New Books and Media Received (September 2022)

The following Books (45 items) were received into the Library collection for both the Welshimer and Seminary Libraries through budgetary funds and expense accounts, and by donation in September 2022.

Seminary Library

African founders: how enslaved people expanded American ideals, 2022.

Language and Literature
Enbe men karmo suryoyo =(Bunches of grapes from the Syriac vineyard):  a Syriac chrestomathy, 2010.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
1 Maccabees: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Daniel R. Schwartz, 2022.

Anointed teaching: Partnership with the Holy Spirit, 2019.

Answering the Enlightenment: the Catholic recovery of historical revelation, 2006.

Becoming a missionary church: Lesslie Newbigin and contemporary church movements, 2022.

Bishop Ida Bell Robinson: the authoritarian servant leader, 2018.

Black United Methodists preach!, 2012.

Celsus in his world: philosophy, polemic, and religion in the second century, 2021.

Chaplaincy and spiritual care in the twenty-first century: an introduction, 2022.

Dwelling in the household of God: Johannine ecclesiology and spirituality, 2007.

Ecclesial exegesis: a synthesis of ancient and modern approaches to scripture, 2022.

Ecclesiastes and the meaning of life in the ancient world, 2022.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Täwahïdo Church, 2012.

Faithful anti-racism: moving past talk to systemic change, 2022.

A feminist companion to Patristic literature, 2008.

God at work in the world: theology and mission in the global church, 2022.

Good news preaching: offering the gospel in every sermon, 2011.

The Gospel of Judas: a new translation with introduction and commentary by David Brakke, 2022.

Healing wisdom: depth psychology and the pastoral ministry, 2010.

Homilies on the Gospels by Hildegard and Beverly Mayne Kienzle, 2011.

How women transform preaching, 2021.

Indian and Christian: historical accounts of Christianity, and theological reflections in India, 2019.

Learning to walk in the dark, 2014.

The letter to the Romans by Ian Christopher Levy, Philip D. Krey, and Thomas Ryan, 2013.

The Oxford handbook of Origen, 2022.

Restoration appreciation: the rich legacy and hopeful future of the Stone-Campbell movement, 2022.

A theology of Mark’s Gospel: good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, 2015.

Unexpected grace: preaching good news from difficult texts, 2012.

Views from the mountain: select writings of James Earl Massey, 2018.

Who are my people?: love, violence, and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2022.

Women of the Bible: a one-year devotional study of women in scripture, 2015.

You shall not bow down and serve them: the political economic projects of Jesus and Paul, 2021.

Churches of Christ in Oklahoma: a history, 2020.

Donated Gift Items to the Milligan Libraries

Seminary Library
Bilingual proverbs : (Filipino-English) Love & marriage.

Bilingual proverbs : ‘absolute’ or ‘obselete’ truth.

First annual report of the united Christian missionary society : October 1, 1920-June 30, 1921.

L’histoire des Disciples du Christ = The history of the Disciples of Christ.

[Mountain Mission School – The Challenger.].

Only in the Philippines? = tanging sa Pilipinas lang?.

Samson Lubag’s preacher’s precis : “Book of Mark”.

Second annual report of the united Christian missionary society : July 1, 1921-June 30, 1922.

Some selected songs from choice gospel hymns : which contains many of the old standard songs and many of the sweetest new melodies.

Songs of fellowship.

The word makes words : (communion meditations).