration. The email address you supply will become your Adobe ID. Use this, and the password you create to access content in the EBSCO eBooks application. Write down your Adobe ID and Password.

Step 2: Create a My EBSCOhost account

If you are a currently registered Milligan College student, faculty, or staff member you do not need to create an account to view an EBSCOhost ebook online. Simply click the “PDF Full Text” link to launch the ebook viewer in your web browser.

However, if you want to checkout and download an EBSCOhost ebook to your mobile device for offline reading you will need to create a “My EBSCOhost” account. You only have to do this step once.

  • From any EBSCOhost database (including MCSearch) click the “Sign In” link at the top right side of the page.
  • Click the “Create a new Account” link.
  • Fill out the form then click the “Save Changes” button to complete the registration. The user name and password you supply will enable you to login to your My EBSCOhost account and download ebooks to your device. Write down your User Name and Password.

Step 3: Download and setup the EBSCO eBooks application

  • ebscoitunesLaunch the Google Play Store application on your Android device, or the App Store application on your Apple iOS device.
  • Search for and download the EBSCO eBooks application to your device.
  • Launch the EBSCO eBooks application.
  • Tap on the “Info” button from the bottom row of icons (the location of the “Info” button may be different on your specific device), on the next screen tap on the “Authorize” button. Enter your Adobe ID and Password (see Step 1) then tap “Authorize”. Your device is now authorized to download EBSCOhost ebooks on your mobile device. You only have to do this step once.
  • Tap on the “Find Books” button from the bottom row of icons. As part of the setup process, the EBSCO eBook application enables you to find and set Milligan College as your default library. Under “Find My Library” drill down the Library Locator screens (Country > Subdivision > Libraries Found) then select “Milligan College”. You only have to do this step once.

 The setup is complete. Let’s download an ebook now!

Step 4: Checkout and download an EBSCOhost ebook

NOTE: These instructions apply only to ebooks in EBSCOhost eBook Collections (Milligan College Library also provides ebooks from other publishers. Those ebooks cannot be downloaded to your device using these instructions).

ebsco3a) When you selected “Milligan College” as your library at the end of Step 3 above you notice that the application took you directly to the EBSCO eBooks search/browse screen. However, when you launch the application subsequently and you want to find new books, tap on the “Find Books” button from the bottom row of icons, then tap on “Milligan College” as your last selected library to get to the EBSCO eBooks search/browse screen.

ebsco4b) I am searching for a book on Plato, so I type “Plato” in the search box and tap the find (magnifying glass) icon. The search returns a number of results. The fourth result is an interesting title called From Plato to Platonism by Lloyd P. Gerson.

c) To get the ebook tap on the “Download (Offline)” button. This takes you to the Sign In screen where you enter the My EBSCOhost account User Name and Password (see Step 2) and then tap on the “Login” button. After the login is accepted you see a “Download This eBook” screen. Select the Checkout Period (most can be checked out for as long as 30 days) and then tap the “Checkout & Download” button.

ebsco6d) You should see a screen indicating that the ebook has been successfully checked out, and then the download process begins. When the download is completed a moment later either tap on the “Read Now” or “Find More” button. Choose “Read Now” to open the book.

ebsco9e) If you tap anywhere in the middle of the screen you are presented with various navigation and settings controls. From here you can also access the “Bookshelf” to see and open other titles that you may have previously downloaded. The bookshelf also keeps track of how many days remain in the checkout period. The title will cease to be accessible for reading once the checkout period expires. eBook files can be deleted from your device at any time.