New Books and Media Received (June & July 2018)

The following Books and DVDs (162 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during June and July 2018.

Seminary Library

New Testament Seminar
New Testament philology : essays in honor of David Alan Black, 2018.

Women in the greetings of Romans 16.1-16: a study of mutuality and women’s ministry in the letter to the Romans, 2013.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
The art of listening in the early church, 2015.

Balthasar: a (very) critical introduction, 2012.

The blue parakeet: rethinking how you read the Bible, 2018.

Christ the key, 2010.

The crucifixion: understanding the death of Jesus Christ, 2015.

Echoes of Exodus: tracing themes of redemption through scripture, 2018.

Engaging the doctrine of creation: cosmos, creatures, and the wise and good creator, 2017.

Engaging the doctrine of Revelation: the mediation of the Gospel through Church and Scripture, 2014.

Ethnic patriotism and the East African Revival: a history of dissent, c. 1935 to 1972, 2012.

God visible: patristic Christology reconsidered, 2018.

Gravity and grace, 2002.

Introducing world Christianity, 2012.

James: a commentary on the Greek text, 2017.

Les Juges, 1999.

Lexham geographic commentary on the Gospels, 2018.

Living salvation in the East African Revival in Uganda, 2017.

The mission of the church: five views in conversation, 2016.

The morals of the story: good news about a good God, 2018.

North American Mission handbook: US and Canadian Protestant Ministries Overseas 2017-2019, 2017.

Philippians: a linguistic commentary, 2017.

Renewal theology: systematic theology from a charismatic perspective, 1996.

Spirit hermeneutics: reading scripture in light of Pentecost, 2016.

Tortured for his faith; an epic of Christian courage and heroism in our day, 1970.

Hebrew Bible, Old Testament : the history of its interpretation, 2015.

A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations: Chicago Style for students and researchers, 2018.

Office Reference
A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations: Chicago Style for students and researchers, 2018.

Welshimer Library

Bibliography, Library Science and Information Resources
The library beyond the book, 2014.

Fine Arts
Playing it straight: art and humor in the Gilded Age, 2012.

American revolutions: a continental history, 1750-1804, 2017.

The brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and their secret world war, 2014.

Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain Who Saved It, 2017.

Civil War Infantry Tactics: Training, Combat, and Small-Unit Effectiveness, 2015.

The color of law: a forgotten history of how our government segregated America, 2017.

HEART OF THE DECLARATION: the founders’ case for an activist government., 2018.

PAX GANDHIANA: the political philosophy of mahatma gandhi., 2018.

The story of the Jews. Volume one, finding the words: 1000 BC-1492 AD, 2017.

Why?: explaining the Holocaust, 2017.

Wilhelm II: into the abyss of war and exile, 1900-1941, 2015.

Wilhelm II: the Kaiser’s personal monarchy, 1888-1900, 2015.

Language and Literature
Dante: the story of his life, 2016.

Dr. Seuss and philosophy: oh, the thinks you can think!, 2011.

Mass-market fiction and the crisis of American liberalism, 1972-2017, 2018.

More Dr. Seuss and philosophy: additional hunches in bunches, 2018.

FRAMERS’ COUP: the making of the united states constitution., 2018.

City of Angels, 1990.

Franz Liszt: musician, celebrity, superstar, 2016.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, 1991.

The political orchestra: the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics during the Third Reich, 2016.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
AMERICAN PROPHETS: seven religious radicals and their struggle for social and political justice, 2018.

The analytic tradition in philosophy, 2014.

Dreamtime and dreamwork: decoding the language of the night, 1990.

Evangelism after pluralism: the ethics of Christian witness, 2018.

Heaven and earth in early Han thought: chapters three, four and five of the Huainanzi, 1993.

Holy humanitarians: American evangelicals and global aid, 2018.

The Huainanzi and Liu An’s claim to moral authority, 2001.

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood: religion, identity, and politics, 2016.

The new abolition: W.E.B. Du Bois and the black social gospel, 2015.

The pope who would be king: the exile of Pius IX and the emergence of modern Europe, 2018.

Protestants: the faith that made the modern world, 2018.

What psychology majors could (and should) be doing: a guide to research experience, professional skills, and your options after college, 2017.

Political Science
The American nonvoter, 2017.

Insecure majorities: Congress and the perpetual campaign, 2016.

On tyranny: twenty lessons from the twentieth century, 2017.

Prototype politics: technology-intensive campaigning and the data of democracy, 2016. 

The art and science of mindfulness: integrating mindfulness into psychology and the helping professions, 2017.

Couples coping with stress: a cross-cultural perspective, 2016.

Diversity in couple and family therapy: ethnicities, sexualities, and socioeconomics, 2017.

Helping couples on the brink of divorce: discernment counseling for troubled relationships, 2017.

Deep learning, 2016.

A lab of one’s own: science and suffrage in the first World War, 2018.

Social Sciences
About abortion: terminating pregnancy in twenty-first-century America, 2017.

American dreamers: how the left changed a nation, 2012.

Federal taxation in America: a history, 2016.

Rigged: how globalization and the rules of the modern economy were structured to make the rich richer, 2016.

Social democratic America, 2015.


Geisel 2006 Honor Book Amanda Pig and the really hot day, 2007.


Geisel 2009 Medal Winner Are you ready to play outside?, 2008.


  The ASD feel better book: a visual guide to help brain and body for children on the autism spectrum, 2018.


Geisel 2014 Honor Book Ball, 2013.


Geisel 2010 Medal Winner Benny and Penny in the big no-no!: a Toon book, 2009.


Caldecott 2018 Honor Book Big cat, little cat, 2017.


Geisel 2014 Honor Book A big guy took my ball!, 2013.


Geisel 2011 Medal Winner Bink & Gollie, 2012.


Geisel 2009 Honor Book Chicken said, “Cluck!”, 2008.


  The conversation train: a visual approach to conversation for children on the autism spectrum, 2014.


Geisel 2006 Honor Book Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: partners, 2007.


Geisel 2016 Medal Winner Don’t throw it to Mo!, 2015.


Geisel 2017 Honor Book Go, Otto, go!, 2016.


Geisel 2017 Honor Book Good night owl, 2016.


  The green zone conversation book: finding common ground in conversation for children on the autism spectrum, 2015.


Geisel 2006 Medal Winner Henry and Mudge and the great grandpas: the twenty-sixth book of their adventures / Henry and Mudge and the great grandpas: the twenty-sixth book of their adventures, 2006.


Geisel 2006 Honor Book Hi! Fly Guy, 2005.


Geisel 2012 Honor Book I broke my trunk!, 2011.


Geisel 2010 Honor Book I spy Fly Guy!, 2009.


Geisel 2012 Honor Book I want my hat back, 2011.


  I’m just no good at rhyming and other nonsense for mischievous kids and immature grown-ups, 2017.


Geisel 2010 Honor Book The infamous Ratsos, 2016.


Geisel 2008 Honor Book Jazz baby, 2007.


Geisel 2011 Honor Book Ling & Ting: not exactly the same!, 2011.


Geisel 2007 Honor Book Mercy Watson goes for a ride, 2006.


Geisel 2007 Honor Book Move over, rover!, 2016.


Geisel 2015 Honor Book Mr. Putter & Tabby turn the page, 2014.


Geisel 2007 Honor Book Not a box, 2008.


  Our brains are like computers!: exploring social skills and social cause and effect with children on the autism spectrum, 2016.


Geisel 2010 Honor Book Pearl and Wagner: one funny day, 2009.


Geisel 2013 Honor Book Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons, 2012.


Geisel 2016 Honor Book A pig, a fox, and a box, 2015.


Geisel 2013 Honor Book Rabbit & robot: the sleepover, 2014.


Geisel 2012 Honor Book See me run, 2012.


Geisel 2006 Honor Book A splendid friend, indeed, 2007.


Geisel 2012 Medal Winner Tales for very picky eaters, 2014.


Geisel 2008 Medal Winner There is a bird on your head!, 2007.


Geisel 2013 Medal Winner Up, tall and high, 2012.


Geisel 2015 Honor Book Waiting is not easy!, 2014.


Geisel 2017 Medal Winner We are growing!, 2016.


Geisel 2011 Honor Book We are in a book!, 2010.


Geisel 2009 Honor Book Wolfsnail: a backyard predator, 2008.


Geisel 2015 Medal Winner You are (not) small, 2014.


Geisel 2007 Medal Winner Zelda and Ivy, the runaways, 2013.

The book of Psalms, 2014.

A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations: Chicago Style for students and researchers, 2018.

Babylon 5. The complete fifth season season: the wheel of fire, 2008.

Babylon 5. The complete first season, Signs and portents, 2008.

Babylon 5. The complete fourth season: no surrender, no retreat, 2008.

Babylon 5. The complete second season, The coming of shadows, 2008.

Babylon 5. The complete third season, Point of no return, 2008.

Babylon 5. The movie collection, 2010.

Barcelona, 2016.

Battlestar Galactica. Blood & chrome, 2013.

Battlestar Galactica. Season 2.0, 2005.

Battlestar Galactica. Season 2.5, 2006.

Battlestar Galactica. Season 3, 2008.

Battlestar Galactica. Season 4.0, 2009.

Battlestar Galactica. Season 4.5, 2009.

Battlestar Galactica. Season one, 2005.

Battlestar Galactica. The plan, 2009.

Damsels in distress, 2012.

Hearts of darkness: a filmmaker’s apocalypse, 2007.

The last days of disco, 2009.

Mary and the witch’s flower, 2018.

Metropolitan, 2006.

Paprika, 2007.

The prisoner. Set 1, 2000.

The prisoner. Set 2, 2000.

The prisoner. Set 3: no man is just a number, 2001.

The prisoner. Set 4: no man is just a number, 2001.

Prisoner. Set 5: no man is just a number, 2001.

Star Wars, 2018.

Terre sans pain, 2016.

The war game; Culloden, 2006.

The West Wing. The complete fifth season, 2005.

The West Wing. The complete first season, 2003.

The West Wing. The complete fourth season, 2005.

The West Wing. The complete second season, 2004.

The West Wing. The complete seventh season, 2006.

The West Wing. The complete sixth season, 2006.

The West Wing. The complete third season, 2004.

Woman in Gold, 2015.

Holloway Archives
Mass-market fiction and the crisis of American liberalism, 1972-2017, 2018.

Donated Gift Books to the Milligan Libraries
After lament: Psalms for learning to trust again.

American daughter gone to war: on the front lines with an army nurse in Vietnam.

The bluest eye.

Eva’s story: a survivor’s tale by the stepsister of Anne Frank.

The Holocaust: the fate of European Jewry, 1932-1945.

Hurting with God: learning to lament with the Psalms.

An introduction to Israel’s wisdom traditions.

The monk’s record player: Thomas Merton, Bob Dylan, and the perilous summer of 1966.

Passage to Vietnam: through the eyes of seventy photographers.

Sam Houston and the American Southwest.

Telltale hearts: the origins and impact of the Vietnam antiwar movement.

Theology from the great tradition.

Vietnam Inc.