8th Annual Edible Books Festival: From 20,000 Leagues to Sonic the Hedgehog

Now in it’s eighth year and billed as “A Spring Tradition,” Milligan Libraries’ annual Edible Books Festival continues to provide creative, fun, and tasty library engagement with the Milligan College community.

Edible Books is held in the Welshimer Room on the main floor of the P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library. This year, sixteen entries from Milligan students, faculty, staff, and family members elicited robust voting (145 votes were cast) on Monday for the Most Creative, Funniest/Punniest, and Overall Favorite. On Tuesday morning, library staff awarded the Tastiest entry before opening the festival to everyone to sample the entries during the rest of the day.

The winners will each receive a Dunkin Donuts gift card. Here is the list and photos of this year’s winning entries:

Tastiest20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Katherine Burns and Rebecca Ritter

Funniest/PunniestThings Fall Apart by Averie Vines

Most Creative (and this year also) Overall FavoriteThe History of Sonic the Hedgehog by Gary Daught [Library Director Gary Daught passed his prizes on to other winners and runner-ups.]

Overall Favorite Runner-UpThe Lorax by Lisa, Ella, Micaiah, and Ethan Edmundson

This year’s Edible Books Festival received some great press coverage from the Elizabethton Star and Johnson City Press.

Checkout EBSCO eBooks to your mobile device (Android or iOS) for offline reading

EbscoHosticonThe Library owns and subscribes to thousands of academic ebooks from EBSCO Publishing. These ebooks are accessible to authorized users from our EBSCOhost eBooks Collections database (select it from the “Resources” dropdown > Databases > “General & Multidisciplinary” on the Library website). They are also indexed for access in the Milligan Libraries Catalog, and will also surface among other search results in MCSearch.

The EBSCOhost platform includes a built-in viewer for reading ebooks online using any modern web browser. In a previous post, I provided instructions for checking out and downloading EBSCO ebooks to your computer for offline reading. As it happens, EBSCO’s ebooks can also be checked out and downloaded to your Android or Apple iOS mobile device (smartphone or tablet) for offline reading.

The following instructions will guide you through the process of checking out and downloading EBSCOhost ebooks to your Android or Apple iOS mobile device. The procedure is a little challenging because it requires that you create two authorization accounts and download an application. However, you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you follow these instructions closely. The first 3 steps only have to be done one time. Feel free to contact a librarian if you need assistance.

Step 1: Get an Adobe ID

EBSCOhost ebooks are copy-protected using Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM). Consequently, you will need an Adobe ID to authorize your access to the ebooks you download from EBSCOhost. You only have to do this step once.

  • Go to http://www.adobe.com/.
  • Click the “Sign in” link on the top right side of the page.
  • Click the “Get an Adobe ID” link.
  • Fill out the Sign up form then click the “Sign Up” button to complete the registration. The email address you supply will become your Adobe ID. You will also need to create a password during registration. Write down your Adobe ID and Password.

Step 2: Create a My EBSCOhost account

If you are a currently registered Milligan College student, faculty, or staff member you do not need to create an account to view an EBSCOhost ebook online. Simply click the “PDF Full Text” link to launch the ebook viewer in your web browser. (If you are off campus or using a mobile data to access electronic resources on the Milligan Libraries website from your device you will be prompted to login using your Milligan network (e.g., Canvas) credentials.)

If you want to checkout and download an EBSCOhost ebook to your mobile device for offline reading you will need to create a “My EBSCOhost” account. You only have to do this step once.

  • From any EBSCOhost database (including MCSearch) click the “Sign In” link at the top right side of the page.
  • Click the “Create a new Account” link.
  • Fill out the form then click the “Save Changes” button to complete the registration. The user name and password you supply will enable you to login to your My EBSCOhost account and download ebooks to your device. Write down your User Name and Password.

Step 3: Download and setup the Bluefire Reader 


  • Launch the Google Play Store application on your Android device, or the App Store application on your Apple iOS device.
  • Search for and download the free Bluefire Reader application to your device.
  • Launch the Bluefire Reader application.
  • Tap on the “Info” button from the bottom row of icons (the location of the “Info” button may be different on your specific device), on the next screen tap on the “Authorize” button. Enter your Adobe ID and Password (from Step 1) then tap “Authorize”. Your device is now authorized to download EBSCOhost ebooks on your mobile device. You only have to do this step once.

 The setup is complete. Let’s download an ebook now!

Step 4: Checkout and download an EBSCOhost ebook

NOTE: These instructions apply only to ebooks in EBSCOhost eBook Collections (Milligan Libraries also provide ebooks from other publishers. Those ebooks cannot be downloaded to your device using these instructions).

ebsco3a) Launch the web browser on your mobile device. Browse to the EBSCOhost eBooks Collections database on the Milligan Libraries website (select it from the “Resources” dropdown > Databases > “General & Multidisciplinary”). EBSCOhost eBooks are also indexed for access in the Milligan Library Catalog, and will surface among other search results in MCSearch. (If you are off campus or using a mobile data to access electronic resources on the Milligan Libraries website from your device you will be prompted to login using your Milligan network (e.g., Canvas) credentials.)

ebsco4b) Search (for example) for the book entitled From Plato to Platonism by Lloyd P. Gerson. Click the title link on the search result. This takes you to the book’s record screen.

c) On the record screen tap the “Download (Offline)” button. This takes you to the Sign In screen where you enter the My EBSCOhost account User Name and Password (from Step 2 above). Tap the “Login” button. After the login is accepted you see a “Download This eBook” screen. Select the Checkout Period (most can be checked out for as long as 30 days) and then tap the “Checkout & Download” button.

ebsco6d) You should next see a screen indicating that the ebook has been successfully checked out, and the download process has begun. Assuming you have earlier downloaded and authorized Bluefire Reader (Step 3 above) the app should launch automatically. When the download is complete tap “Read Now” to open the book.

ebsco9e) If you tap anywhere in the middle of the screen you are presented with various navigation and settings controls. From here you can also access the “Bookshelf” to see and open other titles that you may have previously downloaded. The bookshelf also keeps track of how many days remain in the checkout period. The title will cease to be accessible for reading once the checkout period expires. eBook files can be deleted from your device at any time.

Milligan Libraries’ Fifth Annual Book+ART Exhibit: Books as the raw material for creativity!

Milligan Libraries’ Fall event, Book+ART marked its fifth year during this year’s Homecoming weekend. Book+ART, which serves as a nice complement (a bookend event, if you will) to our annual Spring Edible Books Festival, is wonderful way for the library to engage Milligan College students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The premise of Book+ART is simple. Books serve as sources of information, knowledge, and inspiration. As physical objects, books are aesthetically pleasing. And as a raw material, books can also serve as a unique medium for creativity. The library invites the Milligan College community to use provided discarded books and transform them into works of art.

This year we had 14 entries from 9 persons. The winner of our random draw for a $25 Amazon gift card was Occupational Therapy student Lindsey Keys. Congratulations Lindsey! Milligan Libraries would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Book+ART event. Here are photos of this year’s entries…

A Dangerous Business by Katherine Burns

Altered Book by Jil Smith

Atlas Star by Jil Smith

Birdhouse by Joy Drinnon

Book Bag by Jil Smith

Dahlia by Mary Jackson

Day in the life Of a buTterfly by Lindsey Keys

Fragments by Jude Morrissey

Heidi by Lindsay Kenderes

My Favorite Genes by Rebecca Ritter

Spiraling out of Control by Mary Jackson

The Old Made New by Jil Smith

Untitled by The Morrisseys

When We Were Very Young by Jil Smith

Holloway Archives mounts exhibits for Homecoming 2017

Milligan College Archivist, Lindsay Kenderes hopes you will come by the main floor of the P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library to see two exhibits on display for Homecoming 2017.

A Vision For Milligan

This exhibit reveals an early history of Milligan College, with Rev. Wilson G. Barker arriving at Buffalo Creek Christian Church and establishing the Buffalo Male and Female Institute in 1866. Lawson White Hampton was a student at the Buffalo Institute around 1870-1871 and the Holloway Archives has his original class notebook featuring writings from his Composition Writing and Reading class. “To have an example of a student’s work from the early years of the Buffalo Institute is a rare find in the Archives,” said Kenderes.

Another exciting item on display is Dr. Josephus Hopwood’s telescope, which was given to him by Wilkie Snyder Bishop. Earlier this semester, on the day of the solar eclipse (August 21, 2017), Anne E. Bishop, with her nephew James Allen Bishop and family, donated this telescope to Milligan College. In 1915, Dr. Hopwood returned to Milligan to serve a second term as president. While on a walk on Emmanuel Hill he became acquainted with a little boy playing in the woods. This boy was 9-year-old Wilkie Snyder Bishop. Dr. Hopwood was intrigued by the telescope Wilkie was playing with. Wilkie shared his telescope and Hopwood used it to gaze across the valley toward Milligan College. After returning home, Wilkie’s father encouraged his son to give his telescope to Dr. Hopwood. The telescope was returned to the Bishop family after Hopwood’s death in 1935.

“I think this telescope signifies Dr. Hopwood’s vision for what Milligan College has become today. Milligan has united with Emmanuel Christian Seminary, on the spot where Wilkie Snyder Bishop shared his telescope with Dr. Hopwood. I think this was a foreshadowing moment of what Milligan now represents,” said Kenderes.

Class of 1967: Reminiscing Milligan Life 50 Years Ago

Each year at Homecoming, alumni return to unite with classmates from their graduating year. This year, the Archives celebrates the Class of 1967’s 50th Reunion by showcasing an array of student life photos and documents they would have experienced during their time at Milligan. “I think students would be surprised by some of these photos, including one showing a student with a typewriter on Pardee lawn, and a classroom photo with some students wearing ties.”

Librarians step outside to view eclipse

Milligan College was located close enough to the path of Monday’s (August 21, 2017) total solar eclipse to provide over 96% totality. The moon began passing over the disc of the sun a little after 1:00 PM, and the eclipse reached its local maximum at 2:37 PM.

User Services Librarian Jude Morrissey went home to view the eclipse with her kids, and Research Librarian Mary Jackson traveled two hours south to Greenville, SC to experience 100% totality with a Milligan faculty colleague. That left Library Director Gary Daught, and Information Resources Librarian Lindsay Kenderes on location to staff the Welshimer Library. But that didn’t keep them inside! Lindsay had a pair of viewing glasses, and Gary quickly made a pinhole projector out of the lid of a photocopy paper box.

At the maximum, the light was noticeably dimmer, with the quality of an early evening in the summer before the sun begins to set. At the same time, it was remarkable how bright it was even at 96% coverage. The air temperature definitely felt cooler for a few moments on the otherwise hot day. And it was most interesting to hear the cicadas start chirping in the mid-afternoon. They were obviously confused!