New Books and Media Received (September 2019)

The following Books and DVDs (168 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through the Acquisitions Budget and by donation during September 2019.

Seminary Library

Language and Literature
Basics of biblical Hebrew: workbook / Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt, 2019.

Basics of Biblical Hebrew grammar, 2019.

Qualitative communication research methods, 2019.

Mountains beyond mountains, 2009.

Military Science
Soul repair: recovering from moral injury after war, 2013.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Acts, by Dean Pinter, Scot McKnight, and Tremper Longman, 2019.

Ancient Christian ecopoetics: cosmologies, saints, things, 2019.

Christian flesh, 2018.

Christian spirituality: a historical sketch, 2004.

Ethics in the conflicts of modernity: an essay on desire, practical reasoning, and narrative, 2016.

Exegetical gems from biblical Greek: a refreshing guide to grammar and interpretation, 2019.

The forgotten creed: Christianity’s original struggle against bigotry, slavery, and sexism, 2018.

God as Father in Luke-Acts, 2006.

Gregory Palamas and the making of Palamism in the modern age, 2019.

The handbook of Platonism, 1993.

A historical theology of the Hebrew Bible, 2019.

Inspiration and incarnation: evangelicals and the problem of the Old Testament, 2015.

Introduction to Christian ethics: conflict, faith, and human life, 2018.

Jesus darkly: remembering Jesus with the New Testament, 2018.

Luke: a New Covenant Commentary, 2017.

The Marys of the Bible: the original #MeToo movement, 2018.

Moment of reckoning: imagined death and its consequences in late ancient Christianity, 2019.

On Repentance, 2017.

Open secrets: a memoir of faith and discovery, 2002.

The practice of spiritual direction, 2009.

Reading Romans with Eastern eyes: honor and shame in Paul’s message and mission, 2019.

Rediscovering Scripture’s vision for women: fresh perspectives on disputed texts, 2019.

Restoration and philosophy: new philosophical engagements with the Stone-Campbell tradition, 2019.

Said I wasn’t gonna tell nobody: the making of a Black theologian, 2018.

The scandal of redemption: when God liberates the poor, saves sinners, and heals nations, 2018.

She who is: the mystery of God in feminist theological discourse, 2017.

Among the early Evangelicals: the transatlantic origins of the Stone-Campbell movement, 2017.

Between two trees: our transformation from death to life, 2019.

Jesus and Christian origins: directions toward a new paradigm, 2019.

Moral formation and the virtuous life, 2019.

Pursuing an earthy spirituality: C.S. Lewis and incarnational faith, 2019.

Restoration and philosophy: new philosophical engagements with the Stone-Campbell tradition, 2019.

Speaking hope: the body of Christ and pastoral counseling, 2019.

The Trinity in the Stone-Campbell movement: restoring the heart of Christian faith, 2015.

New Testament Seminar
Ancient Jewish monotheism and early Christian Jesus-devotion: the context and character of Christological faith, 2017.

Ancient rhetoric and the New Testament: the influence of elementary Greek composition, 2018.

Archaeology and the letters of Paul, 2019.

The Cambridge grammar of classical Greek, 2019.

Colossians and Philemon, 2019.

Deacons and diakonia in early Christianity: the first two centuries, 2018.

Echoes of scripture in the gospels, 2016.

Handbook of gender in archaeology, 2006.

Hebrews, edited by Andreas J. Köstenberger and Robert W. Yarbrough, 2019.

Magdala of Galilee: a Jewish city in the Hellenistic and Roman period, 2018.

Memory and the Jesus tradition, 2019.

The Pastoral Epistles, by Gerald L. Bray, 2019.

Paul’s ‘works of the law’ in the perspective of second century reception, 2018.

Romans 1-8, edited by Gwenfair Walters Adams, 2019.

Scribes and their remains, 2020.

Son of Man: the interpretation and influence of Daniel 7, 1979.

T & T Clark companion to the Dead Sea Scrolls, 2019.

T & T Clark handbook of Asian American biblical hermeneutics, 2019.

Women in antiquity: theoretical approaches to gender and archaeology, 2007.

Social Science
Community: the structure of belonging, 2018.

The healing of memories: African Christian responses to politically induced trauma, 2018.

The Oxford handbook of early Christian archaeology, 2019.

Welshimer Library

The rise of everyday design: the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain and America, 2019.

Carol Twombly: her brief but brilliant career in type design, 2016.

Colonial revivals: the nineteenth-century lives of early American books, 2019.

The great firewall of China: how to build and control an alternative version of the internet, 2019.

The politics of mass digitization, 2018.

The Oxford handbook of dance and wellbeing, 2017.

Unearthing childhood: young lives in prehistory, 2018. 

War or peace: the struggle for world power, 2018.

The Brazil reader: history, culture, politics, 2019.

Critical terms for the study of Africa, 2018.

A fistful of shells: West Africa from the rise of the slave trade to the age of revolution, 2019.

The genesis of America: U.S. foreign policy and the formation of national identity, 1793-1815, 2018.

In pursuit of the great peace: Han Dynasty classicism and the making of early medieval literati culture, 2019.

Looming Civil War: how nineteenth-century Americans imagined the future, 2018.

Nero: emperor and court, 2019.

Our American Israel: the story of an entangled alliance, 2018.

The possessive investment in Whiteness: how White people profit from identity politics, 2018.

Russia in flames: war, revolution, civil war, 1914- 1921, 2019.

The Stalinist era, 2018.

Versailles, 2018.

War or peace: the struggle for world power, 2018.

Young Benjamin Franklin: the birth of ingenuity, 2019.

Language and Literature
The ABC of It: why children’s books matter, 2019.

Battle lines: poetry and mass media in the U.S. Civil War, 2019.

Between two millstones. Book 1, Sketches of exile 1974-1978, 2018.

Failures of feeling: insensibility and the novel, 2019.

Hesse: the wanderer and his shadow, 2018.

Literature, American style: the originality of imitation in the early Republic, 2018.

Lying and insincerity, 2018.

Roberto Busa, S. J., and the emergence of humanities computing: the priest and the punched cards, 2018.

The nature of constitutional rights: the invention and logic of strict judicial scrutiny, 2019.

The positive second amendment: rights, regulation, and the future of Heller, 2018.

The twenty-six words that created the Internet, 2019.

Addictions counseling: a competency-based approach, 2019.

The Cambridge companion to Hippocrates, 2018.

Care and cure: an introduction to philosophy of medicine, 2018.

Letters to a young therapist: stories of hope and healing, 2016.

Never enough: the neuroscience and experience of addiction, 2019.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Classical theories in African religion, 2019.

Cognitive dissonance: reexamining a pivotal theory in psychology, 2019.

Demons of William James: religious pragmatism explores unusual mental states, 2019.

Diderot and the art of thinking freely, 2019.

The evil within: why we need moral philosophy, 2018.

The externally focused life, 2009.

The faithful librarian: essays on Christianity in the profession, 2019.

The geography of insight: the sciences, the humanities, how they differ, why they matter, 2018.

The God ask, 2013.

Gospels before the book, 2018.

Ignorance and uncertainty, 2019.

It keeps me seeking: the invitation from science, philosophy, and religion, 2018.

John Dewey and Confucian thought, 2019.

John Dewey and Daoist thought, 2019.

Life without lack: living in the fullness of Psalm 23, 2018.

The neighboring church: getting better at what Jesus says matters most, 2016.

Pascal’s wager, 2018.

Philosophy, writing, and the character of thought, 2018.

Political philosophy and the Republican future: reconsidering Cicero, 2018.

The self-aware leader: discovering your blind spots to reach your ministry potential, 2017.

Shepherding God’s people: a guide to faithful and fruitful pastoral ministry, 2019.

The social foundations of emotion: developmental, cultural, and clinical dimensions, 2018.

The soul of shame: retelling the stories we believe about ourselves, 2015.

Spinoza and the cunning of imagination, 2018.

Spiritual rhythms for the enneagram: a handbook for harmony and transformation, 2019.

Stoicism: a very short introduction, 2018.

The story of myth, 2018.

Strengthening the soul of your leadership: seeking God in the crucible of ministry, 2018.

This strange idea of the beautiful, 2016.

Toughest people to love: how to understand, lead, and love the difficult people in your life – including yourself, 2014.

An unhurried leader: the lasting fruit of daily influence, 2017.

Political Science
Cultural backlash: Trump, Brexit, and the rise of authoritarian populism, 2019.

Democracy and truth: a short history, 2019.

Down to earth: politics in the new climatic regime, 2018.

Fully human: personhood, citizenship, and rights, 2019.

Governance and politics of China, 2015.

Toppling foreign governments: the logic of regime change, 2019.

The turnout gap: race, ethnicity, and political inequality in a diversifying America, 2018.

War and chance: assessing uncertainty in international politics, 2019.

When right makes might: rising powers and world order, 2018.

Climate in motion: science, empire, and the problem of scale, 2018.

Designing with the body: somaesthetic interaction design, 2018.

The scientific method: reflections from a practitioner, 2018.

Sizing up consciousness: towards an objective measure of the capacity for experience, 2018.

Social Sciences
The age of surveillance capitalism: the fight for a human future at the new frontier of power, 2019.

Assistive technology for people with disabilities, 2018.

Counterproductive: time management in the knowledge economy, 2018.

Disability in practice: attitudes, policies, and relationships, 2018.

Fellow creatures: our obligations to the other animals, 2018.

Good and mad: the revolutionary power of women’s anger, 2018.

Revolution: structure and meaning in world history, 2019.

The surprising science of meetings: how you can lead your team to peak performance, 2019.

Unredeemed land: an environmental history of Civil War and emancipation in the cotton South, 2018.

3D printing, 2018.

Dawoud Bey: seeing deeply, 2018.

Muse: Mickalene Thomas photographs, 2015.

The notion of family, 2016.

Technology: critical history of a concept, 2018.

The new Jerusalem Bible: standard edition, 1999.

They shall not grow old, 2019.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries

American history revised: 200 startling facts that never made it into the textbooks.

The birth of pleasure.

The cash nexus: money and power in the modern world, 1700-2000.

The challenge of Marxism.

The dream team. [DVD]

The genetic strand: exploring a family history through DNA.

Intertextual war: Edmund Burke and the French Revolution in the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Paine, and James Mackintosh.

Sam Patch, the famous jumper.

The violent American century: war and terror since World War II.