New Books and Media Received (May 2018)

The following Books and DVDs (18 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during May 2018.

Seminary Library

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Christianity at the crossroads: how the second century shaped the future of the church, 2018.

Come, let us eat together: sacraments and Christian unity, 2018.

Death and the afterlife: biblical perspectives on ultimate questions, 2018.

Dictionary of Latin and Greek theological terms: drawn principally from Protestant scholastic theology, 2017.

The divine Christ: Paul, the Lord Jesus, and the scriptures of Israel, 2018.

God’s mediators: a biblical theology of priesthood, 2017.

Jesus the Lord according to Paul the Apostle: a concise introduction, 2018.

The Lord is good: seeking the God of the Psalter, 2018.

The lost world of the flood: mythology, theology, and the deluge debate, 2018.

Proverbs: an introduction and commentary, 2018.

Quest for the historical Apostles: tracing their lives and legacies, 2018.

Righteous by promise: a Biblical theology of circumcision, 2018.

Welshimer Library

Blade runner 2049, 2018.

The IT crowd. The complete series, 2016.

Tai chi master, 2008.

Donated Gift Books to the Milligan Libraries
Classic works : two novels and nineteen short stories

The power and the glory

Truth and the new kind of Christian : the emerging effects of postmodernism in the church