Milligan Libraries welcomes Jude Morrissey as User Services Librarian

~JudePlease join us in welcoming Jude Morrissey to the Milligan Libraries staff. Jude is the new User Services Librarian at the P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library, taking over from Anne Reever Osborne, who relocated with her family to Nashville.

Jude received her BA in Religion and Philosophy from Berea College (2005), and her Masters of Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University (2012). Jude comes to us from New Orleans, LA, where she worked most recently as Circulation Supervisor for the Jefferson Parish Library. She first came to the New Orleans area with her husband (Michael) and two children (Madeline and Isaiah), as a recipient of an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant to participate as an intern at various library sites with Project Recovery (2010-12). From 2008-2010 Jude and her family lived in Thailand working as English language teachers.

As User Services Librarian, Jude oversees the circulation of library materials and everything related to you as a library patron and user—from making sure you can check out items to keeping you updated about library news and events on our blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook page. Jude also processes your interlibrary loan requests and supervises our student workers.

View our new Library FAQ!

Got questions about library use or policy? Chances are you can find the answer in our brand-new Library FAQ.

This list of frequently asked questions replaces and expounds on much of the content of its predecessor, the Library Handbook.  The FAQ serves as the Library’s official policy document, and Library staff will update it periodically to reflect our current practices.

Take a look around and let us know what you think.  If you have any questions, please ask!

What we did on your summer vacation, Part 1

“So, what do you, like, DO at the library all summer?” is one the most frequent questions students and faculty ask library staff as one school year ends and another begins.  I mean, it’s only reasonable to expect that library staff  play Scrabulous and Minesweeper in an empty library all summer while kindergartener-sized tumbleweeds roll past the periodicals racks.

Well, it may surprise you to learn that we do quite a bit!  Though we still have plenty of summer students, faculty and staff, and camp kids to keep us company, we still find time both to carry out our normal duties and to work on bigger projects and initiatives.  Here’s a taste of what we’ve done between graduation and today…

  • Our biggest news first…we completed our library staff by hiring two new library staff members:  Jack Weinbender, our new Library Assistant whose first day with us was June 17, and Meredith Sommers, our new Information Resources Librarian/College Archivist, who will begin  July 13.  We’ll post profiles of both of them soon on this blog so you can get to know them better!
  • Mary Jackson tagged dozens of new web resources for the library’s page
  • Ordered, cataloged, processed, and shelved hundreds of new books, DVDs, and CDs
  • Gary Daught, Mary Jackson, and Jeff Harbin attended BCLA Shared Catalog Committee meetings at Maryville College at the end of May
  • Jeff cleaned up and shifted photography lending shelves
  • Jeff shifted S-Z section of lending books
  • Gary presented on the peer review process to two Scholarly Communication classes in Milligan’s M.Ed. program
  • Jeff refreshed new book display with over 150 new books, not one of them published before 2008
  • Jeff attended two online Interlibrary Loan tutorials and exponentially expanded pool of potential DVD and CD lenders
  • Gary attended a webinar on WorldCat Local, and implemented Milligan’s “quick start” WorldCat Local environment
  • Readied reserve shelves for next year, removing many outdated items and adding course-relevant materials, and moved out empty shelving unit to create more space in reserves area
  • Gary closed out the fiscal year, reconstructed acquisitions fund code hierarchies, and reallocated funds in the library management system
  • Gary initiated a review of current periodical/journal subscriptions with faculty
  • Added extra shelving unit to provide more room for growing DVD collection, shifted current items and moved furniture to create more space in DVD room
  • Jeff cleaned up and organized both the circulation desk and the Interlibrary Loans area
  • Gary and Jeff wrote a grant proposal for the library’s “Librarians Bearing Gifts” faculty outreach project
  • Worked with faculty to improve our lending collection of music books
  • Gary and Jack organized receipt of and binding requests for M.Ed. theses
  • Gary and Jack eliminated backlog of periodical check-ins
  • Obtained ten additional circulating student-use laptops, bringing our total to twenty.

Whew!  And though the days of summer are quickly sifting through our fingers like so many grains of Myrtle Beach sand, the library staff has much more to accomplish in the 5 1/2 weeks (!) before the fall semester begins.  Be sure to check out Part 2 of this update as the new school year draws closer.

Milligan Grad Joins Library Staff


After a seven month search the Library has a new Public Services Librarian. His name is Jeff Harbin, and he is a graduate of Milligan College.

Jeff Harbin enrolled at Milligan College in 1999 and graduated in 2003 with a degree in English. He began working in the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library as a work-study student his sophomore year, and his experiences in the library inspired him to pursue a career as an academic librarian. Jeff completed his master’s degree in library science from the Catholic University of America in 2006, and has worked in a number of libraries in the Washington, D.C. area. Jeff is excited by the opportunity to return to Milligan, and he is confident his knowledge of the college and the library will enable him to promote the library’s services to the Milligan community. Jeff also hopes not to bore current students with aimless yarns that begin, “Well, when I was a student here…” He is married to Debbie Harbin, whom he met during the Spring 2002 semester at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Oxford, England.

Jeff fills the position vacated by Tami Pettit, who resigned in July 2007. Being short-staffed has been a bit of a challenge for the Library, though essential public services tasks (e.g., supervision of student workers, and circulation issues) have been handled admirably by Jan Ricker, our Interlibrary Loans Manager.

“Although we have been short-handed for almost an entire academic year, the opening of the Public Services Librarian position has really proven to be a blessing in disguise,” or so says Gary Daught, Director of Library Services. “This opening has given us the opportunity to rethink the nature and delivery of public services at the Milligan College Library. ‘Traditional’ administrative, technical, and relational tasks relating to circulation of library resources, maintenance of library patron records, and the supervision of our student workers will continue to be important tasks of the Public Services Librarian. However, as the ways in which students and faculty access and use information resources continues to change, the academic library needs to change accordingly. We need to apply new energy, imagination, and creative thinking to reach out and promote library resources, library services, and library spaces to the Milligan College learning community. We are envisioning the Library as a destination for our students and faculty–a learning destination, a cultural activities destination, and a social destination. Jeff is energized by our vision, and I am very excited that he is coming to help us bring this vision into reality.”

Jeff will start on April 1. Be on the lookout for an invitation to a reception planned for before the end of the semester, where you will have an opportunity to meet Jeff and welcome him back to the Milligan College community.